65 Father’s Day Logos To Celebrate Dads Worldwide

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Just as our mothers have sacrificed so much for us, so have our fathers. Let’s take the time to celebrate them and thank them for everything they’ve done for us.

As businesses, let’s celebrate this special day with our market. Get a Father’s Day logo for the occasion. You can also use the logo you choose beyond the event.

Get inspired with our curated list below and find the perfect logo template in our logo maker just for you.

Celebrate Father’s Day with These Logos

Because of societal expectations, fathers are the men of the house that provide for the family. Ingrained in the very culture of our society is the patriarchal figure. It got to the point that we have the term Toxic Masculinity.

We hope that doesn’t apply to you, but either way, fathers deserve as much recognition as mothers do. So let’s take the time to thank our fathers for their hard work, time, and effort in providing for the family.

The day came to be two years after Mother’s day became a commercial holiday in 1908. But it wasn’t until 1916, after Sonora Smart Dodd’s efforts, that President Wilson officially made Father’s day a national holiday.

So as businesses, let’s show our support for fathers around the globe. Check out our top picks for logos associated with fathers. You can put them on business cards, email signatures, social media posts, etc. We divided them into four categories:

  • Wordmark Logos
  • Mascot Logos
  • Badge Logos
  • Mustache Logos

Wordmark Logo

Add a fun twist to your business name, and choose a father’s day-themed wordmark logo. It’s hip and announces your presence to the world right away. With the right typography, you’ll surely make this logotype shine.

Check out the design below for ideas:

#1 Dad by Joey Redding

Dad, you’re neat by Jessica Gunderson

Dad = Love by Brandon Robinson

Facebook Father’s day by Adrian Campagnolle

Father by mab_design

Father’s Day by Jon Ringger

Father’s Day Card by Drew Ellis

Happy Papa Day by Atul Pradhananga

Masculine, Band Logo Design by GLDesigns

Masculine, Media Podcast Design by Kreative Fingers

Rad Dad Day by Daniel Palacios

Son & Father | logo design by Matter studio

The best kind of dad biker by Blueasarisandi

Papa by Sara Beltran

Tired Dads Club. by Alan Santana

Mascot Logos

Show your market who’s boss in the industry while showing them you care about your market. Have a man or maybe an animal mascot dressed like a man to represent fathers. Or your logo to celebrate Father’s day with your customers.

Check out the mascot logos below:

Big Dad Energy by Christopher Mihaly

cat dad by Tomie-O

DADicated by Dimitrije Mikovic

Father Baby Parenting by town

Father Daughter Cartoon by town

Monoline Father Parent Love by town

Papa Bear by Alex Vishnevsky

Papa Patata Branding by Pixel Oppa

Papa pizza by Andrii Kovalchuk

Papa tout le monde by Jérôme Alizard

Playful, Fun Logo Design by soen

Sugar Daddy logo by Brandall Agency by Brandall Design Agency


World’s Greatest Cat Dad by I Like Cats Very Much

Badge Logos

Add a wreath or maybe a rectangle around your typography and or icons. You now have a father’s day-themed badge logo. It makes your brand look trustworthy, can look back at its heritage (which could be associated with Fathers), and has authority in the industry.

Get your cool badge logo below:

Dads & Dragons Logo by Kyla W. Johnson

Dads Drinking Beer Sticker by Chris Bomely

Daddy Do-Over by Taya Bright

Father & Baby Silhouette by shen02

Father Child Sunset by town

Father day by Mik Riero

Fathers Day Mascot by Mypen

Food Logo Design by AR-VI

Happy Fathers Day by Amy Crowder

heldbergs dad by christian bögle

Logo Design for Daddio’s Diner & Creamery by Coric Desig

O.F.O.TY: Think Like A King (Upcoming Logo) by Cortney Quinn

Papa’s Pond Logo by Sean Daugherty

Playful, Drink Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Rad Dad by Aaron Roth

Rad Dads Logo by Nigel Hood

Rad Dad’s Club by Julia Williams

The Father’s Bake Bakery Vintage Logo Designed By LOGOLAND by LOGOLAND

V For Vandadda by Clifford Hilto

Mustache Logos

If you want to go minimalist and still have that manly element to your brand identity, a mustache is a great way to say to the world that your products and or services cater to the male population.

Get inspired by the mustache logos below:

Coruña by Milos Djuric

Bro! by Doryan Algarra

DAD by Šarūnė Ši

Daddy by Akdesain

fun dads redux by Ry Gurnett

Gray-haired miller by Darina Darvin

Ginger Sheriff – Logo Design by Pujovski

Gro’ Yo ‘ Mo’ Bro by Tuna Can Creative

Masculine, Barber Barber Logo Design by sushsharma99

Masculine, Shirt Clothing Brand Logo Design by Arham Hidayat

Minimalist Gentleman Formal by town

National Beard & Moustache Championship by Brett Stiles

Nutty New Yorker. by Anton Akhmatov

Old Mustache Man by ions

Papa Coffee & Furniture by Dat Trong Do

Professional, Beard It Company Logo Design by Gree™,

Serious, Company It Company Logo Design by MOH Studio

Make Your Father’s Day Logo Today

That ends the list of our top picks for this special occasion. Let’s celebrate our fathers for sacrificing so much for us and dealing with their highs and lows by themselves most time.

Show your market you care with your logo and brand better. Happy designing and Happy Father’s Day to all our readers!

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