PayPal introduces new Logo and Campaign

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In 2014, the payment giant PayPal had big plans. The brand rolled out payment beacons, improved payment codes, and seamless checkout processes for its userbase, among others. 

The most notable one had to be its new logo. That same year, PayPal initiated a new logo and brand campaign. 

Traditionally, the online payment company was one of the most innovative payment companies disrupting old paradigms in the financial sector. 

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and mobile payment technologies like Beacon introduced by Apple are started challenging PayPal’s space. It is a good time for PayPal to show their commitment not to stop innovating in both actions and in its image.

The company worked with fuseproject, a renowned New York-based design firm. Fuseproject has worked with the likes of Coca Cola, Herman Miller, Google,  Prada, and more. 

In a blog post, PayPal Vice President Christina Smedley shared that the initiative’s motivating principle was the connection between money and the “people economy.” 

“It was important to evoke connection that was human and approachable, not too technical,” Smedley wrote.

As a result, the company’s dark-toned typography logo took in a more recognizable and easy to read emblem. It uses different color tricks like gradients and contrasting shades of the same color to make an eye-catching logo. 

Its wordmark is now dressed up in brighter shades of blue, which is a popular choice for tech brand logos. You’ll also notice that each lettermark became cleaner. The brand also dropped the double-story or double-arc “a.”

The new brand looks fresher and more modern, but it doesn’t depart from the original logo too much to make it unfamiliar for their existing customers. It preserves the friendly and populist image with handwritten-inspired typography. 


Old PayPal logo


New PayPal logo


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