50 Wedding Logos That Will Make You Say I Do

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2.4 million weddings are held annually in the United States. Each one celebrates the union of two people through different means. A lot of couples fuss about the objective preparations such as event venues, audio setups, light design, and the likes. Amid the fuss, lovers overlook the importance of art in their relationship. 

Having a wedding logo is a remarkable way to achieve this. Materials like the invitations, dining table centerpieces and all the way up to their invitations can be emblazoned by a shared insignia.

Preparing for the big day takes a lot of work. This applies to the couple and the service providers that arrange the event. Of course, you want to be recognized instantly. Your best shot at doing this is to visually appeal to your target customers.

Check out this marriage logo gallery containing designs that work amazing for any theme. Gold, Indian, wedding, infinity, luxury—it doesn’t matter what theme or motif. You will surely find The One here:

Couple Logos

There’s never a shortage of romantic logos you can use for couples.  Generally, these logos fall into these groups: Monogram, Shape, Cursive, Floral, and Minimalist.

Abstract Love by arishu

You should expect to see a lot of curvy and soft visual elements in these designs. Heart, round, and crest logos are one of the most used shapes. These logos are good for making a strong impression because a lot of people associate figures with certain personality types. 

J & G wedding Monogram by Caio Duarte

Lovely emblem by Mzlaki

Wedding Wreath by BrandCrowd

Round shapes are seen as soft, while square logos are perceived as edgy. But you can take this further by using different colors that speak to you. For example, you can use the favorite colors of the couple to make it sentimental.

Fancy C and K by radkedesign

Monograms or initial logos are popular for couples. This symbol is made up of the first letter of the couple’s names and decoratively overlapped to create a coherent whole. 

Some may find this hard to read, however, people believe that it makes the audience look at your logos longer. Interlocking letters are on the nose approach to matrimony. Luckily, there are innovative designs that make them feel new every time.

M & C Monogram by realdreams

Luxury Premium Traditional Serif Letter by BrandCrowd

Abstract B & W Shape by SimplePixelSL

However, people may find monograms a bit hard to read. Instead, they just go for plainly placed initials. This design makes it readable and timeless. If you want to learn more about letter-based logos, you can head over to this article.

Blue Hipster Circle by BrandCrowd

Wedding Logo by ZZ Wang

The minimalist movement only seems to grow more popular each year. More couples are leaning into this lifestyle and doing the same for their ceremony. 

Although it may seem like a boring art style, don’t be fooled. 

This unassuming trend is an opportunity for people to be more creative. It’s highly adaptive to different applications and you can go to town when mixing and matching colors.

Common wedding logos range from fun shades of orange, yellow, green, and blue. In this industry, there’s a thing called trending wedding colors and for 2020, it’s a combination of rose and beige.

Golden Circle by Levon

Pigeon Couple by MDS

The Knot found in a survey that 78% of weddings are held somewhere between the second and third quarters of the year. If you’re planning to be wed in during this season, you should expect a lot of nature and an agreeable climate.

This is is an interesting segue to the most popular wedding theme: Rustic. 

Couples are all about that simple country life. It’s a flexible and unassuming theme. Plus it’s perfect for the most agreeable season. There’s little to no chances of getting rained on.

Check out more wedding couple logos that will be by your side through thick or thin here.

Wedding Service Providers Logos

You can’t have a wedding without a well-planned day. Wedding service providers make sure that everything is in place to give couples a smooth ceremony to remember for the rest of their lives.

These companies range from event planning, venue, fashion, beauty, and many others.

Amazing Diamond by shad

Beauty Outline by JimjemR

Boutique Flower Shop Logo Design by Andrijana Miladinovic

Citrus and Floral by podvoodoo13

Diamond Ring Nail Hand by Mario4

Besides the common wedding mishaps, these brands have to go through lengths to earn the trust of their audience. Wedding consumers have a very discerning eye when it comes to choosing brands they want to work with. On their special day, it’s no surprise that they want a company that is trustworthy. This is a $72 billion industry we’re talking about after all.

A professional looking logo builds trust among the people who see it. This guides them further toward the buyer’s journey. You can demonstrate your authority by keeping up a good brand style that will interest your target audience.

Fashion Needle Love by town

Fashion purple Dress by maraz201459489

Floral Circle by mareena

Lady Heart Bridal Wedding by town

Couple Wedding Heart by town

When picking a logo, make sure it is remarkable. Purchasing decisions rely heavily on how much visual appeal you create. 80% of audiences tell brands apart by basing it on colors. So before you settle with a brand color scheme, make sure you check your competitors first. 

You have a choice of going for vastly different colors as the rest of the market or adjust yours to create a good contrast. Just make sure you create a striking logo that will be hard to forget.

Wedding Marriage Rings by MDS

Wedding Music by shad

Floral Emblem by BGRPC

Floral Mosaic Emblem by podvoodoo13

Floral Ornamental Wreath by FishDesigns61025

Flowers and Wine Logo Design by Alex Tass

Food Hat Logo by shad

Green Letter W by town

Love Time by alterego

Luxurious Radial Mandala Lettermark Logo by mareena

Magic Hat by hailsatan

Natural Beauty by podvoodoo13

Nature Wedding Marriage rings by SimplePixelSL

Pink Stroke Pattern Lettermark by mareena

Red Ring by town

Red Roses by Kristofern

Smoking Heart by shad

Stage by sicasimada

Stylish Floral Lettermark by JimjemR

The Flower Shop Logo by Ruby Bacanovic

Toby Minty Logo by Siyi He

Travel Heart by ions

Warm Invites by marlbardesigns

Wedding Dress Boutique by padmakuntajara


Wedding logos are a lifetime commitment to a person or even to a business venture. Giving it a proper symbol will push your brand further. Art also has a powerful hold on humans. It affects us in a way that creates connections, which is perfect for matrimony. 

To some, a logo may appear like a trivial mark that looks good on an expensive invitation. But in a lot of ways, it’s a storytelling device that reveals who you are as a couple and brand.

We are throwing a gorgeous bouquet of couple wedding logos in your way. Are you ready to catch it? 

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