60 Mom Logos To Raise Brand Awareness

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Who run the world? Moms.

Mothers work the job of an army to support and make their home complete. Atop of this, they dabble in various side hustles too. Their business ventures deserve to be branded the right way.

Branding for mommy-owned brands or just women-led brands gives you a competitive edge. Consumers are more likely to purchase goods or avail services from a brand that is women-owned. To top this fact off, audiences also perceive goods and services as high-quality when offered by a women-owned brand. 

Mommy entrepreneurs can easily take advantage of this opportunity by instilling this quality into their branding kit.

Logos are powerful visual tools that let the audience know that you are a proud mommy brand. The best types of mom logos are as follows: 

Women-owned businesses have generated a revenue of $1.4 in the US economy. This is a huge feat for women in general, not just in the western landscape. Moms should not miss out on this progress. 

The logos in this list fit naturally in whatever industry you may be involved in. Brand your company for greater brand awareness and success.


One of the challenges that women entrepreneurs face is misrepresentation. This then leads to poor brand perception. To alleviate this, brands select an illustrated logo to help carry out their message in a more direct and universal way. 

You can play up characteristics easier with drawings. Mothers are well known for great traits such as being authoritative and loving. Illustrations can easily embody the traits you want your brand logo to have. See some examples below. 

Khinh Nio Cha – Logo Design by Indra Permana

Pinay – Logo by Zipporah Vannata

African Woman logo design by Weasley99

Babies And Mothers Bonding Initiative Logo by Stefanie Pepping

Beauty by Carlos Puentes

Mom and baby logo by Yehezkiel Azizal

Mother’s Logo Variant by Julia Lopez-Mobilia

Mothers of Precarpathians by meusbubbles

Motherhood Logo by Frankie Soo

Children Book Reading by zaptik

Mom Radio Logo by Look Studio

A woman’s heart logo by Chidochashe

Mother And Child Pediatrics Logo by SimplePixel

Happy Mother’s Day by Alfrey Davilla

Mom’s Curtains by Valery Shi

The logos above appear loving with soft and other motherly features. However, there are other symbols you can use to communicate this. For example, you can use animals and various objects to represent tenderness.

Mother Bear by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Mother Rabbit by artsigma

happy mother’s day by Made by Susan

Mom Camp by Veronica Dan

Mom’s Mingle by Pucchi

Mommy & Baby by Dragisa Trojancevic

Supermom Training by Raida jian

The Mom Advantage by beniwalsuman

The Mom Adventage by ryanjay87

The Mom Adventage by moh.ikra 3


We’ve all seen text-based logos. Huge companies like Marvel and HBO carry this type of logo design. Most brands opt for this because it champions your brand name clearly. 

Using typography to communicate a message to your audience is made more effective with a strong color choice. A simple change and consistency with color can significantly drive brand recognition. Studies show that consumers remember brands better this way.

Chicare by Fathan99

MomHugMe by R.R

Randy’s Mom by GoMedia

On The Night You Were Born by Diski

The brand logo above looks very whimsical even though it is mostly made up of text. Notice how the smart font contrast and colors complement each other to create a dreamy output? Balanced design elements can create a strong message even without having to add intricate details.

Home = Mom by Vikas Kumar

MOM LOGOTYPE. by Chandan Singh

Mother love logo by Ch Hamza

logo MOM by minangartstudio

Mothercare Logo Concept by Mijtaba Jaffari

mom 191/365 by Ak desain

Initial logos are also a good vessel for you to pepper in some subdued symbolism. Most brands play with silhouettes of the text characters. Just look at the logos above for example.  But the possibilities are endless. If you want to see more creative takes on text-based logos, click this link to view a library full of inspiration. 

Pro tip: Know what you want

There are two types of text brand logos called wordmark and lettermark. Wordmarks are design concepts that contain the full name of a certain company. Lettermarks use only the initials to create an impact through brevity. 

Each type has its own unique advantage for you to decide on.


Abstract logos are the opposite of text-based logos in terms of being upfront. They easily add a veil of visual intrigue to your brand. These logos appeal heavily to emotion and artistic expression. Logos of this art style put a focus on the composition of form, color, and shape. 

MomHugMe by updatedelta

Nation Mother Africa by Gabriel Maiorano

Mom’s Mingle by SoloGen

Mother Love by eightyLOGOS

Mom Logo by last spark

A Mother’s Love by Miglena Spasova

“Bell Women” Logo Grid + Icon by Yuser Kabani

Mom’s Choice Mobile Healthcare Logo by Khoirul Ihwan

Nini Mom Logo by Mahsa Ghazi

Star Woman Logo Design by Al-Ghaniy

Trusted Mom Logo Concept by MENO

Colors that are warm and soft are the colors for mompreneurs. 

Motherhood and Mother’s Day-related design are often in light shades of pink, red, and green. These colors really build up the ideal traits and experience of motherhood. 

It is important to color your designs accordingly to fully symbolize your mompreneur brand fully. 

Besides color, you can change up your brand by making sure that there is a balance in other design elements as well. Shapes channel different characteristics. For example, straight lines and edgy shapes are associated with masculinity. 

MomHugMe by Sagacious Design

Social Mom by Hesse

Mother’s Arms by MirbachDesign – Brand Design Hamburg

Momphy by Momotaj 

Baby Carriage by FanFanych

Woman Logo for Beauty Hair Salon by Sentavio

Woman by matthieumartigny

Woman Logo by Christina Muxlow

The Mom Adventage by Saju-RS

Femininity, on the other hand, is portrayed with round and curvy shapes. Heart, circle, oblong, and similar shapes are often used in the logos of women-led companies.

Brands that do not want to limit themselves to cookie-cut brand identities opt for symbolic abstract logos. They are adaptive choices because there is no fixed interpretation of abstract art. Plus, you can really go all out and demonstrate how creative you can be.

Make everyday Mother’s Day

Mothers deserve so much more than a single day to celebrate their efforts.

By branding your mommy business venture correctly, you are celebrating your identity as a mompreneur each and every day you operate.

The need for show-stealing branding is growing as more mompreneurs become their own boss. 

Businesses like event management, writing services, handcrafted goods, blogging, baking, photography, and tutorial services are some of the trending business ideas for mompreneurs. These jobs allow them to work on their own time without having to sacrifice other essential errands.

Regardless of your industry, it is important that you adopt a logo that will nurture your brand for success.

We have more design concepts for you to use. You are bound to see more exciting ideas for your brand in our library. Show off your mompreneur spirit with a bold and empowering mom logo here.

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