75 Heart Logos for a Lovely Brand Identity

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Wear your heart on your sleeve with a heart logo. 

This shape has long been considered a symbol of love. It signifies one of the most important organs we have, albeit more appealing and artistic than the real anatomical heart. 

The organ is perceived as the center of human emotion, as told by Greek philosophers. You can see the shape in various forms depending on a person’s mood. A whole heart pierced by an arrow represents falling in love, while a cracked heart represents despair. 

It offers a spectrum of emotions that you can use for a captivating identity. 

This roundup is all about this shape. We’ll show you incredible design inspiration for your brand. You will find different art styles to break the monotony and keep it creative. Take a look at the designs you can expect to see from this list.

Minimalist logos

Minimalism is the art of sticking to the bare minimum to create a simple yet compelling design. It has been a constant part of any logo design trend roundup in recent years. At this point, it might as well become a full-blown lifestyle. 

This type of design lessens unnecessary design elements that may stand as a distraction from your heart logo. As a result, it makes audiences pay more attention to the heart shape and associate its form and meaning with your brand.

A simple and minimalist design can give the audiences a fresh break from overly saturated designs that cloud the market.

Logo designs with this style are commonly made up of black and white color schemes, line art, and simple fonts. You won’t see a lot of heavily detailed illustrations when looking at minimalist brand marks. 

One of the most essential elements of this design is space. To make an effective design, you want to provide a lot of space. This will help give visual prominence to your logo and avoid oversaturation. 

Ancient Wisdom by DJAM

Diamondheart by PajicD

Dog Care Logo by DanteDesign

Fav-bird! by Nour Oumousse

Flying Heart by PajicD

Activate Hypnotherapy by Bismillah Studios

Heart & Hope logo ideas by Tuna Can Creative

heart lock by arishu

Kangaroo Logo by eclipse42

Lion Heart by cholis

Lend A Heart Lend A Hand Animal-Assisted Therapy by abdimim

Love Bear! by Nour Oumousse

Love Wine by eclipse42

LUV by ktmlc4

Puppy + Heart / Colored Options by Kakha Kakhadzen

Scandi Heart by Gree™

Pro tip: Start a poll

You’ll see a lot of showstopping minimalist logos. It’s a possibility that you’ll find yourself stuck, trying to choose between amazing design options. A workaround that you can do is start a poll. You can have your friends or business partners vote on which design they like the most. You can use their opinions as a guide to help you decide on what logo works best for you.  

Abstract logos 

With the abstract design, you can depict an object without having to portray it accurately. The audiences are given a chance to interpret the abstract design, making it intriguing. This has been used by big brands such as Pepsi to create a fascinating brand identity.

Abstract uses design elements to capture an emotion instead of a complete image. This artistic move goes hand in hand with shapes that are as symbolic as the heart. Companies that are in the field of charity, advocacy, and other related fields can make great use of this style as their brand identity. 

Using abstract logos for your heart design allows you to be more creative. You can combine heart shapes with other illustrations and figures to develop a unique brand mark.

This type of design goes heavy in shapes and colors to help represent an object. Expect to see many gradient colors that blend together two colors, creating a visually appealing transition from one shade to another. 

Take a look at some great examples of abstract design from the logos down below.

Abstract Heart Shape Logo Design by Logo Preneur

 Black Heart Guitars by Adsonix

Brain Optimization Institute by T. Putra

David Burgess Cardiology by Designpool

Elegant, Heart Food Service Logo Design by MuhammadHussnain

For a Fit heart by Milicica

foreva by Logorilla

Free Heart Logo by DanteDesign

Good love by fLva

Healthy Heart Meals by marktirumph555

Heart + Book Logo Mark by Elif Kameşoğlu

Heart + Fire logo concept for dating app ( sold ) by Vadim Carazan

Heart to Heart Medical Centre by Jhon Robert

House Love by tavi

Hug with heart / Sketch by Kakha Kakhadzen

I still call Australia home by bluejet

Lady in Love by RedDeerStudio

LoveBox by user1512435721

Love by Sergey Yakovenko 

Love Coach by eclipse42

Love Flag Logo by ramelan550

Lovely Pretzels Bakery by dalia

Love Star by CreativePixels

Modern, Digital Digital Logo Design by or16

Noodle Love by Dimitrije Mikovic

One Heart Love and Care by Moonley

Personable, Dating Logo Design by mera design crowd

Piece of Love by Konstantin Reshetnikov

red heart by zhArt

Spoon for Couples by michellefrances

StatHeart by brandshop

The Heart of Happiness by art by SUGU

VIP Dog Services by Crave Creative

Voice of Love by LGDesign

LUV by Valentin Valade

This LUV logo uses an attention-grabbing curved line to form a heart shape. The designer used colors to help lead the eyes of the audience.

Pro tip: Pick readable fonts

The abstract design allows you to present your brand identity in a way that isn’t straightforward. However, you want to make sure that your typography is still easy to read. Make sure to pick fonts that will not give your audience a hard time reading your company name. 

Text logos

You don’t always need a concrete illustration to form a heart design. You can use text to create this lovely shape, too. This is a way for you to demonstrate how creative your brand can be. 

Typography offers numerous ways for you to create a heart. Make use of different letters and numbers.

Brands have the option to use lettermarks or wordmarks for their heart design. 

Lettermarks are best known as initial logos. It depicts the abbreviated version of a brand name, giving it a concise look. It is recommended for brands that have long names. 

On the other hand, wordmark designs feature the full company name. This is recommended for businesses that are just starting out as it makes people aware of your full identity. 

Be my Valentine by Harold Apples

Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Solutions by mera design crowd

Care logo by Levon

Dealbreaker by Kitchenfoil

Happy Hearts Nutrition by Samantha Ward Design


Heart Keys by Alexander Demiduke

HeartWork Psychology by Design Possibilities

Kids Shield Education by dalia

Led Love by ancitis

Living Proof Apparel by cahayafatimah

love birds by arishu

love festival by brandshop

love flower by brandshop

Love in Lines by CreativePixels

Love is our Weapon by WebThrive

Love Lifts Us by Visartes

Made To Serve by crispy

Mmmmm lovely, M + heart, letter mark by Alex Tass

mydate by SMG

Nichée by Dino

Have a HEARTE by Digital Waltz

Healing Heart and Mind Counseling by COX Graphics

Heart B by Nour Oumousse

Pro tip: Design with black and white first

Designers recommend starting a logo in monochrome. This helps you focus more on the actual form of your logo and not let you rely on color to make a compelling design. Doing this encourages you to be wiser with using shapes, lines, and other elements. It also pays to have a monochrome version of your design ready as it makes it easy to apply on single color prints such as receipts or window signs. 


Spending during the season of love is approximately valued at $27.4 billion, according to Statista. That’s just in the U.S. alone. You can easily participate in this market with a logo design that is relevant to the occasion.

Commonly, companies with heart logos are centered around Valentine’s day. This includes flower shops, chocolate shops, pastry shops, greeting card makers, and more. 

However, this type of logo can also be appropriate for healthcare centers, charities, insurance companies, and more. 

Source the perfect heart design for your brand by getting a custom logo design. 

With crowdsourcing platforms like DesignCrowd, you can efficiently work with a community of freelance graphic designers through a logo design contest. Get the winning design by choosing from over 50 original design submissions. Learn more about it today. 

You can also try using the BrandCrowd logo maker. Browse a massive library of heart logo designs and generate a logo in a matter of minutes. While you’re at it, you can also check out other shape logos, Valentine’s logos, and romantic logo designs too. Don’t miss out on creating a fantastic brand identity today. 

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