Crochet Your Way Into Success with These 30 Logos

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It’s Crochet month! Despite our collation of logos coming out later into the month, you can still crochet your way into success with our unique list and logo maker.

Crochet Logos Just For You

Did you know that amongst the Guiana Indians lies the history of crochet? The first documented crochet items were from them.

And from that point on, it spurred the dream of Gwen B. Kinsler. The goal to teach crochet to the masses became a dream when the Crochet Guild of America came to life in 1995.

By 2005, March earns the title of crochet month. But aside from this history, the science behind it is pretty cool. When one crochets or knits, it helps decrease your cortisol levels.

Cortisol is your stress hormone, and when you keep repeating the action of any of the fiber arts, serotonin (happy hormone) is produced.

As you learn new techniques under crocheting, new neuropathways are created, which helps keep your brain active and healthy. Aside from that, crochet items are handmade which screams personal.

Thus, let’s celebrate crochet month together with these gorgeous logos for your branding. We prepared three categories just for you:

  • Yarn Addiction
  • Cutiful Animals
  • Pleasing Wordmark

Yarn Addiction

One way or another, as a crocheter, yarn addiction is real. Hoarding pretty yarn starts to outweigh actually crocheting… only sometimes though.

Thus, here are cutiful yarn logos you can use for your business:

Crochet Yarn Ball by marcololstudio

Crochet Yarn Craft by AleksandrO

Crochinibums Logo Design by Rico John Jambaro

Feminist Fibre by Sarah Moreau

KnittingTours.Com by Artism Design

Lemons by Michal Salva

Needle & Skein Logo & Branding by Jacob Cass

Purple Thread Ball Embroidery by novita007

Royal Crown Crochet by marcololstudio

Star Yarn Crochet by marcololstudio

Stitch by Jordan Wilson

Wool Love Logo Template by Alberto Bernabe

Cutiful Animals

When starting a crochet business, it doesn’t always have to be related to yarn or crocheting itself. Your favorite animal is alright too.

Check out these animals for your revamped logo:

Bear Crochet Yarn by AleksandrO

Brandimals 12 – Llama by Michael Penda

Colorful, Boutique Retail Logo Design by ABG

Cute Business Logo Design by Designermilk

Flamingo Yarn Ball by marcololstudio

Goat by Anastasia Kurilenko

Heart on a String by JTdsign

KnitKat by Milos Djuric | djuksico

Manualidades Crafts by taufikrizkyy

Octoknit Logo by Kasper van Eerden

Panda Yarn Ball by marcololstudio

Sid Crochet by Sarah Moreau

Pleasing Wordmark

Announce your presence online with our new logo. Add spice to your branding with these majestic wordmarks:

Brand Guide by Carly Fister

Crochet & Chain: Icon 3C by Dani Ward

Feminine, Travel Travel Logo Design by radleon

Spun Right Round Enamel Pin by Damian Orellana

Thread One on one by Damian Orellana

Ravelry Logo by celia felter

Crochet Your Way Into Success Today

Pair a unique logo for your hobby/business. We support hustle and stress-relieving activities.

Here at BrandCrowd, we have thousands of templates you can choose from for your business. Let’s work together and make your design a household name.

Get that dough, crocheter!

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