60 Scary Logos for a Happy Halloween

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If you are a scaredy-cat, beware! Only the brave can scroll through this collection of scary logos. 

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re not one to take it lightly. After all, over 172 million people celebrated the occasion in the US alone. 

Initially, it is an ancient Celtic tradition called the festival of Samhain. People would dress up in costumes and start bonfires in an attempt to ward off spirits. 

Aside from being an ancient cultural event, It is a season where brands get the chance to shine. The spooky industry is comprised of businesses that offer candies, decorations, costumes, and more. 

Take a look at the logos we gathered just for you. They are great for stores, gaming, and other companies that could use a little creepiness. Jump onto these sections to get inspired: 

Cue the thunder and ominous sounds and start browsing this scary design collection!

Scary clown logos

Are you really a lover of all things horror if you don’t know a scary clown? Take, for example, Pennywise is one of the most popular horror antagonists. They represent malevolence and make for an excellent nightmare logo. 

There are tons of ways for you to make an equally expressive emblem for your business or even a clown logo for PUBG. You can use different illustrations of clowns in different styles to create a remarkable design. 

Evil Clown by codyslaw

Clown Skull by town

Bad Clown by ravi

Blue Jester Mask by RuxcellMania

Failure by Gla.

Clown King by Grigoriou

SCREAM by willfarrant

To make a clown design, it is common to add colors like red, white, and green. This color scheme is often associated with horror and harlequin concepts. 

Remember to consider your target audience before opting for this type of design. It works for events and gaming brands, but the horror concept may not necessarily be the best choice for companies that tend to younger audiences. 

Pro tip: Keep it simple

It’s tempting to add details and depth to your design. But for logos, it is best to stick with neat and adaptive elements. This will make your logo easy to use in the future. You won’t have much trouble trying to apply it to assets such as posters, business cards, etc.

Font logos

If you are looking for something more straightforward, you wouldn’t want to miss these scary font logos. 

Text-based designs give you the advantage of being direct when it comes to visual communication. Using the correct choice of design elements, you can quickly inform your audience of your brand name without distractions. 

Depending on your taste, you can either have a wordmark or lettermark design. Wordmark logos allow you to feature the entirety of your business name. 

HORROR BOX by Dexter Solutions

Horror Everything by kapelesi

Monster Mudjacking by StudioD™

Blackbeard Bikes Wilmington Island Georgia by Logo no 1

Dark Carnival by Brad Hansen 

Dark Mind Productions Logo by Bryan Richard Keith 

Death Crew by Judyn

Devil Head by jozsef83

Gastro Witch by Farmiza

Ghost Thin by chevy camaroo by Omee

Head of Medusa by 77Zack

Heartstoppers Haunted House by D3


Lunatic Skull by 77Zack

Malevolent Films by said.tempo

Meatryoshka by molumen

Monster Events by Logocraft

Rockbiter by furihando

SINISTER by Andrey Shestakov 

THE WICKED GARDEN by Gerald Design 3

Too Many Devils by Andy Boice

Voodoo Cookie by themadfox

Walnut Street Nightmares by Logo no 1

White Witch Vodka, by EPIC PEN

On the other hand, lettermark logos only feature initials. This creates brevity for brands with long names. 

Whichever style you choose, horror-inspired fonts like Monstarize, Spooky Regime, Scary Halloween, Midnight Minutes, and The Mummy are great starting points for your logo. 

Pro tip: Use only two to three fonts

Designers recommend setting a limit to your type selection. This is because incorporating too many fonts in your logo may take away its coherence. By sticking two a limited number of fonts, you can prevent your design from oversaturation. 

Creepy logos

Spine chilling images are always hard to forget. This makes them perfect for Halloween brands. 

Luckily, you can create a one of a kind brand mark by using different influences from grotesque, gothic, macabre art, and others. 

Popular themes for creepy designs include pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, candles, occult signs, dark sceneries, and the like. The creative possibilities are endless. 

Get more inspiration for your scary emblem here: 

Hexagon Skull Logo Template by Heavtryq 

Kings Reign Entertainment™ by Hendrik

Alchemists SOLD by Dmitry Krino

angry old man by Yoshan

 Annual Halloween Shit Show by Logo no 1

Creepy ghost by David Dvořáček

Evil Hops Brewin by Judyn

Franken Style by Milos Djuric

Ghostic by Roman 

Halloween by Carlos Puentes

Horrorgami by square69

Horror Panda by kapor

 Jack-O-Lantern Lane by  Logo no 1

Kong Guitars by Aska Studio

Mad Pumpkin by sevenbros

MONSTER by BaneDesign

Paranormal GPS by graphitepoint

Pumpkin Logo by Avoss

See project description by antoneofull,

Skull Viking Logo by ramelan550

St Louis Scarecrows by Syed Danyal Ahmed 

The Alien by TendyEfnu

“The Angry Spider” by nusdofficial

The Bank Flayer by MINNIE GRAPHIC

Trick Or Treat by Milos Djuric

Triple Six by Alexander

Vampbarz by revotype

Voodart by snkart

If you are having trouble trying to pick a color scheme for your palette, you should try using color psychology

Using this approach to color allows you to give a deeper meaning to your insignia. Color psychology explores how people associate traits in various colors. For example, red is perceived as aggressive, green can represent harmony, black is associated with horror and more. You can use this fact to create a better image for your brand. 

Pro tip: Add a hidden message

Another way for you to make your emblem enjoyable is by giving it meaning. Like Unilever, Amazon, and Toblerone, many famous brand logos are known to do this. Your logo can feature a haunting double meaning to capture the attention of your audience. 


As with any business, branding gives these brands an advantage over its competitors. Be remembered by your audience by showing how creepy your brand can be with a haunting brand identity. 

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