60 Fast Food Logos for a Tasty Branding Treat

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Are you ready to give your brand a mouthwatering makeover? Let’s face it: we all have those days when nothing hits the spot quite like a delicious fast food fix. 

Whether it’s sinking your teeth into a juicy burger, indulging in crispy fries, or sipping on a refreshing soda, there’s something irresistible about the convenience and flavor of fast food. But here’s the twist – what if your brand could evoke that same craving and satisfaction by starting your restaurant and generating a delicious logo using our logo maker?

Join us as we explore our collection of fast food logos for a tasty branding treat. Get ready to discover how a well-crafted logo can serve up a heaping helping of brand recognition, loyalty, and – of course – deliciousness. Let’s dig in! 🍟

How To Design A Fast Food Logo

Here are five crucial tips to guide you through creating a logo that whets appetites and leaves a lasting impression:

Embrace Bold and Appetizing Colors

Fast food logos thrive on vibrant, energetic colors that evoke hunger and excitement. Think of iconic fast food brands like McDonald’s with its bold yellow and red palette or Subway’s fresh green and yellow hues. 

These colors stimulate appetite and create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to indulge in your offerings. Incorporate eye-catching colors into your logo to instantly grab attention and make a memorable impression.

Keep it Simple 

In the fast-paced world of fast food, simplicity reigns supreme. Your logo should be instantly recognizable and easily remembered, even at a glance. Opt for clean lines, straightforward fonts, and quickly identifiable symbols or icons representing your brand’s identity and offerings. A simple yet memorable logo will ensure that your brand remains top of mind for hungry customers.

Infuse Personality and Fun

Fast food is not just about satisfying hunger; it’s also about creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for customers. Infuse your logo with personality and fun to reflect your establishment’s upbeat and lively atmosphere.

Whether incorporating playful illustrations, quirky characters, mascot logos, or witty slogans, let your brand’s personality shine through in your logo design.

Consider Scalability

Your fast food logo will appear across various platforms and mediums, from signage and food packaging to digital marketing and social media. Therefore, designing a scalable and versatile logo is essential, ensuring it looks great and maintains its integrity across different sizes and formats. Learn more about understanding the different file formats here.

Conduct Market Research

Before finalizing your fast food logo, conduct thorough market research to ensure it resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your brand’s message. Gather feedback from potential customers, industry professionals, and focus groups to gauge their reactions and perceptions of your design. 

Fast Food Logo Design Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration to craft the perfect fast-food restaurant logo? Explore our collection of creative design ideas that will help your brand stand out in the bustling world of quick bites and delicious treats. 

We’ve divided them into three major categories below:

Famous Fast Food Logos

Dive into the world of iconic fast food logos synonymous with delicious cravings and quick satisfaction. From the golden arches of McDonald’s to the playful red and white of KFC, explore the branding brilliance behind these recognizable symbols that have captured the hearts and appetites of millions worldwide. 

Check out these famous logos below:



Taco Bell

Burger King


Pizza Hut



Dunkin Donuts





Dairy Queen

Hamburger Logos

Sink your teeth into a world of juicy inspiration with hamburger logos that celebrate everyone’s favorite handheld delight. Whether it’s a mouthwatering illustration of a perfectly stacked burger or clever typography that sizzles with flavor, discover how these logos tantalize taste buds and leave a lasting impression on hungry customers.

Browse through our collection of hamburger logos below:

Crown Burger Logo Mark by Delwar Denim

Fast Food Logo by Sumi Akter

Hand and Burger Logo by Garagephic Studio

kebab and pizza logo by Heavtryq

Burger Logo by Rimon Hasan

Bold, Fast Food Restaurant Burger Chain Logo Design by ThiagoB

Upmarket, Cute Cafe & fast food Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Modern, Funny Restaurant food truck Logo Design by delegacydesign

Burger Logo Design by Mimi and Max

Chef Hat Hamburger by eyed

Walking Hamburger Sandwich by AleksandrO

Hamburger Bear Diner by podvoodoo13

Fast Food Hamburger Boy by Tristan

Hamburger Food Diner by bevouliin

Hamburger Burger Restaurant by studiomonic

French Fries Logos

Crisp, golden, and irresistibly addictive – explore the creative ways that logos for French fries brands capture the essence of this beloved side dish.

Choose one from our french fries logo below:

Fast food french fries logo design by Rakibul Hasan

Restaurant Logo, Food Delivery, Logo, Hot Food by Woncraft

MOMORIES Logo | Fast Food Logo Design by Nazmul Hossan

Bold, Fast Food Logo Design by The Logo Studio.

Fast Food Logo Design by Ash

Logo Design by Onse Officials

Modern, Food Fast Food Restaurant Logo Design by GLDesigns

Cool Logo Design by ramu 6

French Fries Tomato by MarjCaramancion

Fries Snack Diner by vixiiiart

French Fries Diner by Acel

Lady French Fries by town

Minimal French Fries by Joebert

French Fries Anaglyph by SaifU

Happy French Fries by MDS

Pizza Logos

Step into the world of pizza perfection with logos that pay homage to everyone’s favorite cheesy indulgence. Whether it’s a classic emblem featuring a steaming slice or a modern design that celebrates the art of pizza-making, these logos inspire pizza lovers everywhere.

Check out the pizza logos below:

PizzaBar by Albert Klimovych

Pizza Brand Logo by Yuhan Chen

Play Pizza by Swadharma Wiyastana

Bold, Fast Food Restaurant Logo Design by ~idiaz~

Modern, Clever Fast Food Logo Design by Dream Logo Design

Playful, Food Logo Design by Isabella…,

Personable, Food Logo Design by MiraUkraine

Elegant, Fast Food Logo Design by ecorokerz

Pizza Food Pizzeria by ernestjdx

Pizza Food Cartoon by Melo

Neon Cheese Pizza by yhinna

Happy Pizza Slice by AleksandrO

Glitch Pizza Slice by Tristan

Pizzeria Pizza Box by RasaBranding

Flaming Hot Pizza by town

Fast Food Pizza Hand by Mypen

Design Your Fast Food Logo Today!

Designing a fast food logo requires carefully balancing creativity, market understanding, and brand identity. We hope you liked a design from our collection of fast food logos above. Comment below what logo types you want to read in our future blogs.

Whether drawing inspiration from famous fast food logos or exploring creative concepts for specific food items like hamburgers, French fries, or pizza, BrandCrowd is here to help. From your logo design to your advertising needs, such as business cards, thank you cards, invitations, and much more! 

Design your delicious fast food logo today!

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