70 Realtor Logos for Inspiration

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Real estate is one of the most competitive industries, so it’s essential to take your business to the next level to stand out.

Need help in deciding your first move? Check out our logo maker, and let’s start by creating an effective real estate logo.

Your realtor logo plays a vital role in building your brand identity and distinguishes you from other real estate agents in the market. Join us as we look at realtor logos from famous brands and more.

How To Design An Effective Realtor Logo

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, building a brand that instantly stands out is essential! Impactful property logos are quickly becoming one of the easiest ways for real estate agents to attract attention.

But how do you design an effective realtor logo that connects with customers?

First, simplicity is beauty. If you browse the list of famous real estate broker logos, they’re pretty simple yet impactful. A simple logo makes your brand more recognizable than a logo with different color palettes, shapes, and fonts.

Next, a great logo uses a timeless design that doesn’t need redesign when a new logo design trend becomes popular. Your logo should convey the right mood and must match your specialty.

For example, a modern logo is perfect if your main focus is urban, modern homes. 

Lastly, all the elements in your logo design should be balanced. Whether you prefer a simple logo or a creative one with typography trends, you should ensure that your real estate logo is visually appealing and well-balanced.

Realtor Logos To Elevate Your Brand

Picture some of the most iconic brands in the world – Google, Twitter, Netflix – and say what first comes to mind. Let me guess: You quickly thought about their famous logos!

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand – it’s plastered everywhere, from your website to your marketing materials, such as flyers and banners. That’s why having a catchy realtor logo can help your brand stand out and keep you top of mind with prospective clients.

Grab one of these creative and professional real estate company logo ideas and customize them to your brand requirements. We’ve compiled four major categories for you:

Famous Realtor Logos

A great logo can turn heads and stir potential customers’ curiosity, turning them into loyal ones. In real estate, these companies are well-known for their excellent services and logo! Check out the famous real estate logos and get inspired to create yours today:

Berkshire Hathaway

Coastal Ridge Real Estate


Century 21


Luxury Portfolio International


Tim Perry

Tirelli & Partners

Two Trees

View Properties


Wordmark Realtor Logos

Have you run out of unique ideas to incorporate building designs into your logo? Why not play with your business name instead? Many real estate companies have catchy names and are easy to remember.

If you plan on using this type of logo, use the correct fonts. You can use something clean like the sans-serif font to avoid overdoing your wordmark design.

Find the best wordmark logo for your realtor business from the customizable templates below:

Bob Wayne Realtor | Brand Exploration by Brennan Burling

Bold, Best Real Estate Agent Logo Design by Ritme

Bold, Business Real Estate Logo Design by sangkaku

Conservative, Real Estate Real Estate Logo Design by Gree™

Elegant, Company Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

Elegant, It Company Logo Design by momo57

Elegant, Real Estate Logo Design by wonderland

Hall Way Home Branding by SG Kivett

Holdin Zeroim by Subroto Shan

Home, Realtor, Construction, Real Estate Logo Design by Rajib Hosen

Jakeway Homes by Dave Battjes

Logo design for Realtor, R letter logo, R logo by Shihab | Logo designer

Modern, Gradient Logo Design by ecorokerz

Playful, Company Logo Design by sherman

Realty Unused Concept by Brennan Burling

Serious, Real Estate Real Estate Logo Design by spontaneous

Pictorial Marks Realtor Logos

A pictorial mark logo is often the best choice if you’re aiming for a robust and exciting logo. They are small and appealing, which makes them excellent for various advertising items such as bags, t-shirts, ads, business cards, and more.

When creating your pictorial mark logo, remember that your design should represent your company and what it does.

Browse through the pictorial mark logo templates below and see if there’s something you like to customize:

Bronze Logo Design by Jeferson HP

Colorful Cityscape Real Estate by GianC

Community housing by Nikola Matošević

Elegant, Company Real Estate Logo Design by ree23

Elegant, Unique Real Estate Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

d home logo ⌂ by Mo. TariQue | Logo, Branding

Descriptive Logo Design by Ana 15

Gold Real Estate Building by AleksandrO

Handshake Real Estate by ernestjdx

House by Patrick Tuell – Brand Designer

Housing Real Estate by ernestjdx

Luxury Real Estate by novita007

Modern Real Estate Letter R by JoeyRay

Modern, Real Estate Real Estate Logo Design by ivan varian

RDC The Builders Badges by Dingbat Co.

Real Estate City Shield by SimplePixelSL

Real Estate Logo for Sale by UNOM design

Real Estate Manor by Kalenor


Serious, Company Property Management Logo Design by ivan varian

Luxury Realtor Logos

Help potential clients purchase homes with your sophisticated luxury logo! To achieve this design, you may use sleek colors such as black and gold or play around with shapes like rectangles to form a building. 

According to color psychology, the golden color paired with black evokes emotions of authority, power, and luxury. 

Design the best luxury real estate logo in town! Start by checking out the customizable templates curated just for you:

Angie Riedl by Darina Darvin

Austin from Austin Realty by Patrick Tuell – Brand Designer

Bold, Business Real Estate Logo Design by IMilenovic

Bold, Real Estate Real Estate Agent Logo Design by Gisella Guzmán

Deluxe Real Estate Residential by ArvinP

G logo by wiwi design

H – WIP by Eryin Wandel

Hoop House Real Estate Logo by Rakibul Hasan🌏 for Workhu

Modern, Real Estate Real Estate Agent Logo Design by ~idiaz~

Modern, Unique Logo Design by Designer Hamza

Premium Urban Tower Real Estate by rbalica

Real Estate Emblem by Mypen

Real Estate Tower by ArvinP

Real Estate Tower by Mypen

Serious, Blue Property Management Logo Design by wonderland

Tower Building Real Estate by Enso2

Traditional, Small Real Estate Logo Design by Catalogo

Uplands Real Estate by Yossi Belkin

Upmarket, Elegant Logo Design by NyomanTris

Urban Real Estate by novita007

Create Your Realtor Logo Today!

Congratulations! You can now create a realtor logo to take your brand to the next level! We hope you got inspired and fell in love with one of the templates we’ve listed above.

Feel free to visit our website, type in your business name in our logo maker, and enjoy finding a suitable template for your brand. You can also check out other design templates for your social media pages, such as Facebook cover, Twitter header, Youtube banner, and many more!

Create your realtor logo today and help people land their dream house!

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