63 Medical Logos for Healthcare Companies

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When it comes to healthcare, every patient wants the best possible service and goods. As a health brand, you also want to present yourself in the best way through a medical logo. 

Healthcare spending is expected to reach over $10 trillion globally in 2022. This market presents a lot of opportunity for brands involved in it. So if you’re planning to join the market, make sure you cover the basics such as branding and proper operations. 

We created a roundup of great brand logos to help you with the latter. Here’s a brief overview of the designs we’ve featured in this list.

Illustration logos

Drawings help you relay a lot of information to your audience without using a lot of words. Medical businesses can use this to communicate their niche, such as Kaiser Permanente, a California-based healthcare provider carrying an abstract medical logo. Doing this will help you attract your target audience even better. 

For example, pediatric clinics can opt to portray kids in their logo. This will let your audience know that your specialty lies in childcare and wellness. You can also use related symbols to health such as heartbeat line, birds, stethoscopes, and doctors. 

Illustration logos are also decorative and may help draw more attention to your branding. However, you do want to be wary of adding to match details. As much as these intricate elements beautify the design, it also takes away the versatility.

Bengali Mental Health Movement by Rakibul Islam

Beverly Cardiology Center by PixelAgent

Caryleaf by town

CliniCare by Moonley

Cleavon MD by Sujit Banerjee

CliniCare by Moonley

David Burgess Cardiology by Designpool

Cardio-Jenic by bdesigner9

Global TeleCare inc by ~idiaz~

Hertabet by fLva

Hexagon Care by brandshop

Home Medical Providers LLC by kucingbalap

Maritime Medical by alexbali

Medical Center by Monogramer

medical computer by brandshop

Medical Health Bird by eclipse42

medical talk by brandshop

Medicine Logo by LogoBrainstorm

Medi Tech by square69

Natural Cures by dalia

On-Site Medicine by Swag

Pharma logo icon by Arsalart

Rentalan – Logo Design | line art logo by Md Zahid Hasan

Toucan Medical Pill by eclipse42

Women’s Health and Family Care by Graphiczone

Woodlands Natural Health Logo by Aonnoy Sengupta

Pro tip: Keep it simple

Avoid adding visual clutter and oversaturating your design. For illustration logos, they keep their impact best when they’re simple. Upholding directness and simplicity in your design helps your logo become easier to understand and remember by your audience.  

Cross logos

The cross shape is often seen among medical brand marks like Anthem. It gives any design an interesting silhouette, but it also has a meaning tied to history. Crosses originate from Greek mythology and Red Cross’s history. It alludes to healing and aiding wounded soldiers in battle. Today, it’s a classic element of health logos. 

Blue, green, and white work best for medical brands. Try these colors for your design as they represent sanitation, professionalism, and life. This fits the mission of health brands well. However, you can learn about color psychology and understand the meaning behind different colors. 

Advantage Medical Billing Solutions by PixelAgent

Canada Medical by eclipse42

Connect Medical by shctz

Construction Health Insurance by eclipse42

Detroit Internal Medicine by rendy cemix

Fort Medical Castle by eclipse42

green lives by creartiveds

Health Plus Logo by danoen

Health Way by LanofDesign

Healthy Heart Medical Support by RedDeerStudio

Hospital Location Logo by DuckOn

medical clinic by brandshop

Medical Compass by eclipse42

Medical Eagle by eclipse42

Medical group by tavi

Medicura by asenbayu

Nature Medical by eclipse42

Primacy Medical Centre by OD

Tech Medical Logo by BDGrapich

Telemediq | Branding by Ioana

Trial Tech Medical by ecorokerz

oricy branding design l o medical sign logo by Amir Sayem

This shape makes for a great complement to your wordmark. Like this logo by designer Amir Sayem, the cross provided a simple yet meaningful ornament to the design. The artist also created a gradient effect that made the logo even more attention-grabbing. 

Pro tip: Add space 

You want to do this to give emphasis to your logo. Overcrowding your work with different elements will make it lose its impact and look. Negative space allows your brand mark to appear more clear and recognizable.

Text logos

Today, one of the biggest medical device companies brands itself with a text-based design. Johnson & Johnson is one of the most recognizable red logos of all time. One of the benefits of lettering logos is its directness. Text logos make your brand name the focal point or center of your logo.

You have the option to highlight either the initials or the entirety of your company name. Lettermarks or initial brand marks work well for companies with long names and established presence in the industry. While wordmarks or designs that feature the full company name are recommended for small or new medical brands.

Curiato by Anoushay

Doctor medical wordmark logo by Tajulislam12

ER Clinix by kps

Heart logo by Sellar

Heart Medical Centre by Jhon Robert

Medical Education by ANDr3x123


Medika – Letter M Logo by danoen

Ontos Healthcare logo design by Alex Tass, logo designer

The How Clinic by Hakim Febrian

V3D by Arham Hidaya


ScandClinic by Logocraft

Health Supplement Logo by Deny Oedin

Even though text logos seem simple, there are a ton of ways that you can be creative with it. You can add different illustrations and design themes like abstract art. The logo created by Deny Oedin seen above uses a pill illustration in between the letter H. 

Pro tip: Frame it with shapes

Adding a frame to your design will help make it pop. Simple shapes like circles and squares can give any design visual prominence. This makes it easier to put on different graphic projects like posters and shop signs. 


The US healthcare industry alone has over 780,000 companies. However significant this number may seem, you can still gain visibility by using branding to your advantage. This list has shown you numerous creative ways to present yourself to the market with doctor logos, clinic logos, and more. 

Through crowdsourcing platforms like DesignCrowd, you can work with a massive freelance graphic designer community to get your ideal logo. It lets brands run logo design contests to receive over 50 design bids to choose from. Learn more about it here. 

Or you can try BrandCrowd’s medical logo maker. Browse a collection of logos that you can customize and put your business name on. It lets you generate different designs in minutes. The maker enables you to tweak elements like color, fonts, and illustrations.

You can also use it for designing business cards and other brand assets. Try the easy-to-use tool right here. No design experience necessary.

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