50 Valentines Logos To Spread The Love

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The scent of roses and vanilla-scented candles fills the air. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us despite the pandemic. Couples worldwide won’t let the pandemic stop them from spreading their love.

And so are we, so, do you have a date yet?



That’s okay. Let’s be each other’s valentine for today and take a peek at how the holiday came to be, and allow us to present you with logos to help you spread the love this romantic month and in the years to come.

Brief Story-Telling

Alright, let’s get into the legends about this celebration for lovers. There are around three priests in speculation about the proponent of the day.

The first Saint Valentine was said to help Christians escape Rome through the underground tunnels, caught by Emperor Cladius II and imprisoned. The second Saint Valentine wedded single men to their lovers despite the decree of Cladius II saying that men were better off as soldiers, so no marrying.

And the last of the three supposed proponents, Saint Valentine of Terni, is said to be the “One.” His story is a mixture of the first two and adds that the first Valentine came from him.

Valentine of Terni sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter, who came to visit him often. He fell in love with her and ended his letter with, “From your Valentine.” It’s an ending and header still used today to celebrate this romantic occasion.

Aside from Valentine himself as the origin of the romantic day, we take a look back at Rome as well. Lupercalia was the name of the celebration before it was “Christianized” in a sense.

Lupercalia is celebrated on February 15 as a dedication to Faunus, the god of agriculture. Also, this day is an ode to the founding fathers of Rome: Romulus and Remus.

Around the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as St. Valentine’s day to phase out the pagan celebration. But it was the Middle Ages that cemented February 14 as a romantic celebration.

Geoffry Chaucer was the first person who mentioned Valentine’s as a romantic occasion. In his poem, Parliament of Foules, he wrote, “For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day / Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.” Isn’t it romantic?

Lastly, let’s not forget Cupid or Eros from mythology. He’s the son of Aphrodite and Hermes or Ares or Zeus. Cupid is a mischievous god who plays with both gods and human hearts with his bow and arrow.

But Cupid’s image changed around the Hellenistic period as the titular cute boy who flies and makes soulmates connect and find love.

Now that you know why Valentine’s Day is such a hit, let’s get into the logos you could use to spread the love.

Valentines Logos for You

Get your Valentine’s-themed logo today and spread the romance. We divided the designs into four categories to aid you in your decision:

  • Cupid on the Move
  • Heart’s Day
  • Love, Wordmark
  • Sweet Roses

Cupid on the Move

Cute as he is, you can use him as a logo for any business. Check out our picks below:

Angel / cupid by matthieumartigny

Arrow. by Corey Reifinger

Cupid by Dmitry Stolz

dental cupid by ecorokerz

Heart Baker by D Malott

Love Hurts by Peter Engle

Robin Hood Films Logo by shirazanddaryan

Heart’s Day

One of the most famous symbols associated with Valentine’s day is the heart. Add it to your design and tell your supporters how much they mean to you.

Take your pick here:

Be my Valentine by Harold Apples

Clever Fitness Logo Design by Ross Adam

Digital / tech heart logo design symbol / icon by Alex Tass

Facebook Valentine’s Day Stickers by Eight Hour Day

Happy Valentines Day by Alaina Johnson

HDSML Logo by Aleksandar Savic

Heart Health And Wellness Logo Design by art by SUGU

Heart to Heart Medical Centre by Jhon Robert

Honeymoon Heart Plane by town

Love Cat’ Logo Design by Hari Candeed

Love Love Love by Jessie Maisonneuve

Lovenest by Deividas Bielskis

Loving Hands Heart Foundation by bertthebuildr

Pink Abstract Heart by ions

Racing Heart by Marta Okulicz

Romantic Heart Box by ArtFreedom

Stationery Heart by town

Valentine Heart Hand by town

Valentine’s Heart Logo by Nick Budrewicz

Love, Wordmark

People say that actions speak louder than words, but for branding, words are essential to selling your business to your market for branding purposes. Thus, why not get a romantic wordmark to represent your brand?

Get inspired with these logos:

Bee Mine Honey, LLC by FourtuneDesign

Belle & Lily – Flowers & Gifts by Mario

BLOOM inc. by yudaharv

Florist Logo Design by trufya

Love Circle by brandcrowd

Lovely Muffin Baker by yulianrhmn

Love Yourself by Ale Hernández

Rose by Milos

Valentine by Elniño

Valentine’s Day by Dingbat Co

Valentines Day by Jack Lewin

Valentine’s Day Stamp by Heather Raines

Sweet Roses

The most common flora seen during Valentine’s day is roses. Add them to your brand and give that fresh look to your business.

Check them out below:

Belle Flora by Dmitry Litvinenko

Diamond Rose Logo for Sale by UNOM design

Flowers by Sergey Kovalenko

Fresh Logo Design by ZeneFashions

Nature Rose Garden by Mypen

Old Chicago Valentines Day by Jevons Design Co.

Rose by Joe White

Rose Woman Monoline by Dessy

Smell the Roses by Spoon & Spear

Tree Of Love Doodle Logo by gaga_vastard

V Day by Dalibor Pajic

You are mine / I am yours by Cambrea Dawn

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a New Logo!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Brandcrowd to you! May you have a beautiful romantic day with those you love and your market.

Whichever you choose as a design, we support you. Good luck in your branding, small business!

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