50 Chinese-Themed Logos for the New Year

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Are you ready for the year of the Tiger? Celebrate Chinese New Year with a new logo. 

2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, one of the zodiacs. The Tiger is the third out of 12 zodiacs and is considered the king of the beasts.

According to a legend, the Jade Emperor wanted to replace the Lion because it was too ferocious. The Tiger replaced the Lion after defeating the guardians of the Jade Emperor when the Tiger ascended into the Heavenly Palace.

Aside from that, the Tiger has three vertical lines overlapped by a horizontal line because he defeated the Lion, the Bear, the Horse, and the East Sea Turtle Monster to gain peace for the mortal realm.

In line with that, the Tiger, as a Zodiac, represents confidence, bravery, fortune, and strength. This year will be a strong one for all of us. We hope.

And because it’s Chinese New Year in three weeks, here are unique logos you could try out to celebrate and use for years to come.

Fantastical Logo Catalog

Celebrate the new year with your logo. We have compiled five categories that you could gain inspiration from and possibly use for your business:

  • Year of the Tiger
  • Red Lantern for Prosperity
  • Chinese Cat for Luck
  • Dragon for Strength and Good Health
  • Wordmark with a Theme

Year of the Tiger

2022 is the year of the Water-Tiger. Thus, we compiled these logo designs for your business. You could come from any niche and still use any of these visuals all year round.

Check them out and celebrate:

2022: year of the tiger by Marisa Schoen

HAPPY NEW YEAR! by Sergey Shamaev

Red Chinese Cloud Letter by brandcrowd

Tigers by Andrew Korepan

Tiger & Koi by Carlos Puentes

Tiger Claw by Trey Ingram

Tiger Insurance Broker Logo Design by warkaddarshan 2

Tiger School Logo Design by r-toha

Tiger by Stevan Rodic

Water tiger by Darina Darvin

Red Lantern for Prosperity

A red lantern in an establishment or celebration means that you are claiming that you’ll have a prosperous business and thriving life. Add this to your branding and watch fortune smile on you.

Take your pick here:

(91/100) This is my 100 Dribbble shot!!! by Yuanlei Huang

2020 CNY by Jaco Zhu

Asian Lantern Festival by azus

Chinese Lantern Festival by Mypen

Chinese Lantern 2020 by Vexza

Chinese Lantern by chole

Chinese New Year by Carlos Sosa

Chinese New Year by Tristan Kromopawiro

Chinese Pagoda Lantern by Mypen

Creative Management Consulting Logo Design by ACK Design

Management Consulting Logo Design by cdrodrigo48

LinkedIn – Lunar New Year Sticker by Peter Henderson

Chinese Cat for Luck

Bring this famous Japanese and Chinese talisman into your visuals and attract luck and fortune into your business. Not only is this Maneki Neko cute, but it has different colors to represent other areas you want to come into the business.

Some of the color means are:

  • Calico: The most traditional color palette, known as the luckiest
  • White: Brings in happiness, positivity, and purity
  • Gold: Grabs hold wealth and prosperity
  • Black: Wards off evil spirits
  • Red: Promotes success in love and relationships
  • Green: Brings in good health

Get inspiration for this style here:

65 Pantone – Beckoning Cat by mano.t

HAO MAO by graph_uvarov

Cat King Gamer Mascot by novita007

China Cat Stationery by MessyDesk

 Cute Logo Design by J. Ivan

Lucky Cat Stamp Neon by Adam Smajstrla

Lucky cat by Hans Bennewitz

Make Your Own Luck by Tania Tania

Maneki Neko by Zellene Guanlao

Maneki neko by Jacek macha Machowski

Dragon for Strength and Good Health

When Chinese New Year comes, the appearance of a Dragon dance is inevitable. The Dragon Zodiac is the fifth of the 12. It represents power, authority, strength, and good health, much like the Tiger in a sense.

Add it to your brand and attract fortune and strength for your business with these logo designs:

CNY 2022 by fugui xu

Chinese New Year by Margarita Ivanchikova

China by Carlos Puentes

Dragon by Carlos Puentes

Dragon by Pavel Maximov for VORONOI

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts by CDG

Feed The Beast by Zeki Michael

Fireclaw Fireworks by Trey Ingram

Magical Dragon by Ikhwan Hakim

The Dragon Logo by Dmitriy Dzendo

Wordmark with A Theme

We saved the only non-pictorial mark for last. Since it is Chinese New Year, why not get a Chinese-themed logo to attract your audience. As stated in the tradition, red brings good luck, so why not try it out?

Check out these cool wordmark logos:

Asian Oriental Wordmark by meanneintia

Chinese Decorative Tile by meanneintia

Chinese Food Logo Design by kresh

Chinese New Year by ian

Dim Sum House, by FulvioLazzariDesign

DragonX by Gross

Oriental Traditional Fan by azus

Preparing for Chinese New Year by The Visual Team

Happy Chinese New Year!

Enjoy celebrating with family, friends, and customers alike! Get your logo looking ready for Chinese New Year with our curated logo inspiration list just for you.

But logo-making can either be hiring a designer or creating your own. We have either, so which one you choose, we’ll back you up.

Happy New Year again from BrandCrowd to you!

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