Best 43 Instagram Handle Ideas for 2023

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Instagram is one of the most vital marketing platforms. And it’s saturated with various accounts and content creators.

Stand out with a unique Instagram handle. Check out our top picks below.

Why Is an Instagram Handle Important?

The answer is a definite yes. The platform has a whopping 1.35 online users monthly. And the criteria for creating an Instagram handle are

  • Max of 30 characters,
  • No punctuations or other marks,
  • A mix of letters and numbers; it depends on you.

The bottom line is that all those three aspects of an Instagram handle give you a unique name and account that is different from other users. This handle provides an individualized mark on the platform that your market can visit, depending on where you mention it.

The username could be an anagram for your business name or an adjective paired with your name. Either way, Instagram helps you create a one-of-a-kind handle since when you create a new account, they tell you if your username is similar to another account.

Though, the real reason that makes it essential for you to create a distinct handle is for your URL and marketing strategy. Instagram provides you with a link with your username that could appear in search results for niche-related searches.

Aside from that, you can add it to various parts of your brand identity, like business cards, Twitter bios, Instagram, and Facebook posts. You boost your online presence while creating a brand personality that makes your customers easily connect with you.

After all, Instagram is a great marketing tool because of its ability to make your story shine. The visual content on here aids your brand to give your market eye candy while telling them that your brand is one helping ease the effects of climate change.

Or you announce your upcoming events and promos that help your business gain visibility and drive traffic toward your page. When that happens, you boost your sales too.

Let’s help you create a unique handle this 2023 and boost your marketing scheme.

Instagram Handle Ideas Just for You

Ready to start your journey on Instagram? Before the unique typography and color palettes are infused into your images, let’s establish your page with a handle that emulates you.

After researching for various hours, we found six common themes users often use in their Instagram handles.

Reminder: These are ideas, some are actual accounts, and some are suggestions from yours truly. Use these as a frame of reference to create your unique name on the platform.

Add a Color

The first idea on this list concerns colors and marketing, like actual colors describing you or your business. In a way, it’s color psychology at play because you’re associating color with your business.

For if, let’s say you named your beverage business Tangerine Drinking Hole. Your username could be tangerine.drink.hole or tangerine.drink.

Tangerine is a shade of orange, a warm color that’s less stressful on your customers’ eyes than red. As the name suggests, you’re a bar or pub with a friendly feel and serve drinks that often have acidity.

Now, let’s get into the various Instagram handle suggestions below.

  • lassinred
  • magneticmagenta
  • bluebottle
  • pinkthread
  • pinksweets
  • lavender_collections
  • yellowcabpizza

Next, we have a name specific to your services. It could be banking, technology, gardening, or more. When people search for such services, you’d appear on the search page, which allows you to get more visibility. Get ideas from the examples below.

  • crafting_buddies
  • tech_nation
  • thetechchap
  • ganesha.baked.goods
  • lokissweets
  • flavor.nation
  • Redheartyarns
  • realdepressionprofect
  • psychnow

No to Numbers

If you noted the criteria for an Instagram username above, the third one says a mix of letters and numbers is in the combination. But the fact is that numbers make your account look tacky. No numbers are the best way to go if you want a professional first impression.

  • fearfiction
  • tacosatfifthAve
  • Skygoth
  • workcats
  • wearemuses

Puny Names

Want to brand yourself as witty? Pair your minimalist design with a font style that people read. That’s the Instagram post or story, though. Start with your username if you want your account to stand out and be genuinely witty on the platform. 

  • Simple.Shines.Crafts
  • 3ftedapparel
  • CATastropheat8am
  • catness.everdeen
  • hurtcopain
  • truecolorsprintingpress

Try a Rhyme

Spice up your Instagram with one of the literary devices, rhyming. There is never a sublime time to rhyme than now.

Did you catch that?

Add that flare of theatrics to your Instagram handle and pair it with your one-of-a-kind content and design. Let’s spark your rhyming prowess with the 

  • OffbeatDeplete
  • _NewsMuse
  • EricEccentric
  • downgown.designs
  • Mermaid.parade
  • riblesspress

Utilizing “The” Power

Lastly, use The in your Instagram handle. It shows the power and authority in the niche you’re selling your products and services in or just general content creation.

Think about this fact: It takes around 5 to 7 impressions before customers know your brand. And with THE emphasizing your product or service in the name and is straightforward, which is what you want.

Get noticed with THE IG handle ideas below.

  • _thejeancollective
  • themorninghooker
  • thedineratChamps-Élysées
  • thedrinkingrabbithole
  • TheNekoBasket
  • theluckybunny

Instagram Handle Generators You Can Try

Don’t feel the usernames we suggested? You can try using a generator to suggest names for you. Some well-known generators are

  • SpinXO: Get up to 30 name suggestions based on your name, personality, likes, hobbies, keywords, and the number of letters you want.
  • WeShare: Type as many keywords as you want and choose from short (4-6 letters), medium (7-12 letters), and long (12+ letters) name suggestions to help create a unique IG handle.
  • IUG: Similar to WeShare, you get up to 110 suggestions and can turn on the Business profile filter for niche-centered choices.

Take your pick and start getting on Instagram with your unique handle.

Pick the Instagram Handle that Personifies Your Business!

We hope you got a better idea of how to create your Instagram handle with us. Don’t forget to add it to various aspects of your business, from your email signatures, Facebook posts, letterheads, and more.

Stand out in the industry with your unique Instagram handle today!

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