Pastels and Marketing: A Play with Branding

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Pastels have been a popular choice for color palettes for years now. Companies are using this color for their logo to attract customers’ attention. Try it with our logo maker and see if the color pastel fits your brand perfectly!

But why should you use pastels for your business? Join us as we answer that question and take a peek at what pastels have to offer to make your brand stand out and look fresh.

We divided the blog into three parts to aid in your branding endeavor.

Why Are Pastels Loved?

When we think of pastels, the first word that comes to mind is soft color palettes, often associated with feminine and sweet products or services.

But it’s more than that type-casted definition. Many people and designers adore pastels because of their color psychology and versatility.

The soft tones compliment the dark ones and look excellent as a stand-alone color palette through gradients. The combinations are endless and fun since every pairing could give off a calming effect like baby blues and pinks or an ambitious one like pairing a gradient of orange, red, and yellow (basically Mozilla Firefox, if you catch our drift) depending on the saturation of your chosen colors.

For the color psychology of pastels, since their saturation is low because of adding white to the base hue, you get soft, light colors that, as we said, give the viewer a calming and soothing effect.

Pastels also give your branding a kind of openness, vulnerability, and a break for the eye. To summarize, pastels are loved because of their

1. adaptable and fresh nature,

2. calming effect on a viewer’s mood,

3. and easy on the eyes.

Now that we’ve surmised why we love pastels let’s understand the tips for successfully using them.

Tips for Marketing With Pastels

Do you see the potential in using pastels for your branding? Great, let’s explore how to incorporate them into your brand identity and stand out.

After scouring the internet, we found nine best practices when adding pastels to your overall business design.

Get Complimentary

More Than One is Great

Get to Know the Pastel Families

Use Them as Your Background

Pair with Metallics

Accenting Colors are A Match Too

Mix and Match is the Key

Know Where to Put Them Strategically

1. Get Complimentary

Pastels work well as a contrasting color palette. It compliments colors beside it and across it on the color wheel.

Pastels have a low saturation, making them appear light and go well with dark colors like dark green, blue, red, and more. Use pastels if you want colors that help highlight your products and give them a soft glow.

2. More Than One is Great

Using more than one pastel color is excellent since they complement each other and create a diverse palette for various mediums. From your label design to advertisements, pastels give them life when you use more than one.

Check out the popular pastel combinations below to help you decide which ones to add to your brand kit.

3. Get to Know the Pastel Families

There are around five primary colors you can use from the pastel family. Each one has its strengths, and once you get the hang of how they look, you can mix and match them to pair with your brand voice.

  • Yellow for evoking happiness and joy.
  • Purple for the beautiful landscapes (sunrise and sunset), evoking ambition and royalty.
  • Peach gives you warmth, friendship, and joy when you use it; it’s best for springtime.
  • Green leans towards minty vibes that refresh the eyes of your audience.
  • Pink evokes romantic feelings and is excellent against scenery or for fancy occasions like weddings.
  • Blue is great for the spring and summer because of its association with the ocean and sky.

4. Use Them as Your Background

As we stated before, you can use pastels as the background to give life to your foreground, whether as an accent or to bring life to products or pages. Some famous brands with this color palette are Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany & Co., and Post-It.

Ensure you pair your pastels with dark colors that look great with each of the families to help you emphasize the content or the visual aspect of your merchandise design, Twitch banner, or even your brand’s logo—you can use our logo maker.

5. Pair with Metallics

Pastels work well with metallics because of their delicate features highlighting the luxurious vibe of gold, silver, bronze, and more. They come out as sophisticated, even if it’s a minimalist design that uses lines, shapes, and font style to elevate the design.

6. Accenting Colors are A Match Too

Pastels are accents that help you pinpoint your design’s visual hierarchy. Whether pastels are used as a border to section content or to direct the eyes of your audience, using them as accents allow you to communicate your marketing message to your customers effectively and creatively.

7. Mix and Match is the Key

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use the color wheel and mix in color psychology to reach the peak of your business design.

Pair your pastels with dark colors for that emphasized look. Or pair them with metallics that make your brand high-end. You can also try using seasonal colors like fall’s color palette.

Either way, experimenting with how pastels will look on your brand is a great idea to get to know the final design you want for your business.

8. Know Where to Put Them Strategically

Lastly, we’ll enumerate platforms where you can use your pastels in the best way possible. We found eight to help you.

In the last portion of this content, we have pastel combinations you can use for your business. We sourced twelve just for you and added the hex codes to help you mix and match your palette more easily. Check it out below:

Brand Better with Pastels Today!

Create a memorable brand by using pastels for your overall design. Don’t forget to add your color palette to business cards, animated posts, Instagram stories, and more.

Get trendy with pastels today.

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