Celebrate Women with These 32 Majestic Logos

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Today, we celebrate women. Every mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, and more, we dedicate this special day to you.

As we move forward into the year, let’s not forget the great deeds our female ancestors fought to attain our privileges today. It may be International Women’s Day, but March is Women’s History Month.

Thus, let’s empower women together through the way we know best: graphic design.

Majestic Logos to Celebrate Women

We must acknowledge the struggles we’ve been through as women to gain the equal rights we deserve. Sure, sexism is still rampant today, but we can now combat that with understanding and empathy.

And it started when women fought for their suffrage rights—their right to vote. The first record of women having this right was in 1893. New Zealand allowed their women to vote. It’s the first territory that enfranchised women in a national election.

And the movement has only gotten stronger. Thus, allow us to celebrate women today with what we do best: design.

We collated these logos to aid in your branding. After all, when a business stands for social issues, around 64% of consumers say that they would buy from the brand.

With that in mind, we prepared three categories of logo designs you can use to celebrate every woman out there:

  • Pictorial for Visuals
  • Wordmark for Communication
  • Negative Space for Attention

Pictorial for Visuals

Show people you treat and see women as equal with these wonderous logos:

 A Girl and Her Dog Boutique by Samantha Ward Design

Abstract Art Face Woman by town

Aesthetic Female Model by shen02

Aesthetic Woman Makeup by shen02

Breastfeeding Mother by realdreams

Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co by kariiika

Mom’s Curtains by Valery Shi

Mrs Wood Fire by Alex Seciu

Surfing Girl Surfboard by town

Train with Silvia by ThiagoB

women’s clothes company logo design by Mohamed Ahmed

Women’s Health and Family Care by Graphiczone

Wordmark for Communication

Tell women worldwide that they are loved and respected with these strong logos:

a by Yoga Perdana

female logo inspirations by warehouse_logo

FWLC Florida Women’s Law Center by shachibelani

WWLW Horizontal Lockup by Danidesign Co

women 132/365 by Akdesain

Women In Science – Minimal Logo by Fahad Khan

Warrior Woman by asman

Negative Space for Attention

Grab the attention of your audience with these mind-blowing logos:

Beauty Lady by Zeljko Ivanovic

Beauty Blue Hair by town

Beautiful women logo design by Anudeceng

Bikini girl by Jano Kobalia

Green Women Hairdresser by town

Magdalene House Logo Reject by Ben Harman

Parallel Tea Logo – 01 by Cynthia Torre

Woman Profile Hair Circle by kukuhart

Rexmon logo by Nick Molokovich

The Embodied Psyche – Somatic Therapy Series by Peter Giuffria

The Mysterious Lady by MisterShot

Woman Clothing Logo by Udhaya Chandran

Women Face Rose by shen02

Celebrate Women Worldwide

And there you have it, majestic logos for today’s celebration. Women around the globe deserve to be heard, seen, and treated with kindness and respect.

Remember, they were once oppressed too, but thanks to the brave women of history, the females of today experience much more freedom.

Incorporate women-related graphics into your overall branding and watch your market grow. Here at BrandCrowd, we have 75,000+ creative templates you can choose and edit to your satisfaction.

Happy International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month from BrandCrowd to you!