Marketing Tips for Aspiring Clothing Brands

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Do you love fashion and are thinking of creating your clothing brand? We’ve got you covered. Join us as we dive deep into how to create a clothing brand that stands out in our blog today.

Hard Truths of Starting a Clothing Brand

Before getting into the nitty gritty part, we commend you for planning to start your clothing line. But you must hear these hard truths to understand how your business will stand out.

First things first, get familiar with the term Fast Fashion. It’s the dark side of the fashion industry that exploits employees and causes environmental damage through its open-loop system. What does that mean?

The open-loop system allows fashion brands to keep creating garments without thinking about the ecological effects they could have. Whatever pollution fashion factories create goes directly into the ocean and poisons the water (The New Yorker, 2019).

The stance contributes to climate change, one of our most significant social issues. And around 64% of consumers say they’d support a business that was vocal about social issues. Will your clothing brand rise to the challenge and change the view of your target market about fashion?

The answer lies in your tenacity to stay in the industry and rise above other challenges that your clothing business may present. Check out the tips below to help you manage and kick-start your successful clothing brand.

Tips for Creating a Clothing Brand

We know the topic above was a bit heavy, but again, we know you’re determined to create your clothing business’s brand identity, so let’s set you on the right path and give you the tips you need to create a successful clothing brand.

We collated these tips through arduous research to help you become the best clothing brand in the industry. There are 11 tips for you to establish your brand better.

  1. Pick a Niche, Any Niche
  2. Develop Your Skills
  3. Know Your Market
  4. Talk About Numbers, a.k.a Business Plan
  5. Research the Fashion Trends
  6. Customize a Brand Kit
  7. Start Designing Your Merchandise
  8. Setup Manufacturing Measures
  9. Market Your Way To Success
  10. Create Lasting Partnerships
  11. Do a Soft Launch and Progress from There

1. Pick a Niche, Any Niche

In the clothing industry, you can use many types as the foundation of your brand. From sportswear to nightwear to shoes or formalwear, you need to choose one you want to focus on to ease your processes.

Aside from that, you must decide if you’ll find thrift clothes and resell them or design your own and sell them. You need to know where you want your clothing brand to go to help you prosper.

Once you pick which type of clothing you want to curate, you’ll quickly take the following steps.

2. Develop Your Skills

Next, work on yourself. Get to know the various stitches, fabrics, and design techniques it takes for you to create marvelous pieces of clothing that your market would be proud to wear.

Attend classes, watch YouTube videos, or read guides that help you hone your skills as a fashion designer. Don’t be scared to experiment as well in the early stages since it’s better to make minor mistakes earlier than later when you’re prominent and well-known.

And since you’re starting as a small business, you’ll probably be a one-man team or just a few of you and your associates, so learn marketing and branding strategies to help you get started.

3. Know Your Market

Third, reach out to your market. Get into the forums or groups that your target market often visits. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook allow you to connect with your customers even before your launch.

Make sure you get a feel of what they like to see in clothing and packaging design to help you stand out from the competition.

4. Talk About Numbers, a.k.a Business Plan

Next, we’re getting technical. Ask yourself the following questions to help you refine your business.

  • How much is my budget for materials and marketing?
  • Which platforms will I create an account on?
  • How many people can I outsource (if you need to)?
  • Will I do in-house production?
  • Are advertisements an option?
  • What are my short-term and long-term goals?

These are just some guide questions you can ask yourself for your business plan before you finalize your launch as a new clothing brand.

5. Research the Fashion Trends

Next, get to know trending pieces of clothing per quarter. Spring is coming, so cater your line to the season. Maxi skirts, flowy blouses, tank tops, and more are trending this spring of 2023.

The color palette matters too. You can go seasonal, like a muted color palette, since pastels also rise this spring. Check out Vogue or InStyle to find the latest fashion trends you could incorporate into your clothing line.

6. Customize a Brand Kit

Next, create visuals that make you stand out and are consistent in your branding. Your brand kit comes into the picture.

A brand kit contains your logo design, typography, color scheme, icons/images/illustrations, and mock-ups. Your logo design gives you a central visual that people will identify with you.

Your typography consists of the font style you use on your posts, website design, and more. Next is your color scheme.

To help round out your branding, your color palette needs to be unique and gives off the vibe you want people to feel when they see your brand. Use color psychology or the color wheel to help determine your overall color palette.

Fourth, you must finalize if you want your design to rely heavily on icons, images, or illustrations to convey your message. These become the center of your design unless you use a lettermark or wordmark logo that focuses on your business name.

Though icons and illustrations are often used as accents, it depends on you. Lastly, we have mock-ups.

Mock-ups are drawings of your clothing line or other items, like the label design on the clothes or packaging, to help your items look more appealing to your market.

7. Start Designing Your Merchandise

Now that you’ve narrowed your budget, target market, and final representative visual, you can start creating your line. From sourcing fabric to finalizing your clothing line’s drawings, take your time and perfect your craft.

We don’t want you to half-bake your launch, so take the time you need to create your merchandise design and gradually start designing.

8. Setup Manufacturing Measures

We’re almost done. For your next step, think about in-house or outsourced production. After finalizing your designs, ensure how you’ll make them.

Think about the quantity and quality you want on your first release. Ensure it’s good enough to wow and leave a positive lasting impression on your potential customers.

9. Market Your Way to Success

Use marketing tools already available to you to get the word out that you’re launching a clothing brand. It could seem daunting, but all is worth it once you start getting customers.

Use social media platforms and their professional options to see statistics of how many people visited your page and how many interacted with your posts. Don’t forget to create your website, too, whether it’s a complex one or a simple one with links to your social media. Choose the right web hosting solution to ensure that your website runs smoothly, loads quickly, and remains secure against cyber threats.

Lastly, don’t forget to use SEO to help you appear on searches about clothing brands worldwide.

10. Create Lasting Partnerships

Second to the last, partner up. Looking for stores and suppliers, you can tap into to help bring your clothing brand on the map helps. Your processes get easier and help you focus on what matters in your small business.

11. Do a Soft Launch and Progress from There

Lastly, launch your clothing brand and see what works for you and your target market. Start creating quality clothing you like and find the people who like it too. Good luck, upcoming clothing brand!

Still, having difficulty visualizing how you can market or design your clothing business to stand out? We’ve collated some templates for you below to get you started.

Design Ideas for Your Clothing Brand

Great to see you still with us. Check out some of the designs you can incorporate into your branding scheme from yours truly.

Facebook Ads

For your advertisement needs, check out our Facebook Ad designs.

Instagram Reels

Next, we have one of our new features, templates for Instagram Reels. Find the perfect one for your clothing brand below.

Logo Design

Lastly, we have templates for your central image that’ll carry your clothing brand on its shoulders and logo design. Customize the perfect fashion logo idea for your business below.

Elegant Fashion Mannequin by Dessy

Formal Fashion Hat by ArvinP

Handsome Man Fashion Tuxedo by radkedesign

Woman Fashion Glasses by ArvinP

Launch Your Clothing Brand Today!

Congratulations, you equipped yourself with everything your need to start your clothing brand. We’ve got you covered if you need any more help with your design needs, like business cards, LinkedIn posts, invoices, etc.

Manifesting success for your incoming clothing brand launch!

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