50 Meal Logos To Add Flavor To Your Brand

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In the competitive food industry, a well-designed and appetizing logo design can just be the secret ingredient that can take your business to the next level.

Whether you have a food truck, a Japanese restaurant, a bakery, or a catering business, a stunning meal logo is essential for building your brand identity and enticing hungry customers to go visit your establishment. 

Join us as we give you the recipe behind a perfect meal logo – one that instantly conveys your culinary identity while also leaving a memorable impression to your customers. 

Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get cooking! 

Tips For Creating Meal Logos

A great culinary experience is not just about the taste. From the presentation to the atmosphere of your restaurant, the food packaging, down to your branding and customer service, it all comes together to create a fun culinary journey for your customers.

One of the ways you can elevate this is by having a stunning meal logo. To create your logo, consider the following:

Define your culinary identity

What sets your business apart from the others? Do you create healthy and sugar-free food? Are you known for bold flavors and unique spices? Do you offer a luxurious and high-end dining experience? Or maybe you have your own take on Asian-American fusion cuisine? 

Knowing your identity and unique selling point can greatly help in creating a logo design that accurately represents your culinary vision.

Use relevant symbols and illustrations

Use images associated with food, cooking, or your chosen Cuisine. These can be as general as a plate, mug, or pan, to more specific like bamboo, cumin, dumplings, or steak. 

Aside from conveying your culinary identity, it can also help in persuading your customers by showing them appetizing food illustrations.

Choose the right color palette

Color plays a huge role in your logo design. According to color psychology, the color red induces hunger – which is why it’s a popular color for famous food brands like McDonalds or KFC. Why not use a red logo for your restaurant?

Of course, there are other options. Colors like dark brown, warm orange, or dark gold add a homey feel. While pink, yellow, and sky blue add a dose of fun – perfect for dessert shops or milk tea shops. While green and white are associated with health, which is a great option if you primarily sell healthy or vegan food. 

Meal Logo Design Examples

Now, for the main course – our collection of meal logo designs! These are the top trending logo design styles that you can emulate for your business.

Cutlery Logos

One of the easiest ways to let people know that you’re in the food industry is by using common cutleries or cookware as your main visual point in your logo design. These can be spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, plates, bowls, cups, woks, pans, or grills. 

Best of all, this is versatile. You can create a minimalist logo with a simple black-and-white logo that features a spoon and fork. Or you can create a homey logo with a sizzling grill and a brown and orange color palette. 

Feast your eyes with our samples here:

Fork Home Logo BY Flock! Studio

Logo design: Homlich.at BY Ali Sencan

Spaghetti Fork Logo BY Darina Darvin

Kitchen Art labs accessories logo design BY Midul Hossain Gihad

Chili sauce and fork logo BY Semangat Kreatif Design Studio

Fork and Wing Logo BY galmadans

Initial Letter R with Spoon Fork for Restaurant logo design BY PJSCJ

Global Food Custom Logo BY Arte Miguel

Munch On Eats Logo BY Rachel Blace Cannon

Fork And Noodle Ramen Logo Template BY gaga_vastard

Spoon Fork Letter E by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork Restaurant by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork Utensils by brandcrowd

Burger Spoon Fork by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork Restaurant by brandcrowd

Kitchen Spoon Fork by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork Restaurant by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork Diner by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork House by brandcrowd

Spoon Fork Diner by brandcrowd

Food Logos

What can make it more obvious than by using food? For best results, use an illustration or icon of the food that you are mainly serving. Have an American diner? Then use burgers, fries, or milkshakes. Serving Chinese food? Then steamed dumplings or noodles are a great choice. Do you have a coffee shop? Then cappuccinos, lattes, or coffee beans can be used.

Take your pick from our buffet of food logo ideas below:

Logo by Redouane Belhadi

Traditional Asian food logo by Sumaia Akmam Shawly

hot dog logo by grapixbylis

street food logo by Rexona Akter

The Noodle House Logo by Davie Ross

Chicken Noodle Logo by Amam N.

sushi and ramen by Gufis

Burger Logo by Davie Ross

FAST FOOD LOGO by Design Artisan

Food restaurant branding by Emir Kudic

Electric Sushi Restaurant by brandcrowd

Hot Roast Chicken BBQ by brandcrowd

Fried Chicken Drumstick by brandcrowd

Pizza Restaurant Diner by brandcrowd

Hot Dog Sausage Meal by brandcrowd

Asian Rice Meal Chop by brandcrowd

Veggie Burger Meal by brandcrowd

Snack Burger Meal by brandcrowd

Burger Meal Delivery by brandcrowd

Burger Meal Stand by brandcrowd

Mascot Logos

Want to be more creative? Then why not go for a mascot logo? Create a character that your customers can associate with you – whether it’s a sumo wrestler, a happy chef, a polished waiter, or a cute cat. Adding a face to popular foods is a great option as well. You can have a smiling pizza or a dancing apple as the face of your brand.

Scroll down to see more:

French Fries Fast Food by brandcrowd

Mustache Burger Food by brandcrowd

Burger Fast Food by brandcrowd

Food Hotdog Sandwich by brandcrowd

Fast Food Snack by brandcrowd

Chicken Food Restaurant by brandcrowd

Tofu Food Cartoon by brandcrowd

Vegetable Food Broccoli by brandcrowd

Taco Food Snack by brandcrowd

Hot Dog Mascot  by brandcrowd

Cook Your Meal Logo Today!

Did that make you hungry? We bet it did. If you want to see more mouthwatering logo designs, feel free to browse our food-related articles on the blog or check out the designs on our cuisine logo maker tool. 

Aside from your new logo, you can also leverage various marketing materials to promote your business. You can design a beautiful menu, create an appetizing Facebook Ad, or take scrumptious food shots for your Instagram Stories

You can find customizable templates for these marketing materials here on the BrandCrowd website. Check them out now! 

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