How Small Businesses Can Create A Fantastic Logo

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You’ve got a business idea and look for a fantastic logo design? Small businesses need a good logo design to make a first good long lasting impression on customers! If a logo design looks second rate, the company products or services will be perceived as second rate. Their logo design should be simple (think “K.I.S.S. Principle), immediately recognizable (memorable, distinctive and clear), inspiring trust (timeless), convey a message (appropriate) and be versatile. In this article, we explain what you need to consider to get a stunning logo and build your brand!

Here are 3 elements to consider when you create your logo.

Need a logo?

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What Your Logo Says About You

A logo is the face of your company: what the logo says, its symbolism and message is the most important thing to consider. Stand out from the crowd and show your identity! Think about how your logo can be relevant to what your business does and how it can convey your brand identity. It must say the right thing about your brand. Design a logo that supports the message you want to convey. Who you’re targeting should determine your design. Define your customers demography to decide on the color and font, as different colors and shades have different effects on people. Also, while bright colors and simple fonts will make your business look fun, green and brown with minimal designs will convey an earthy feel.

What Makes Your Logo Special

Memorable logos avoid trends and grab attention: they are simple, unique and distinctive. Make sure to have a versatile logo : it must work in black and white and in coloured version, and in different sizes. Check out the competition but don’t follow the trends. Stand out from your competitors with a timeless logo design! Play with the shapes, colors and font to find the perfect combo to convey your message and set yourself apart from your competition.

Find And Customise The Right Logo Design on BrandCrowd

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– Simply insert your business name and some keywords and generate hundreds of logo designs. As we’ve seen earlier in this article, it is important to know your business and representations it should have.

– Browse the designs and customise the ones you like by changing fonts and colors, adding a tag line if you have one, adding symbols and shapes, and play with the layout. Pro Tip: If the color choices are too limited for you, you can choose to customize the “Hex” code by clicking on the “Plus/ +” sign then putting in the code. These “Hex” code can be retrieved by using photoshop or simply searching for the code on the internet. Click on “Preview” to see how your logo will look like.

– Download and choose your licence! Decide to buy the Standard Licence if you’re happy with a design that remains the property of DesignCrowd and that can be available for other clients, or buy the Exclusive Licence to get the full rights and remove the design from the platform.

We hope the above tips to create your logo design have helped. You’re now ready to start!

Need Help Starting Your Logo Design?

BrandCrowd’s logo ideas can help you with that. As described in the last paragraph, the tool is really easy to use and give you plenty of options to customise the logo just the way you want it. Mix and match the colours, fonts and shapes to our pre-made reptile logo and you’ll have the perfect business logo in no time at all! Find more details on how to use the tool in the article 3 easy steps to create a business logo on BrandCrowd and in the blog article 4 Things To Consider When Creating A Company Logo on DesignCrowd.

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