72 Cuisine Logos: Cook Your Own Branding

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You must set things for a meal to come out tastefully. You ready the pans and pots. You prepare the complete ingredients. And you take your time. 

The same steps go with logo design. Only that this time, you ready your design tools. You prepare your research and inspirations. And lastly, you take your time. 

Would it be easy if a cook wants to design his or her logo? With the help of BrandCrowd’s logo maker tool, the chances of finding appropriate, suitable, and attention-grabbing cuisine logos are high. 

So let’s keep our cookware and prep our pen and paper because we have lots of sketching. And to make your cuisine logo design process even faster and better, here are some inspirations and cuisine logo styles you can copy on your clipboards. 

Before we dive into the main course, let’s understand why a cuisine-themed logo could be the secret sauce to your brand’s success:

Cultural Connection: Cuisine-themed logos can connect with audiences on a cultural level, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Visual Appeal: Food is not just about taste; it’s also about presentation. A logo that captures the visual appeal of cuisine can be incredibly enticing to potential customers.

Storytelling: Every cuisine has a story. Incorporating elements of this story into your logo can make your brand more engaging and relatable.

Versatility: Cuisine elements can be adapted to various styles and aesthetics, from minimalist to intricate, rustic to modern.

Uniqueness: With so many different types of cuisine worldwide, you can incorporate many unique and distinctive elements into your logo.

Now, let’s explore cuisine logo inspirations for restaurant logos, manufacturing logos, delivery services logos, and many more. 

Japanese Food Logos

The elegance of Japanese cuisine is reflected in its minimalist aesthetic and emphasis on seasonal ingredients. 

Symbols like sushi, sakura (cherry blossoms), or a bento box could be incorporated into a Japanese food logo design. 

A muted color palette and simple, clean lines can further enhance the subtlety of Japanese cuisine. A great example is the logo of “Sushi Zanmai”, a popular sushi chain in Japan.

Check out some of these Japanese logos:

Ramen by Gustavo Zambelli

Illustration by Skilline for Skilline Design Co

Sushi Bar – Badge Logo Concept by Pillow Leaf

Ramen’s burger 🍔🍜 by Romain Trystram

Ramen lover’s club by Romain Trystram

Ninja sushi by Garasigrafis

Bold, Restaurant Japanese Restaurant Logo Design by mldtrvs

Upmarket, Restaurant Logo Design by trufya

Elegant, Restaurant Logo Design by Logo no 1

Modern, Small Burgers and sandwiches Logo Design by brand maker

Bold, Restaurant Japanese Restaurant Logo Design by karthika vs

Elegant, Minimalist restaurant Logo Design by -SD Design-

Oriental Japanese Sushi by marcololstudio

Japanese Ramen Restaurant by jaysonqbob

Japanese Sushi Bar by chavalenzuela

Japanese Sushi Restaurant by town

Japanese Sushi Sashimi by Brandcrowd

Japanese Sushi Restaurant by Klarenz

Italian Food Logos

Italian cuisine is all about bold flavors and fresh, high-quality ingredients. A logo inspired by this cuisine could feature a pizza slice, a sprig of basil, or a tomato. 

The rustic charm of the Italian countryside can be evoked through warm, earthy colors, while a vibrant palette might reflect the zest of Italian cooking. An example of an Italian food logo of “Italian ni’s”, which uses the colors of the Italian flag.

