50 Landmark Logos For Putting Your Brand on the Map

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Landmark logos are iconic representations of a brand’s identity, leveraging recognizable landmarks to convey heritage, prestige, and location-specific appeal messages. 

As a business owner, your landmark logo design should offer a unique opportunity to create memorable and meaningful connections with consumers, fostering brand loyalty and recognition.

Join us as we explore our landmark logos below!

When To Use A Landmark Logo

If you’re wondering when to use a landmark logo, here are some situations when you can use them:

  • Geographic Association: Landmark logos are ideal for businesses with a strong geographic presence or those looking to emphasize their connection to a specific location. Whether representing a city logo, region, or country, landmark logos instantly convey a sense of place and local identity.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry can benefit from landmark logos to attract visitors and showcase nearby attractions. Hotel logos, resorts, travel agencies, and tour operators can use landmark logos to highlight famous landmarks and landmarks to attract tourists and travelers.
  • Cultural Significance: Landmark logos are particularly effective for brands with cultural significance or historical heritage. Museums, cultural institutions, heritage sites, and landmarks can use landmark logos to symbolize their role in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.
  • Real Estate and Property Development: Landmark logos are commonly used to denote prestigious locations or landmark properties in the real estate and property development industries. Developers, real estate agencies, and property management firms can use landmark logos to signify the desirability and value of their properties.
  • Event Promotion: Landmark logos can be used to promote events, festivals, and conferences held in specific locations. Event organizers can incorporate iconic landmarks into their logos to attract attendees and create a sense of anticipation and excitement surrounding the event.

Landmark Logo Ideas

Landmark logos are most effective when used by businesses and organizations that emphasize their geographic location, cultural significance, or connection to a specific place. 

Check out our collection of landmark logo ideas in three major categories below:

Building Logos

Building logos convey a sense of urban sophistication, modernity, and innovation, making them ideal for real estate, construction, architecture, or property development businesses. With sleek lines, bold shapes, and dynamic compositions, building logos capture the essence of iconic structures while symbolizing progress, growth, and prestige.

Get ideas from our building logos below:

A + Building Logo by Randa atni pratama

b/building logo by Md. Sohel Rana

Building Construction by Mikylangela

Real Estate/Construction/Architecture by The Designer Agency

Building Logo by Salim Ahmed

Modern building logo design by Amadul

S Letter Property Logo by Sharjeel Hasan

Elegant real estate building logo by Amadul

King Constructions by Audio Voltage

P and building by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Golden Building Architecture by brandcrowd

Executive Commercial Building by brandcrowd

Building Realty Developer by brandcrowd

Modern Geometry Building by brandcrowd

Construction Building Circle by brandcrowd

Architect Building Property by brandcrowd

Real Estate Buildings Skyline by brandcrowd

Modern Real Estate Building by brandcrowd

Blue Architectural Building by brandcrowd

Monument Logos

Monument logos pay homage to historical landmarks, cultural icons, or significant structures with special meaning and significance. These logos often feature stylized depictions of famous monuments, statues, or architectural marvels, evoking feelings of heritage, tradition, and reverence. 

Monument logos are popular among organizations in tourism, hospitality, cultural institutions, or heritage preservation, serving as visual symbols of identity, pride, and legacy.

Check out our monument logos here:

Building Logo by Mizan

Modern Building logo property and real estate by artdityax

Love Africa by Sandeep Roy

Lighthouse Logo by Sentavio

Monument Valley – Arizona by Ardian

leaning tower landmark line art logo design by Roossoo

Silver Coins Singapore by Armen Rizal Rahman

Great Wall of China Logo by Junyl Batuigas

Beijing by Vincent Conti

Vector tropical island logo by saba vector

Blue Diamond Skyscraper by brandcrowd

Architecture Arch Pillar by brandcrowd

Christ Statue Outline by brandcrowd

Red Isometric Structure by brandcrowd

Stonehedge Stone Monument by brandcrowd

Washington USA Monument Obelisk by brandcrowd

National Motherland Monument by brandcrowd

Russian Sculpture Monument by brandcrowd

Monas Monument Torch by brandcrowd

Jakarta National Monument by brandcrowd

Natural Wonder Logos

Natural wonder logos celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty and majesty of the natural world, featuring iconic landscapes, geological formations, or scenic vistas.

With vibrant colors, sweeping lines, and organic shapes, natural wonder logos capture the breathtaking beauty of nature while promoting sustainability, conservation, and appreciation for the planet’s wonders.

Get started with our natural environment logos here:

Ancient Aztec Temple by brandcrowd

Mayan Temple Landmark by brandcrowd

Nature Apple Monkey by brandcrowd

Chichen Itza Landmark by brandcrowd

Mountain Airplane Travel by brandcrowd

Great Wall Of China by brandcrowd

Hexagon Mayan Pyramid by brandcrowd

Pyramid Travel Landmark by brandcrowd

Multi Color Triangle Mountain by brandcrowd

Diamond Green Mountain by brandcrowd

Design Your Landmark Logo Today!

Designing your landmark logo today opens the door to endless possibilities for establishing a strong visual identity that resonates with your audience. Whether showcasing iconic buildings, monuments, or natural wonders, a well-crafted landmark logo can elevate your brand, create a lasting impression, and convey the essence of your business or organization. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to stand out in a crowded market and leave a memorable mark on your audience.

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