53 Agriculture Logos to Kickstart Your Farming Business

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Agriculture is a trillion-dollar industry. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, its value increased by 68% in a span of 18 years. 

We prepared a roundup of agriculture logos to help you participate in this market with an engaging brand. 

A well-designed logo can work wonders for your brand. It gives your business a distinct identity that will stand as its face. Plus, it is another way for you to attract customers. Check the overview of the designs in this list:

Livestock logos

Ranches that specialize in raising animals for eggs, meat, and other products such as leather need a dedicated logo to instantly inform people of their services and goods. 

You can make a creative logo by using illustrations of your products and animals. But you can take it up a notch by incorporating design themes such as minimalism or abstract art to make an even more compelling identity.

It is common to see logos with brown, blue, and green colors, as these nature-inspired colors are commonly associated with the industry. 

Agricultural logo concept by Jowel Ahmed

Agriculture Logo Design by sahinurrahman24

Basket Girl by angsabiru

Down to Earth Farm by Shelleyboh

Farm Fields by MRM1

Farm fresh food by Miljan Jecmenica

Farmhouse Lockup and Badge by PUSH iQ

farming land agriculture by brandshop

Goodwill Farm Ltd by Bari4

Hidden Acres Farm by Ena

Hidden Valley Farming by DiDi’s

Hillfield by MorsonVisuals

living food project by TheInspiredEyeGraphics

Pine Creek Farm Logo Design by Valentin Iancu for SPARKWEB

Ravencrest Farm by  graphicevolution

Santos Patronos Ranch by GraphicHoleDesign

Scomazzons Farm Store by Frauke 2

vintage farm logo by idealis

Vintage logo concept design for Farm company. by Ardian Pazhari

Pro tip: Check your competitors

Researching your competitors shouldn’t stop at their unique propositions. It is also crucial for you to familiarize yourself with the way they present themselves to the audience. Take note of their tone as well as their visual identity to prevent coming up with a similar design. This may also help you avoid any unwanted copyright issues in the future too. 

Seed logos

Behind every farmer is a trusty seed provider. 

Seed companies deserve a logo that can capture their services properly. You can do this by adding symbols of seeds. However, since seeds do not have attention-grabbing qualities as other illustrations would, you could use a shape to add visual prominence to your brand mark. 

Agriculture by MrZerro

Agriculture Logo Set by Logo Templates

Advanced Precision Agriculture by strobok

farm hill by zhArt

Fresh Seeds by dalia

Growcery logo design by Leo for smart by design™


Indo Farms by ArtBrewery

Mutanda Farms by Logo no 1

Seed 1619 by ESolz Technologies

SunsetHillFarms by Mosa

The farm – Logo Design by zeinab Kebari

tree by zhArt

seeder logo design by ANN JANSZE

This seed logo design makes use of line art and minimalist-inspired elements to create a trendy logo. One of this design’s best qualities is its flat design. This allows it to be easily readable on digital devices. At the same time, it is also single-colored, which adds an adaptive quality to the logo. 

Another option for seed banks is to get a text logo. This is a straightforward way for you to present yourself to the audience. It also lessens distractions that may result from visual clutter, making your brand easier to remember. 

Pro tip: Make a mood board

If you’re short on inspiration, you can browse the internet for inspiration. You can look at logo galleries or brand identities on the internet to help refill your creative tank. This helps map out the goals you have for your business identity. Additionally, you can easily show this to your designer to give them a better idea of your vision.

Farm logos

Free-range, organic, community-supported ranches— the list goes on and one. There’s a long list of niches that farms can involve themselves in. You can use this to come up with a more specific design that will attract target customers. Remember that having a solid brand plays a key role in sales, but to your reputation as well. 

Organic logos feature illustrations of leaves and stamp-like figures. You can also use an illustration of your specialty. For example, if you run a beekeeping facility, you can use images of honeycombs or bees to signify this.

However, make sure that you use illustrations that are simple. Make an effort to veer away from detail-heavy imagery as it may result in visual clutter. Plus, it can also hinder you from applying your logos on different collaterals like event posters in the future.


Azienda Agricola Sansone Logo by Angelo Avola

Barn Bros by tejo

Bee Farm by LanofDesign

BLOOM inc. by ZeneFashions

ECO FRUITS by Kinoz76

Farm Food To Go by JL 2

Fresh Mountains by MRM1

Green Hills by MRM1

Green Home by MRM1

Hilltown Farm Logo System by Harold Apples

Holt Farm by hitesh_sarvaiya

Home Sweet Farm by Wahyu Punta Rajamanggala

HortKing, a farm logo design proposal. by Ardian Pazhari

Mine Ag Fleet Hire Victoria by creative.bugs

Miracle Nut Company, by DemiNovanto

Tomato Sunrise by dalia

Twin Elm Farms by thom85

Twisted Swale Farm by him555

Worden Hill Flower Farm by Logo no 1

Pro tip: Run a poll

Get the insight of your friends and business partners if you’re stuck at a standstill and don’t know which logo to pick. This happens to people who have more than one design prospect and can’t decide which logo to go with. Putting the designs you want and having people vote for the one they like best lets you know which one will create the most impact. 


For a farming brand to succeed, it needs a distinctive identity, communications, and consistency. Possessing a logo that people can easily understand and connect with is another step closer to achieving your goal.

Start by building your brand by getting a custom logo design. DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform that lets brands connect with their freelance graphic designer community through logo design contests. Expect to receive over 50 design submissions for your branding project. Try it today. 

Logo makers like BrandCrowd also give you the chance to take full control over your identity. The agriculture logo maker has a collection of designs ranging from barn logos to vineyard logos, all of which are customizable. 

It also offers a premium subscription that gives you access to invoice design, shop sign design, business card design, and other showstopping brand assets. Learn more about it here.

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