Hungarian Currency Beautifully Reimagined

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If there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that most paper currencies are deadly dull (with Norway’s recent banknote redesign being the exception.) 

Back before the European Economic Union and the creation of the euro as its common currency, member countries each had their currency and the uniquely designed banknotes that went with it. 

In contrast with the one-size-fits-all, painfully bland euro bills. The grim and nondescript images of bridges and architecture.

You may think that there really is no point in making them visually appealing. People only end up passing them around after all. This does not ring true for a particular creative. 

For Budapest artist Barbara Bernát, this mediocrity is nothing less than an excellent opportunity for a speculative redesign project. Bernát set out to accomplish this undertaking as a part of her MA degree project. 

The idea was to develop a series of banknotes to be employed if Hungary eventually moved from its current use of forint to the euro. 


Thankfully eschewing bridges and architecture, the designs adopt a more organic approach through the use of European flora and fauna. The artist shared with Designboom, “I wanted to emphasize the animals and plants — the typography and the security marks are secondary on my notes.”

The artist found success in using symbols that are relevant to the daily lives of the citizens or her target audience.

Every intricate detail on these bills is made through the classic copper plate-based etching technique. It is a process that involves illustrating on a wax-coated copper plate coated with acid-resistant liquid. Traditionally, this method was used for banknote creation. 

The result is a series of banknote designs bursting with color, an affirmation of life in dramatic contrast to the dry, dusty notes currently employed by countries within the eurozone.


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