55 Crown Logos To Make Your Brand Gleam

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Developing a brand identity can go in a million different ways. One of the ideal paths to take is to go with a crown logo to stand as the face of your brand. 

Crowns symbolize royalty and luxury, which can help your brand become more visible to the audience. A meaningful brand identity lets you connect with more people and raise awareness of your brand. It’s a good choice for brands looking for beauty logos, gaming logos, jewelry logos, and more.

Logos of big brands such as Rolex and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are two examples of famous crown logos. We created a collection of logos that will help brands looking to have an impressive royal logo of their own.

This roundup of designs will shine a light on the creative possibilities presented by crown logos. Take a look at them below.

King crown logos

The male leaders of a monarch are known to wear a headpiece to symbolize their power and family. Historically, king crowns are called the imperial crown. It has a dome-like shape that has a peak at its center.

Symbolize your brand’s dignity with a king crown design. You can use it as the main focus of your brand mark and place your brand name underneath to make the text look like it is wearing the headdress.

Add a stronger feel of elegance to your logo by using royal colors such as gold, purple, and red. You can even add a metallic finish to the design and break free from the flat design trends that dominate the world today. This trick will help you bring life to the design and make it eye-catching.

Clothing Kings by Dheepak009


Crown9 by LissaS

Crown by ecorokerz

Crown Wealth Strategies by @revyali

Gamer King by brandcrowd

Golden Royal Lion by novita007

King Dog by SimplePixelSL

Kingdom Church by Sazeed Ahmed

Kingfish by Cristianagstn

KING Logotype by Yoga Perdana

King of Clean Carpet by Design Street

King Sixteen – Responsive Rebranding (1/2) by Emir Ayouni

Lèon Jewellery by jizzy123

MadKing Logo by Sumesh A K

Minimalist King Head by Tops

Robin logo by Mersad Comaga

Royal Monarchy Crown by korzuen

Serious, Lion Sporting Good Logo Design by Vishak vasu

Spin Kings by Mrigank Patankar

The Best of Everything Man by chameerakasundb

Pro tip: Limit your use of colors

Keeping your logo design elegant and versatile is achievable by being mindful of the number of colors you use. It is best to use only two to three colors for your logo. Setting a limit helps you prevent oversaturation and improves coherence.

Queen crown logos

Royal crowns or queen crowns are characterized by a headpiece with a curved accent in its center. 

The depression in the center makes it resemble a lowercase letter m. It has a feminine shape that helps lead the eyes of the audience. 

Bring depth to your design by adding different ornaments. You can add glitter and make your brand symbol luster. 

Typography is also a design element that you can use to make a visual identity fit for a queen. Lettering styles like calligraphy logos and monogram logos are great avenues for you to show your personality further.   

Beautiful Royal Princess Queen by novita007

Bling Queen by Ethien

Crownicle by Keval shah

Crown Lake Logo by Jacob Cass

Elizabeth Hotel by yHutomo

face queen by monome

Flamingo Queen by Gigih Rudya

Game Piece Queen by notesoul

Golden Royal Phoenix by novita007

Heart Crown Logo by Azur

Hello Queen by Alexandra Erkaeva

McQueen by ecorokerz

New Crown Chemical Logo by Sushma

Queen by Omnium

Queen mark by Daria Mikita ✌

Royal Crown by user1497393514

Royal Lounge by Grawn Design

Royalty App by shad

Speed Queen by Aleksandar Savic

Tapis Volant by Szende Brassai

The Crown 65 by NenadM

Pro tip: Add a frame

Transform your design into something more eye-catching by putting it in a frame. Adding simple shapes like circles and squares can provide visual prominence to the brand mark and make it easy to apply to various collaterals such as social media posts and business cards. For a royal design, you can put laurel leaves, crests, and ribbons for a regal look.

Crown letter logos

Text-based logo designs allow you to have a subtle design. 

The style is a straightforward way for you to develop a brand identity and prevent visual distractions. 

Plus, it gives you a chance to have a gender-neutral brand identity. Doing this makes your logo more versatile and prevents you from limiting yourself to gender.

Another advantage of lettermarks is that it shortens long brand names and makes it easy to recall. Businesses with long names can use this for a brief look. Abbreviated logos are also a popular choice for companies that have been in the industry for a long time.

Bold, Different Clothing Logo Design by addydesigns

Caroline McQueen by yuangga14

Clothing Kings by cLeReT 2

Crown logo symbol by zsolt hutvagner

Crown mascot logo by Ričardas

Crown Valley Publishing by ecorokerz

FC Helsingor Crest by Nick Budrewicz

K Crown Logo by Kyle Papple


Personal Branding / Identity Logo Creation’ by ESolz Technologies

RGD by JohnM

Royal Monarchy Crown by korzuen

Upmarket, Creative Logo Design by graphicevolution

Pro tip: Get inspiration from logo design trends

Trends provide brands with new design ideas to improve them. They help add a modern touch to the design and make it fashionable according to today’s standards. Current trends include muted colors, line art, and other stylish design styles. However, you want to use trends sparingly to create a timeless identity.



This headpiece signifies traits that many businesses look for. Like the logos above, you can use this as a brand mark for an endless list of niches. 

It enables you to present your brand to the public in a way that can help you engage your target audience and grow brand awareness. 

Find the right logo design with DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platform allows you to source custom logo designs by opening a logo design contest for its community of freelance graphic designers. The website also lets you get other collaterals such as web design and T-shirt design. Learn more about it today.

The BrandCrowd logo maker is an option for those who want to generate a logo design in minutes. It has a vast library of monarch logos and palace logos that you can customize. The tool enables you to change colors, fonts, layout, and other design elements for a unique design. Try it right here.

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