72 Leaf Logo Design Ideas

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Do you know what nature, eco-friendly, and environmental logo designs have in common? Leaves, leaves are a staple when it comes to these designs.

Today, join us as we bring leaves logos into the center stage of logo design. Learn why they’re great for the brand and take inspiration from the templates below.

Why Are Leaves A Staple in Design?

The answer to that question boils down to symbolism. When it comes to creating positive associations, the elements of your design, from your color palette to typography and visual hierarchy, builds your brand’s personality.

Your logo needs to say something from shapes like circles representing unity to serif fonts exuding classy and nostalgic feels. And leaves do that strongly.

In graphic design, leaves have an obvious connection to nature and symbolize growth and fertility. But those aren’t the only symbolistic meanings leaves have.

The cycle of life is one of the more vital meanings leaves could have because of its natural process of revitalizing green in spring and summer to earthy for autumn and nonexistent in winter.

Though if you also don’t want to use leaves for their symbolism, it has various types you can use as the center of your design or as accents.

From a vine growing leaves to a four-leaf clover giving luck, it’s undeniable that leaves have a unique pattern that elevates your design.

Leaves Logos for Revitalized Branding

Leaves add a fresh feel to your logo design. Why not see the power of adding this design element to your branding with the templates below? We chose four categories that make leaves shine as a logo.

Famous Leaf Logos

As a startup, you need a guide to help you survive in the industry. Who better to get inspiration and tips than a famous brand that has established itself, become a household name, and have prominent leaves in their logo design?

To show the versatility of leaf logos, you can add them to various types of businesses, whether as an homage to the location of your business to actively support eco-friendliness or just to add an element of freshness to your brand.

Recognize any of the brands below?

Air Canda

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Famous Smoke Shop

Petro Canada


Minimalist Logos

A common design technique that utilizes leaves is minimalism. The design shines with this technique because it relies on lines and color.

The patterns on the leaves give your brand a rustic and welcoming vibe. This aspect helps you refocus your market on your content rather than get distracted by design.

Get a sleek template for your business with the minimalist logos below.

Abstract Star Leaf by MDS

Bold, Small Retail – Landsape supplies Logo Design by MBARO

Bold, Sophisticated health and wellness Logo Design by MBARO

Cannabis Marijuana Weed Leaf by town

Canopy Logo 🍃🌿 by Jordan Jenkins

Conservative, Leaf Wellness / Food and Beverage Logo Design by P_monk

Green Eco Leaf by SimplePixelSL

Green Eco Leaf by town

Green Leaf Feather by revotype

Green Two Leaf by town

Greenlee by Milad Design Co.

Home Cleaning Concept by Alec Vennerholm

Laced Leaf Outline by town

Leaf by Logo Designer, Vick Ben

Leaf Wellness Cross by SimplePixelSL

Masculine, Aqua Agriculture Logo Design by jane76

Modern, Store Logo Design by Flint Stone

Organics – Health food store by Daniel Ayers

P+Leaf | For Sale by Hazzaa Al Ameri

Professional, Leaf Logo Design by Vetroff

Traditional, Food It Company Logo Design by xuxa

Line Art Logos

When it comes to the design of leaves, the exciting part of it is the patterns themselves—the line art.

From the pinnate leaf pattern of ferns to the palmate pattern of maple leaves, these designs give off different vibes that your market associates with you. You could use the color green or orange to tweak the feel and mood of your market when they see your design.

Find the perfect line art logo ideas with leaves below.

Bird Leaf Logo Mark by Mahdy Hasan Hridoy

Bold, Fruit Logo Design by NyomanTris

Brand & Identity for Erb. by Emir Kudic

Cute Creative Leaf by ions

Elegant, Industry Wedding Logo Design by zaria.

Elegant, Simple Health And Wellness Logo Design by Logo bud design

Elegant, Sophisticated Logo Design by Gree™

Feminine, Letter Landscape Gardening Logo Design by CreatorBW

Green Coffee Bean Leaf by eightyLOGOS

Green Geometric Leaf by JimjemR

Green Leaf Cup by azus

Green Leaf Duck by JimjemR

Leaf Agriculture Environment by ions

Man With Leaves In Beard Logo for Sale by UNOM design

Natural Cannabis Leaf by Dessy

Nazzarova by Darina Darvin

Organic Logo Design by wonderland

Personable, Business Logo Design by sankar999

Photography Camera Leaf Outline by town

S letterform by George Bokhua

Serious, Modern Home And Garden Logo Design by michellefrances

Serious, Modern Logo Design by CreatorBW

Tree Logo by UNOM design

Monogram Logos

Lastly, we have your business name as your logo. However, it’s in the short form of your initials.

The leaves here are often seen as accents surrounding your initials, making your logo look a bit like an emblem, but it’s your business initials in the middle. The leaves could also be attached to the letters themselves so to help emphasize your name.

Design your perfect monogram logo with leaves through the templates below.

A + Leaf by Kakha Kakhadzen

AgriGrowth by Bojan Oreskovic

B and Leaf by Burak Bal for Elbu Studio

Bold, Simple Beauty and Spa Logo Design by GwenXOXO™ | Brand Designer

Bold, Typography Logo Design by BNdesigner

Eco Leaf Monogram EB by Tuts

Elegant, Green Logo Design by PsyPen

G + Leaf by Michael Irwin

Glamourous Boutique Monogram by JoeyRay

Green Leaf Letter by LogoRU

Green Leaf DC Monogram by Alexxx

K letter by StudioPaack

Modern, Event Planning events Logo Design by InkThink by Scaurus

Modern, Nutrition Nutritional Supplements Logo Design by DesignFirst

Nature Leaf Letter L by Marvie

Nature Leaf Letter by novita007

Organic Leaf Letter L by BryAd

Ornamental Leaves Monogram by JoeyRay

Q Leaf Logo | Q letter logo by Sujoy

Serious, Clean Non-Profit Logo Design by Catchlight

Serious, Clean Non-Profit Logo Design by WahyuHMD

WK Mark by Jesse Bowser

Create Your Leaves Logos with Us

Your logo design will follow depending on how you plan your brand identity. Ensure that your branding is consistent and unique by adding your logo to various aspects of your brand.

From packaging design to Instagram posts, business cards, Facebook ads, and more, you create a refreshing look for your brand with leaves logos.

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