99 Car Logos To Get Your Drive On

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As of 2022, the automotive industry’s market size is around 3.8 trillion dollars. If that doesn’t convince you to get into the industry, we don’t know what will.

But putting that fact aside, whether your business is in the industry, having car logos is a great way to brand. Why? Because the symbolism can mean travel, moving forward, or just the car’s maintenance, it’s a versatile logo.

Check out our top picks for five types of car logos below and edit one yourself with our online logo maker.

Car Brand Logos To Drive On

Since its invention in the late 1800s, automobiles have also changed the tide of consumerism and technological advancement. We wouldn’t have the TESLA without the backbone work of Germany, France, and American innovators; Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.

If you’re planning on getting into the industry or having any association with it, check out the logo designs for better branding. We divided them into five categories just for you:

  • By Country Car Logos
  • Emblem Logos
  • Winged Car Logos
  • Animal Car Logos
  • Everything Car Logos

By Country Car Logos

Depending on your country, the logo design trends may change. So let’s look at the famous car logo designs below for each style.

For this blog portion, check out famous luxury car logos, electric car logos, and sports car logos from some of the famous places where car brands reside. Take inspiration from the logos below.

American Car Logos




European Car Logos




Italian Car Logos




German Car Logos




British Car Logos




Emblem Logos

Show your authority in the card industry; use an emblem logo. The badge or shield can give you a fresh new look. Take a looks at Peugeot, Porsche, and Lamborghini; your logo can look that cool and authoritative.

Check out the designs below:

Ace of Spades by Stanislav Regis

Bold, Garage Retail Logo Design by xygo_bg

Bold, Shop Retail Logo Design by OrianO-70

Car Automotive Shield by Mypen

Car Logo by Mersad Comaga

Car Logo by Ovi Banik

Car Shop Logo by Mindblister

Car Tuning logo by Mersad Comaga

Crazy Birdie Car Wash by Jelica Jeremić

Golden Classic Vintage Car by podvoodoo13

GoSmoove by GORKIYja

Luxury car brand logo design by Asik Rahman

Oldtimer logo by DGIM studio

Playful, Business Logo Design by Logo no 1

Rent a Car logo by Mersad Comaga

The Bouclard Shop by Delavallade Jean Philippe

Serious, Jaguar Logo Design by ART DEPOT

Vintage Automobile Car Garage by FishDesigns61025

Yellow Car Shield by SimplePixelSL

Winged Car Logos

Depict freedom and movement for your car business; add some wings. Aside from that, car logos with wings embody speed which your car business is all about.

Get inspiration from the winged car logos below:

Auto Obsession Logo by Nate Perry

Auto Parts Logo  by Vova

Automotive Car Wheel by Dessy

Automotive Tire Repair by Dessy

Avtosnab by Vladislav Nikiforov

Black Car Wings by town

Bold, Great Automotive Logo Design by Logo no 1

 Car Car Club by Eight Hour Day

Carrieri Automobili logo by Nick Molokovich

Detroit Red Wings by Dalius Stuoka

EagleTire by Daniel Bodea / Kreatank

Golden Sports Car by Maccoy

Official Logo Design by Slobodan

Phoenix, Cars & Motors – Logo design by Ngonidzashe Shito

Piston Trigger by AH

Rejected Carfrac Logos by Aiden Guinnip

Serious, Graphic Design Logo Design by Ilham design,

Speeder Logo Design Car Logo by Freelancer Iqbal

The Dream Roll Wing Badge Logo by Mickey Graham

Vird by Jay Fletcher

Winged Sport Car Logo by Heavtryq

Animal Car Logos

Like wings, animals also depict characteristics you want your business to have. For example, a horse or a jaguar; represents speed and strength, so famous brands use them as their poster boys.

You could use them too. Check out the animal car logos below for your:

Blue Hippo Car Wash by FulvioLazzariDesign

Blue Wolf Tire by Tuts

Bold, Great Automotive Logo Design by Iris 3

Bulldog Garage – Logo Concept by Wisecraft

Callahan Auto Parts by Gregory Grigoriou

CarBee by Deividas Bielskis

Deer Creek Auto Parts – Logo by Ben Stafford

El Carwash Logo by Selina

Fox Auto Wheel by Inovalius

Homeboy Auto Transport by Dlanid

Husky driver by Andrii Kovalchuk

Pony Express Carwash by Impressive Sol

Tzet by Darina Darvin

Everything Cars Logos

Lastly, we have niche-centered logo designs. We picked three categories to represent and boost your brand better: Car Wash Logos, Car Detailing Logos, and Car Club Logos.

Car Wash Logos

Cars that look wet or anything associated with an automotive subject to soap and water are great as a car wash logo. Check out the car wash logos below for inspiration:

Bio Car Wash by Vinod Yadav

Car Logo Night Drive by HSSN DSGN

car wash by Yuri Kartashev

Car Wash by garage detailing by Maxim Temchenko

Car Wash | Logo by Mohamed El Arabii

Car Wash Logo by Li Junfei

Challenger’s in the Details by Ian Bakar

Happy Car Logo by Kezya

Oakridge Body Shop by Gregory Grigoriou

Sparkly Neat Car by JimjemR

Car Detailing Logos

If your business focuses on full-on car restoration, these logos are perfect for you. They give the impression of beautifying and enhancing the state of every owner’s car. Get ideas from the car detailing logos below:

Car logo (car accessories). Concept number 1. by EjiCko

Car Shop Logo, RCL Car Collection Logo, Racing Car by Md Abdul Hakim

Car Transportation Vehicle by shen02

Car Repair Wrench by marcololstudio

Chevy Chevelle by Luke Fehribach

Sport Car by Sergey Kovalenko

Steam Auto Spa  by Dot Design 3

Travel club by Nick Molokovich

Wheel kings by Bulat Zalyaev

Car Club Logos

When creating an exclusive group for car enthusiasts, pair it with a sleek design. Gather ideas from the car club logos below:

Auto Car Circle by podvoodoo13

BMW E30 Club logo by Mersad Comaga

Car Club Logo by Victoria Mitchell

Classic Yellow Car by SimplePixelSL

Conservative, Company Automotive Logo Design by Doddy.K.Insan

Corolla auto club logo by Harlin_WL

design for car racing club by lam

Modern Sports Car by JimjemR

Sports Car Emblem by SimplePixelSL

Red & White Automotive Car by Alexxx

Grab Your Car Logo Today

That concludes the list of our top picks for car logos. Just pick a template from our logo maker, edit, save, and voila! You now have your DIY logo ready to be put on your business cards, social media posts, and even your other merchandise.

Happy Designing, business owner!

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