Stella Artois Logo History

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The Stella Artois logo holds a unique place in branding as the world’s oldest recorded logo. Although it has evolved over the centuries, it retains elements that pay homage to its historical roots.

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Now, let’s examine the fascinating history of Stella Artois’s famous logo and see how it has endured the test of time.

Overview of Stella Artois Logo 

Stella Artois is a famous Belgian beer known all over the world. It has a rich history and a unique taste that many people enjoy.

One interesting fact about Stella Artois is its brewery logo – it is one of the oldest recorded logos in the world.

But wait, where did the name Stella Artois originate?

The logo features a horn, symbolizing the Den Hoorn brewery where Stella Artois was first brewed. “Artois” comes from Sebastian, the master brewer who made the beer famous. 

Over the years, the logo has changed a bit, but it still keeps its classic look and feel, which makes it one of the most recognized and oldest beer logos in history.

Stella Artois Logo History

The Stella Artois logo, instantly recognizable today, has undergone numerous transformations. Each version reflects a piece of the brand’s storied past and its journey to becoming a global icon.

Are you curious about how the Stella Artois logo evolved? Check out its logo history below.


The Stella Artois logo first appeared in 1366, when the Den Hoorn brewery was established. From 1366 to 1717, the logo featured the “Deen Hoorn,” marking the beer’s long history and connection to its original brewery.


From 1717 to 1926, the Stella Artois logo featured a horn with a star above it. Next to the horn logo, the brand’s name, “Artois,” was written in big serif letters. The second version continued to show the brewery’s heritage and symbol, adding the name “Artois” to highlight the master brewer who made the beer famous.


The Stella Artois logo changed from 1926 to 1962 to just its name in black. It now said “Stella Artois,” with the first word in quotation marks as a nickname. 

The font was simple sans-serif, making the logo look clean and modern.


From 1962 to 1973, it changed to a red square logo with the name written inside it in two lines. 

The letters were all capitalized, white, and without quotation marks. Plus, the red square had a brown outline and was topped with a big star image. 

A white frame surrounded the square, followed by a smaller brown frame, making the logo stand out more and look bold.


From 1973 to 1975, the Stella Artois logo featured a black ring with a portion of the red A letter logo placed inside it in a cropped form. There was also a small red star in the free space of the ring, giving it a minimalist logo look. 


In 1975, the Stella Artois logo was similar to the 1962 emblem but with some changes. Everything was rounded, and the letters were in a serif style. They replaced the star with the new 1973 emblem. 

There were also more layers of white and brown around the main logo, with various descriptions of the beer they make. 


The Stella Artois logo featured a red square with a white circle in the center. Around the edges of the red square, the company’s name was written in two curved, serif words. 


In 1985, the logo featured the same central design as the 1975 logo, with a single white frame around it and placed in the middle of a brown rectangle. Unlike previous versions, no additional words were on the frames surrounding the logo. 

This more straightforward, more streamlined design maintained the brand’s classic look while emphasizing its iconic elements.


In 1988, Stella Artois introduced a new logo design. 

It closely resembled the ornate emblem in the more modern 2016 logo but featured bronze coloring on the edges and decorations. The updated design maintained the brand’s traditional elements while adding a touch of sophistication with its bronze accents.


The Stella Artois logo from 2016 to 2023 featured several distinctive elements.

The name “Stella,” which means “star” in Latin, was added to the brand’s name in 1926 with its first seasonal beer, the Christmas Star. 

Originally introduced as a special holiday brew for Leuven, Belgium, it became so popular that it was made available year-round. This tradition is honored with a star symbol on every bottle.


Since 2023, Stella Artois has unveiled a redesigned logo that reintroduces its classic red, gold, and white color palette.

The logo maintains its recognizable style while refining and cleaning up all graphical elements. Thin white lines were added to the contours, enhancing the overall look.

The bold white lettering of the brand name remained unchanged, preserving continuity with previous logos. 

Elements of the Stella Artois Logo

Check out the key components that make up the iconic Stella Artois logo below:


Despite changes in management over many centuries, the original horn logo of Stella Artois has remained unchanged. This horn, which historically signaled to travelers in Belgium, continues to be a prominent symbol in the current Stella Artois brand.

The logo also prominently features a star logo, a nod to Stella Artois’ namesake, meaning “star” in Latin. 

The Stella Artois logo includes an image of an eight-point star with rays radiating outward, which adds texture to the design, enhancing its visual appeal and reinforcing the brand’s iconic status.


The colors of the Stella Artois logo create an elegant and timeless look. The palette includes white as the main color, complemented by gold, black, and red for accents. 

These colors symbolize sophistication and beauty, reflecting Stella Artois’ commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Together, they create a visual identity that is both classic and memorable, fitting for a brand with such a long and esteemed brewing history.


The Stella Artois logo uses a bold custom typeface inspired by the Friz Quadrata sans serif style. 

This typography gives the logo a strong and distinctive appearance, making it easily recognizable. The letters’ clean lines and balanced proportions enhance the brand’s visual identity, emphasizing its tradition and quality.

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The Stella Artois logo has changed a lot over time. It started with the horn symbol back when the brewery began, and now it includes stars and different colors. Each version of the logo shows how the brand has grown and stayed connected to its history of making good beer.

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