50 Podcast Logos That Will Keep People Tuned in

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Planning to start a pod with your closest friends or business partners? Get a better idea of how you can professionally present yourself in the industry with this roundup of podcast logos.

Brand logos will help you make your brand more distinct. You can also use this to communicate your expertise and catch the attention of more listeners. 

Whether your podcast is about finance or true crime, you’ll find a design for you. Take a look at this overview of designs you’ll see below. 

Microphone logos

The most common object seen in podcasts is the microphone. It stands as a symbol for discourse and broadcasting, all of which work for podcasts. One of the famous podcasts today, Second Captains World Service, even has a microphone logo of its own. 

You can add different concepts to help you bring your design to life. Microphone logos are great vessels for adding design concepts like abstract, minimalist, and modern design, among others. This is an opportunity that brands can take to really express themselves. 

“A Third Way with Richard Garner” by Sibyle

Barn Podcast by SimplePixelSL

Eco Pod by square69

Education podcast logo by guavanaboy

Epicurean Portraits by Graphicsbox

Hacks & Wonks by Ana White

HemoAware Podcast by King Cozy

KATA UMAM – Podcast Logo by Ahmad Adillaumam


MOTA FM by shakuna

podcast logo by alya017

Podsparta by okydelarocha

Talent Breed by BroccolyDesign

“The Jordan Harbinger Show” by Jay Design

The TK Jingles Weekly Podcast by trufya

Podcast Logo by Saurabh Sonawane

The modern pod logo above uses a drawing of a mic in an elegant way. The minimalist design works well for the show centered on investing, thought leaders, and other corporate subjects. 

Pro tip: Design in black and white first

Make sure you start with monochrome colors before you add colors to your design. This helps you create an adaptable logo that does not depend on color to look good. Plus, having a black and white version of your logo is always a good idea. 

Illustration logos

There are more illustrations that you can use for your show. 

Speech bubbles, people in conversation, headphones, sound waves, and the play button symbol are just some of the related symbols you can incorporate into your identity. 

Using drawings of relevant symbols can communicate your niche to the people browsing podcast libraries. Take a look at this section to find more creative ways that you can use illustrations. 

Make sure that you go light with details on your illustrations to help retain versatility and adaptability. A simple logo will be easier to work with when you’re designing different marketing collaterals and materials.

Birds Audio by shctz

Death Podcast Logo Design by Miftahudin

Gloves Off -Tough Talk Podcast by renderman

Happy Brick Friends by vadim reko

Interview with the Investor by shakuna

Lead Wasps Podcast by Graphicsexpert


mouth podcast by aijaztrae

podcast bread by brandshop

Podcast Logo – A Day in the Life by Siddharth

podcast nature logo concept by endriqjaya

Puck Ballz Podcast by Jennifer Jane

RadioTalk by sicasimada

Sitting With Winners by Sujit Banerjee

Sound Wave Evolution by shctz

Sunny Podcast by SimplePixelSL

The Creative Agency Podcast – Logo Variations by Murmur Creative

The Red Man Laughing Podcast by Laurence N. Corpuz

The Women’s Gun Show by nemanadesign

This is Austin Podcast by ESolz Technologies

QCast Podcast Concept by Matt Dawson

This French-inspired speech bubble design by designer Matt Dawson represents the podcast show with communicative yet straightforward elements. The colors are inspired by the France flag, signaling people that the show’s talking points are centered on French topics. 

Pro tip: Apply color psychology

Add a meaningful touch to your work by using color psychology. Research has shown that consumers associate human traits with colors. For example, people perceive brands that use blue for their branding as professional. You can learn more about colors and use them to your brand’s advantage. 

Text logos

With over 850,000 active podcasts, you can immediately let people know about your show with the help of a text logo. 

This is a straightforward type of design that puts your show name at the forefront. My Favorite Murder is one of the top podcasts today with a text logo. Take a look at this section to get more ideas on how you can get an equally remarkable design. 

The type of font you use in your logo plays a role in how you are perceived by your audience. You can go for serif fonts, which have a tail element at the end of each stroke. This is a popular choice for fonts that have old-fashioned traits. On the other hand, sans serif fonts do not have the detail. Sans serif fonts are also commonly used by brands that want to appear modern. 

Hello Podcast by SAGA17

The Nica & Kil Show by Turn Digital

Justice on Trial by jollydesigner123

Did Somebody Say Movies? by Farhad Creative

LOGO 99 PODCAST by cecelin50

Men-E Series by creativevis

Midwest Podcast Association by

Money Honey by PENBRAIN™

Podcast Branding by Girivarshan Balasubramanian

Podcast Reserve by Logo Blox

Statego by user1484846124

Sucky Parent by karolin

The NYC Podcast by Arsenio Stevano – Hope Advertising

Pro tip: Experiment with lowercase letters

Achieve a more modern visual identity by not using proper capitalization. Setting your typography to only lowercase letters makes you appear more friendly and approachable. This is done by a lot of tech brands right now, like Amazon and Facebook. 


Grow your podcast show with the help of logo branding. You want to source a logo that you can use consistently and help your audience become more familiar with your brand identity. It should look good to be used on your streaming platform as well as podcast cover art.

This roundup has shown you different ways that you can present your podcast to the industry. You’ve seen designs ranging from radio logos all the way to sound wave logos.

One way for you to get a design is by running a logo design contest. Design crowdsourcing platforms like DesignCrowd allows you to work with a community of freelance graphic designers. The creatives will submit over 50 design bids for you to choose from. Learn more about the podcast logo design service today. 

Alternatively, you can generate the perfect design with BrandCrowd’s logo maker. It lets you customize design elements like fonts, colors, and shapes. You can type in your podcast name and keywords for the design you’re looking for to speed up the process. Get the perfect logo in minutes today. 

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