Guy Renames Some of the Paint Colors at the Hardware Store

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Working in a hardware store can be tedious, but creativity can’t be stopped. A guy working in the paints section had some fun renaming the colors available at the store.

Humans associate colors with a variety of traits and moods. Color psychology is a powerful element in any design. The guy behind this project surely knew how to make color names and code that you will think or laugh about. Below, you’ll find yourself entertained by the witty, funny, and even sometimes grim jokes made with paint.

The guy also uses different references to pop culture through Lionel Richie’s songs, James Bond, Quentin Tarantino, and more. 

Oh, and don’t forget to look at the color codes, too! Here are the paint colors renamed: 


All jokes aside, these hilariously fun colors aren’t good for just a quick laugh. As mentioned, the psychology of colors can give your brand the edge. 

It’s a quick way for you to relay a message to your audience. They are great tools for communication and designing an effective business logo as well.

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