77 Fantasy Football Logos to Play On

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Are you ready to get your game face on? Play with your mates the game of your dreams. Don’t forget to design a logo to remember.

Take a look at our top picks for fantasy football logos below. Find the perfect visual as a team and play to win.

Fantasy Football Logos

Football has been a popular pass time since 1863. According to our research, football is the most-watched sport, with around 390-419 million viewers worldwide. And that’s just statistics for this year.

Now, it’s your time to create your league, even if just for a friendly match or a local competition. You deserve a logo that represents who you are as a team.

A great logo does exactly that. Whether it be merchandise or even social media posts, having a distinct symbol to express who you are as a team is a great asset.

Check out our top picks below. We divided them into three types of best fantasy football logos:

Mascot Logos

Like in any other sport, a mascot logo is the most commonly used since it easily connects with the people who see it. Why not get team logos for your fantasy football game?

Check out the designs below and see which one you like:

🏈 by Matt Rancatore

American Soccer League badges by Erik DeWaal

Angry Lion Mascot by Mypen

Bold, Active Childcare Logo Design by abmcolors

Coin Purse League by Matthew Doyle

Company Logo Design by El Yisk 2

Eagle by Khisnen Pauvaday

Elegant, Rugby Logo Design by VGB

Fantasy Football – Wizard by Jon Deviny

Gator Sports Logo by Matthew Bell

Hornets by Lia Tanasa

Logo Design by LeaAus

Mallard Duck Mascot by town

Masculine, Eagle Non-Profit Logo Design by Neil

Mexico City Ocelots by midnight7design

Palermo Sharks – Fantasy Football Team Logo by Marco Locati

Playful, American Logo Design by NenadM

Playful, Australian Sport Logo Design by ally designs

Playful, Mad Logo Design by abmcolors

Rebrand proposal – Scott Fish Bowl by Sean Morris


Reindeer Antlers Mascot by Mypen

Rooster Animal Mascot by JimjemR

Seattle Seahawks by Khisnen Pauvaday

Shark Sport Mascot by spayro

Texas – Red River Showdown (Fanatics) by Ryan Foose

Zodiac Football League | Capricorn Sea Goats by Dan Blessing

Zodiac Football League | Scorpio Stingers by Dan Blessing

Emblem Logos

Do you want to look back at the origins of your team for your football game? Use an emblem logo to express just that.

Take your pick for your fantasy football team logos below:

A Dozen Dirtbags by Khisnen Pauvaday

American Football Field Shield by JimjemR

American Football Stars by Mypen

American Football Team by marcololstudio

Backstop Boys Fantasy League by Matt Dawson

Bobson Dugnutt by Ryan Wattaul

Bold, Major Logo Design by Logo no 1

Chiefs Kingdom by Alex Anderson

Chelsea FC by SPG MARKS ✏️

Elegant, American Logo Design by Ena

Fantasy Football ‘18 by Dan Blessing | Design Shark®

Fantasy Football by Matt Hitch

Football by Zilligen Design Studio

Football City by JimjemR

Football Logo Design by D_Mantra

Football Team Emblem by Mypen

Japan by Trey Ingram

Playful, Football Logo Design by geni

Queen City FC Concept by Ryan Foose

Rebaño Sagrado by Dlanid for Hiwow

Round Stripe American Football by podvoodoo13

Titans of Fantasy Football Patch by PJ Hennessy

School Logo Design by D.an

Serious, American Logo Design by Farqaleit™

Simulation Football League by Matthew Doyle

Lettermark Logos

Tell people who you are as a team through a lettermark logo. Style your initials with beautiful typography and watch your team grow in support.

Find inspiration with these cool fantasy football logos below:

ABQ by Zilligen Design Studio

Agency Fantasy League – AFL by Danny Upshaw

American Football Sport by podvoodoo13

Arrowhead by Brandon Moore

Bold, Cool School Logo Design by madeli

Bold, Football Logo Design by Ochieng

Bold, New Zealand Logo Design by Logo no 1

Cardinal League Wordmark by Matthew Doyle

Chicago Bears by Brandon Moore

D12 by Khisnen Pauvaday

Draft League by Zilligen Design Studio

Elegant Logo Design by Geek.cook Studioworks

FIGJAM Fantasy Football Logo by Savannah Solis

Green Bay Packers by Michael Irwin

Logo Design by kannan dev

Modern Letter V Emblem by ions

NFL Fantasy Football Brand ID by Dane Storrusten

OBJ by Ben Barnes

Rams Concept Logo by Sean McCarthy

Serious, American Logo Design by geni

Super Football League Logo by Original Limited

The Elderly Elephants by Josh VandenAvond

Tiger King City by Brandon Moore

ZFFFL by Zilligen Design Studio

Get Your Team Logo Today

That concludes our list of logos. We hope you found the best fit for you, whether serious or funny fantasy football logos.

If you think there are better designs you haven’t seen yet aside from those above, look no further. We have the perfect solution: our online logo maker tool.

Just type your team’s name and any other keyword that you think will work for your design. We have thousands upon thousands of fantasy football logos, free or premium templates just for you.

Design your new look and play for the prize!

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