53 Earth Logos to Celebrate Earth Day

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Have you been foraging the internet to find a suitable earth logo and earth day logo? You’ve found the right place. 

Since 1970, people have taken to the streets to fight for pressing environmental matters such as climate change. April 24 is a special day celebrated to pay homage to mother nature. Over 140 countries celebrate this event supported by various brands and organizations.

It is increasingly important to shine a light on the issues that plague the earth. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of designs that you can use as inspiration for your organization logo, advocacy logos, and more. 

Take a peep at the designs you can expect to see in this roundup.

Community logos

Saving the earth is a group effort. Advocacies are heard better in groups. That’s why it is vital to have a community logo that you can use to represent your brand. Plus, a brand mark lets you help your group have a symbol for your shared goals.

You can make a planet-themed design by using its circular shape to create a brand mark. This shape has a feminine silhouette that makes it great for branding. In fact, there a ton of brands with famous circle logos like NASA and Pinterest. 

This shape is perfect as a frame for your logo. Adding a form around your design gives it visual prominence and makes it easy to apply to different collaterals. 

Check out more ideas for your NGO and club logos below.

Accounting Options Group Pty Ltd by Gexton

Blue Earth Collective by Bagus Tasmono

Construction Logo Design by designature

Designs Rooted In Nature by blue eye

Earthgrown Wordmark Logo by Dhananjaya Gunathilaka

Eco Earth Traders by jaime.sp

Fara’s Flock by Logo no 1

Global Earth Environment Protection Shield by SimplePixelSL

Green Eco Park by royallogo

Green Energy Logo by Brand Semut

Green Space Logo Design by Ahmed Rumon | Logo and Branding

just one earth – logo design by Tjaart Lehmacher

Leaf Farm Agriculture by Mypen

Logo Design for Save the Earth by Julius Teleg

Natural Life Nutritional Therapy by ecorokerz

Sky Water Earth by Jay Design

Wild Earth Fermentation by Shigh5

Pro tip: Don’t forget about space

It would be best if you didn’t get carried away and oversaturate your logo with unnecessary elements. Space is an integral part of your design as it allows it to be easy to understand and remember. Having an overly crowded design lessens the impact of your logo.

Globe logos

Globes are spherical models of the earth. It’s a direct representation of the world we live in, making it a significant element in your brand identity.

You can add other concepts to the design to make it more exciting. Some art styles you can try using an abstract-inspired design or even a geometric approach to get a cubism logo. 

One riff you can also do to make globe logo designs more exciting is to change the traditional colors of blue and green. This is a time for you to experiment with different colors. You can even make a black and white earth logo if you want. 

For text, you can add them around the globe to help lead the audience’s eyes around your logo. 

Learn more design ideas below.

Blue Earth Community by Mypen

Bold, Biodegradable Logo Design by madeli

Camp Mountain by ranadhie

Children / World / Heart by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Company Logo Design by Pranav Creative Graphic

Earth & Tree by OliveTone

Earth Day by Damian Orellana

Earth Day Every Day by Kristen Smeehuyzen

Earth Leaf by town

earth logo concept ( unused ) by Megades!gn

Earth Logo Design Concept – Letter e & earth by Nasir Uddin | Logo Designer

Eating Earth by yuangga14

Eco Conservation Nature by ions

Elegant, Simple Gardener Logo Design by Vishak vasu

International World Travel Balloon by JimjemR

Natural Earth Remedies by Clever Design

Pro tip: Think about where you want to put your logo

A logo design must be adaptive. It must be easy to apply to website design, posters, business cards, and other collaterals without having its impact dampened. It helps to ensure that your earth logo appears legible in different sizes. This way, you’ll have little trouble when applying your design to your brand assets.

Nature logos

From trees to birds, the world is full of inspiring symbols that represent good values. You can use that to give your brand a relevant object to use as a logo. To start your design process, you can try your hand at leaf logo designs and other subjects that have an organic shape.

You can use earth logo vectors as a focal point for your logo. Illustrations let you instantly communicate with the audience and give them an idea of what your group stands for. 

However, it is vital to make sure that you select a drawing that doesn’t have many details. Intricate ornaments may make your design lose its impact.

Get more nature design ideas below.

Arborea by Sander Legrand

Beautiful nature illustration by MD TAYOBUR RAHMAN

Colorful, Earth Logo Design by Maxo-Biz

Company Logo Design by Pranav Creative Graphic

COMPRES by anggawascamaska

Down to Earth Cosmetic Clays by an-illust

Earth Cheers by N83touchthesky

Earth Tree Woman by Mypen

Elevated Environments by UniqueDreamer

Happy Earth Day! by Andrew Cruz

Healthy Hive Fruit & Veg by hvdesigns

Leafy Branch Circle by Mypen

Little Earth by 0934

Modern, Business Health And Wellness Logo Design by Jay Design

Mother Earth [Sold] by Manasuka

Natural Organic Life Experience by rgrider

Nature Logo by Anuvab Sikder

Oasis by step forward 2


Terre & Vie by WahyuHMD

Pro tip: Consider your audience

Who is your target audience? Identifying their demographic, likes, and dislikes will give you a better idea of what designs they prefer. For example, if your earth brand focuses on boomers, you may want to opt for a straightforward logo design with readable text to make the design more accessible.


Get your message across your audience with a strong brand identity. This way, your brand becomes more recognizable and allows your message to resonate with more people. 

Start your search to find your ideal logo by running a logo design contest on DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platforms enable brands to work with a community of freelance designers and get up to 50 design bids. You can also use it for other collaterals such as business card design and other graphic design projects.

The BrandCrowd logo maker is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to find your ideal logo in minutes. Its library is full of designs ranging from planet logos and world logos. You can customize the design and make it yours by changing elements like font, color, and layout. Try it right here.

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