Here are some food and  restaurant-perfect Italian logos to try:

Amore di Gelato – Logo Re-Design 🍦🇮🇹 by Jeroen van Eerden

Lasagne Bistro by Headfonts

Pizza logo by Letters-Shmetters

Spaghetti logo design by Sergii Syzonenko

Cono de Pasta by Sava Stoic

Bicicletta by Ilian Iliev

Food Logo Design by mldtrvs

Elegant, Italian Food Restaurant Logo Design by hoaihoai

Modern, Good Italian Café Logo Design by Grafactory

Playful, Cool Logo Design by prodesigns99

Serious, Ice Cream Retail Logo Design by airborne

Elegant, Small Coffee Shop Logo Design by 91.kremena.petrova

Historical Italian Cocktail Bar by Riri

Italian Pizza Technology by SimplePixelSL

Organic Pasta Restaurant by yhinna

Pizza Food Pizzeria by ernestjdx

Hot Pepperoni Pizza by MDS

Italian Coffee Machine by spayro

American Food Logos

American cuisine is diverse and hearty, from hamburgers and hot dogs to apple pie. An American food logo design could feature these recognizable foods or symbols like a BBQ grill or a diner-style chef’s hat. 

The spirit of American cuisine can be captured through bold, saturated colors and a playful design style. “Hard Rock Cafe”, for instance, uses an iconic American symbol – the guitar – in its logo.

Choose one or more of these American food logo options for your dining place:

Milkfloat Coffee & Dessert Shop Logo Branding by Garage Design Studio

Sabores – Mexican Food Delivery Logo by Manu

Happy Corn Logo by Nagual

Chicken galore logo by Bojan Oreskovic

Cheeseburger by Gustavo Zambelli

3544 – Breakfast Boy by Gustavo Zambelli

Playful, Creative Food Production Logo Design by lamp

Playful, Chicken Logo Design by design.picnic

Serious, Red Fried chicken Wings, fast food restaurant Logo Design by arcoalex

Burger Logo Design by Orphaned Logos

Upmarket, Cute Cafe & fast food Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Bold, Red Entertainment Logo Design by cre8vpixDesign

Chicken Leg Badge by marcololstudio

Hot Roast Chicken BBQ by marcololstudio

Mustard Hotdog Sausage by shen02

Hotdog Sandwich Meal by Tuts

Grandma Crown Burger by user1484846124

Pop Art Burger by Mypen

Utensil/Cookware Logos

Utensils are universal symbols in the culinary world. A logo featuring a fork, knife, or chef’s knife can be an excellent choice for various food-related businesses. 

The utensil logo design could range from sleek and modern for a high-end restaurant to whimsical and colorful for a family-friendly eatery. “Dunkin’ Donuts”, for example, uses a coffee cup in its logo.

How about you also take inspiration from these eatery logos:

Boiling Colosseum 📌 Logo for Sale by graph_uvarov

Pasta by Omnium

Krisp – restaurant logo, branding, identity by Aditya Chhatrala

Savoree – Social Dining App by Josh Warren

Hotpot 2 by Gert van Duinen

Feed our neighbors by Jay Master

Bold, Simple Fast Food Restaurant Logo Design by Mario

Modern, Good Italian Café Logo Design by Muhammad Imran 3

Food Logo Design by design.picnic

Upmarket, Kitchen Logo Design by ecorokerz

Upmarket, Amazing Logo Design by Gambar Drips

Bold, Letter H Appliances and Home Remodeling Logo Design by Natan

Minimalist Wine Bar by Mypen

Soup Pot Restaurant by marcololstudio

Delicious Soup Pot by marcololstudio

Cutting Board Knife by AleksandrO

Chef Hat Cookware by shen02

Orange Food Fork by SimplePixelSL

Design Your Own Logo Today!

After exploring the world of cuisine logo design, it’s time to embark on your own design journey. Remember, your logo should reflect your brand’s identity and values. It should resonate with your target audience and stand out in the crowded marketplace.

When designing your logo, don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different symbols, colors, and styles. Use a logo maker tool to create different versions and see which works best.

Once you’ve created your logo, consider how it will fit into your overall branding strategy. How will it look on your menus, business cards, Facebook posts, and Instagram Stories

If you need help, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. Platforms like DesignCrowd can connect you with professional designers who can provide valuable feedback and ideas.

Creating a logo is an exciting journey. It’s a chance to express creativity and shape your brand’s identity. So, why wait? Start designing your logo today, and let your brand shine!

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