Starting A Business During COVID-19: Is it the Right Time?

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Back in 2008, the world was ensnared by a global recession. 2.6 million people lost their jobs, and 170,000 small businesses had to close down in the USA alone. 

BrandCrowd Founder and CEO Alec Lynch didn’t let this hold his business plans back. He defied the situation and launched his startup. It was a brave step for our leader to take during a time of uncertainty. Years later, the company continues to hold a spot at the forefront of crowdsourcing and graphic design despite adversity.

Entrepreneurs are facing this problem again today. Everyone is on the edge of their seats as the pandemic brings about recession, unemployment, and illness. 

In his video, in partnership with GoDaddy, CEO Alec Lynch helps aspiring entrepreneurs weigh the risks. He shares firsthand experiences and what he learned as someone who has been through it all before. The video provides ways for you to be creative and seek greater opportunity even when things seem bleak. 

Get more insight on a variety of business topics that will help you overcome hurdles—from pivoting business models to recruiting top talent to your team. 

Watch the video to learn what you need to know about launching a business from home.

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