Arm Yourself Against COVID-19 Australia - Free Logo

Arm Yourself Against COVID-19 Australia – Free Logo

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With the Australian government’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout under increasing scrutiny and accompanying advertising campaign live, we thought it would be awesome if young Australians had a little something they could use to promote all that’s positive about the vaccine roll out.

This got us thinking – what’s the best way for Aussies to get involved?

People over the country are talking jabs – whether that’s on social media or in the office (or virtual office) and we thought a nice little logo could go a long way to promote some positivity in those chats.

So, we called on our network of designers to create a sharable logo for Aussies to use in the workplace or on social media. Our designers have created a logo that can be used as a reaction on Slack and Teams or as a sticker on Facebook (a sign to show “I’ve been vaccinated!”).

Checkout the final product below!

Want to share the vaccine love? You can download the logo for free here to use on slack, teams, social media – wherever you like!

Arm Yourself - Vaccinate Australia

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