60 Baby Logos for Childcare Brands

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Baby brands are involved with toys, feeding accessories, wipes, disposable diapers, and body care products, among others. Making the perfect baby logo is a crucial part of building any business.

The right visual identity allows brands to attract their target customers and keep them as well. It is what helps a brand grow awareness. 

Learn how to create a baby brand logo by watching this quick guide:

To amp up your branding, we gathered up children and childcare logo ideas to inspire you. This list will contain the following designs: 

The perfect brand mark allows you to complete the brand image you’ve pictured in your head. Find out how you can design one by scrolling through this roundup of inspiration.

Text logos

One of the guiding principles of logo design is simplicity. Text-based logos certainly live up to that. Without using drawings as the focal point of the design, these symbols directly communicate your brand name.

There are two types of text logos known as wordmark and lettermark logos. Wordmark designs spell out the entire name of the brand, while lettermark symbols only spell out the brand initials. 

Baby Basket Express by wahidbhutta

Baby Boy Text Font by BrandCrowd

Baby by Alxndr.

The Garden Gnome Baby by SouravHossain

The Happy Baby by Neil

Tiny Star by dalmas

Fonts let you put a creative spin on each logo. Serif fonts are great for companies that want to appear more serious and traditional than other brands. While laidback and modern brands can benefit from san serif fonts. 

The type and design of your typography also help shape the way people perceive your identity. 

Baby, Oh! Baby Logo by Sofia Gonzalez

Baby Product Logo Design Cutes by Dinov™

Baby Entourage by Ovi 3

Cartoon Wordmark by BrandCrowd

Circle Letter C by ions

Cute Text by BrandCrowd

Cute Baby Text Font by BrandCrowd

dauthsy by andig

Mute by MDS

My Baby Beginnings by watwats

 Peekaboo by SimplePure

Piccolino by LogoPick

Pimp your Baby Clothes by wonderland

Rumer’s Closet by hubdesign3 

PYOPYO by Kinoz76

Twinkle & Toe Logo by Galerie Design Studio

Totz by cbeaudin

Pro tip: Use unique colors

Before you start conceptualizing your logo, make sure to check what colors your competitors are using. Try to stay away from using the same colors as them. This is to prevent your audiences from confusing your visual identity as your competitors. Experiment with different combinations and shades in the color wheel to see what works best for your company. 

Baby logos

There are a lot of businesses out there with a baby illustration in its logos. Take a look at creative ways you can do that as well. Drawings of infants are simple and easily understood by consumers. They can communicate a message without the use of words.

Baby + Hands by Alfrey Davilla vaneltia

Bright Organic Baby by Davaus

BabyHeroes logo by Dominika Marzec

Baby Love by SimplePixelSL

Azrina Logo by Desainem Studio

Baby Boy by CMcvetkomitja

Baby Boy Sleeping by kdavajon

baby by dobri88

Baby Talk by Moonley

Chicare by designcrowd ka hero

When choosing a drawing for your design, choose one that is simple. Don’t add too many intricate details as this will make your design challenging to use on different applications such as business card design. Generally, you want to get an illustration logo that is simple yet communicative. 

Cute Baby Castle by SimplePixelSL

Cute Baby Face by rossini11

Leaf Baby by Moonley

Little One by diegocalavera

Logo Concept for Baby Care Shop by Priambodo Diyon Saputra

Minkin Baby Products Logo by Ronnie

Tiny Treasures logo by Aiste

Pro tip: Try the five-second test

Gauge how usable your logo is by asking someone to look at your design for five seconds. Afterward, you can ask them how they interpreted the message of your logo. Did they understand that your logo is for baby wear or for baby safety? You can also ask them how memorable the logo is and what impression it made on them. You can run this usability test on your business partners or even your friends and family.

Cute animal logos

Children and babies love adorable things. Rarely do we see childcare items with skulls and edgy designs on them, right? Animal illustrations are perfect for brands that want to create a welcoming identity in the market. These logos are liked by both parents and children alike. 

Plus, animals may add symbolism to your logo and give it depth. People associate different traits to the members of the animal kingdom. Animals like owls are seen as wise, while bears are perceived as protective. 

Angel Koala by Alfrey Davilla vaneltia

Baby Elephant by Alfrey Davilla vaneltia

Bella Sue by sprocket33

Chicare by designcrowd ka hero

Cute Baby Bee by LogoPick

Cute fox logo for a baby clothing store by Liza Geurts

Cute Happy Penguin by ions

Little Whale Kids Shop by dalia

Melo Kids Happy feet for Happy Kids by Danielle Jane

Pink Elephant by FishDesigns61025

Raccoon rascal logo by Kristina Mendigo

Babies and young children are drawn to bright colors such as red, blue, and yellow. This logo by designer Kristina Mendigo makes use of the said colors wisely. The logo is eye-catching without looking oversaturated. 

If you feel the need to add text to your emblem, you can use fonts like KiriFont, Lilita One, Lalezar, Pequena, Spellbound, and more.

Peekaboo by inferidizajn

Cute Yellow Giraffe by JulieLand

Fire Flower Dragon by FishDesigns61025

Little bear by Halo

Little Fox by mushathecat

Pialetti Baby by eleanorintegra

swaddle logo by Gregory Grigoriou

Historically, storks have been a symbol closely related to childbirth and babies. They stand as this symbol for Greek, Egyptian, and even Norse mythology. Storks are said to deliver babies to expecting parents. Today, you can use these adorable creatures in your childcare logo. As a traditional symbol in culture, you can let people can instantly know that your products are related to babies. Expect to see birds in other infant-related graphics. 


Branding is important for any brand, including baby products and services. Even industry key players like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and more constantly put an effort to evolve their brand into something relevant. With 130 million babies being born annually, the call for effective branding rings louder than ever. 

Baby products benefit from being featured in mommy blogs, magazines, and social media. Once your brand is present in these channels, make sure that you present yourself in a consistent and visually appealing manner. To do this, make sure you have a well-designed logo that can stand as the face of your brand. 

One way you can do this is to work with different professional designers through a logo design contest. Or as an alternative, you can create one yourself. 

BrandCrowd’s baby logo maker makes it fuss-free for any design newbie to create a logo in minutes. Without the need for experience, your brand can have a memorable logo. Give it a try today. 

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