60 Mystical Logos to Spice Up Your Brand

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Everyone has the urge to search for an understanding of the self.

The desire to heal, surround oneself with positive energy, have astrological knowledge, and be attuned to spirituality are aspects of mysticism.

We find the origins of the word mysticism in ancient Greeks’ mystes. It’s a word given to a secret occult or a mystery religion.

Or it could also be derived from the word myein, meaning to close (the eyes and or mouth). But it shifted to mystes because, as per Early Christianity, they no longer acknowledged the mysteries of the Hellenistic view.

In turn, personally, experiencing the divine is what makes one a mystic. It takes pieces of its background from well-known religions around the world.

From Islam’s Sufism to Hinduism’s Atman is Brahman, the commonality lies in searching for communion with God. That’s why spirituality is also a factor in mysticism, but it does not translate into being religious.

As long as you have a revelation shown either by seeking or experiencing, you are considered a mystic. Thus, having products that advocate healing from trauma is vital to the success of your mystical business.

Pair your merchandise with a vibing logo. They need a unique design that promotes positive vibes and techniques to attain communion with the divine.

Get Attuned with These Mystic Logos

Our minds as consumers prompt us to process visuals faster than words by 60,000 faster than words (iScribbler).

Also, around 93% of buyers would instead buy a visually appealing product and coinciding with the color they want.

Think of those facts, and let us present you with a unique list of mystic logo designs for your business.

  • Illuminate the Path with Astrological Logos
  • Rediscover Logos of Myth
  • Admire These Human Logos
  • Perceive These Scenery Logos

Illuminate the Path with Astrological Logos

When looking at the stars, they say you can predict the future—basically, the reading of horoscopes.

Check out these beautiful starry logos for your mystic business:

Celestial Spiritual Triangle Pyramid by town

Crescent Moon Triangle by town

Half Moon by Josh Warren

Laluna by Abdullah Designs

Logo for a skin-care by merci

Luna Loves Goods by Omega-Pixel

Lost of Hope by Designollo

Moon Astrology by bertthebuildr

Moon Logo Design by Moosartist

Mystic Astrology Monogram by Gennady Savinov

Mystic Planet Moon by town

Nirvana Dreaming by ree23

Oh La Moon by GLDesigns

Sun & Moon by David Dreiling

Sun Sign Mark by Ashley Jankowski

Virgo Logo Stamp Horoscope Icon by Ruxandra Nastase

ZODIAC LONDON by phraimsondesign

Zodiac Society by Type08

Rediscover Logos of Myth

Mythical creatures are unique and represent different characteristics that humans can only imagine.

Give your brand a magical feel with these logos:

Beautiful Mermaid Logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Centaur by SPG MARKS ✏️

Dragon’s Rest Studios by FlyingPen

Griffin by Nadia Castro

GRYPHON by cozz_design

Heraldic Garuda Bird Logo by Ikhwan Hakim

Lion Sphinx logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Minimalist Dragon Face by ions

Mythical Lady Aquarius by spayro

Pegasus Horse by SimplePixelSL

Towards the Dream by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Unicorn Real Estate Logo Design by joe designs

unicorn logo design inspiration by albert kalingga

Valkyre Mythical Logos by Cajvanean Alexandru

Water dragon by merci

Werewolf by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Willow Beautypebbles by Ikhwan Hakim

Zeus by Shyam B

Admire These Human Logos

It is a person’s goal to learn about the divine communion of an absolute being. 

Embellish your brand with these various logos:

Beautiful Artists Logo Design by Logo no 1

Beauty Blue Hair by town

Beauty Parlor Emblem by novita007

Born to Leave by Eric Warning

Hair Collective logo by Jessie Maisonneuve

Jewelry Logo Design by Birdcage

Little Gypsy 2 by Catur Argi

Minimalist Classy Lady by AleksandrO

Nomad Therapies by Stefan Ivankovic

Pink Beauty Emblem by town

Rexmon logo by Nick Molokovich

The Artisans Trading Co by Alex Villalobos

Perceive These Scenery Logos

Give off that sense of wonder in your products and services. Evoke the feeling of freshness and mysticism with the perfect design.

Try out these stunning landscape logos curated just for you:

Cabin in the Woods by Mersad Comaga

High on Hike – Logo Design Project by Mrtranscendence

Hiking equipment company logo by Aleko Grchev

Hochatime Landscape by Ben Howes

Logo Proyavleniye (manifestation) by Manitou


New Mountain Woods Adventure Logo Design by Dimitar Dzhenkov

Outbound Collective – The Horizon by Nicholas D’Amico

Stay Solar by Ben Howes

Thomas LaVine Rivers Badge 🏞️ by Jake Warrilow

Urban City logo by sukro_design

World Logo Design by Slant Line Media

Enjoy Your New Found Zing!

Stand out with your design today and choose the logo inspiration that suits you best. Whether you choose a starry or a magical creature theme, you are sure to wow your market.

Design your logo today and gain more patrons. You can either use complex tools to create it or try out BrandCrowd’s logo maker.

In four easy steps (Pick, Edit, Save, Pay) you can now enjoy your original design for your business.

Peace be with you may you experience more positive vibes!

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