The Evolution of Famous Food Company Logos

Food is a basic necessity that one can’t live without. Needless to say, the food industry is one of those sectors that continues to expand and develop with each progressive year.

With numerous brands and products out in the market, however, sometimes it is unavoidable to blend in and not be noticed. Especially for new brands trying to get a piece of the consumer pie.

While it is true that each business has a unique path towards success and that sometimes what works for one product does not necessarily work well with another, we can still see that there is one common factor that these big companies have: effective branding.

Branding is the result of a long-term strategy that allows your customers to recognize you and your products among other players in your industry. It helps people choose you over countless other seemingly the same products in the supermarket, food stalls and many other commercial places.

If we take a look at various big food companies, one of the branding tools that they use effectively is their logo.

Popular Logos of Food Companies And Their Evolution

Most food brands that we love have rebranded over the years. This is evident in the way they implement their marketing strategy, produce products, and even in their logo design.

Below are some popular food brands that have used multiple logo designs:

Nestle’s logo has had some minimal transformation since its first original logo conception in 1961. The original logo was based on the founding family’s coat of arms, which is a bird sitting on a nest. From the shield-like design of the original design, Nestle currently has a more family-friendly and down-to-earth logo of a family of birds on a nest.

Despite the obvious differences from the very first logo to the current, the company has still embraced the black and white colors of the original design and emphasized the brand name.

Oreo’s logo design has undergone several design changes throughout the years. It is noticeable, however, that the company has used fonts in their design. From the calligraphic and darker color combination of the original design, Oreo now has a more modern and lighter color tone.

Unilever’s logo is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable logos in the food industry. The bold and blue color of the logo is both pleasing to the eyes and radiates calmness. Its original ‘U’ shape and plain-looking logo have been replaced with a composite logo that is made up of several icons that each represent an aspect of the company’s effort to sustainable living.

Kellogg’s original and current logo is based on one specific thing: the founder’s, William Keith Kellogg, signature. At a glance, the design does not have that many noticeable changes, apart from the color. If you look at it closely though, the difference lies in the color and the strokes used in the logo design.

The kraft logo also some interesting changes in the design compared to the original concept. From the colorful logo concept, the company has embraced a more solid and bolder logo with an emphasis on the brand: Kraft.

Quaker’s logo has always had the same Quaker man image on its logo since its first conception in 1946. Over the years, changes to the design-focused mainly on the outer shapes of the Quaker man. Although the company did try a shadow cut out the logo in the 1970s. Currently, Quaker’s design is that of the Quaker man on a red, blue and gold emblem.

Pringle’s mascot name as Mr. Pringle, has always been part of the company’s official logo design. The mascot is conceptualized from a piece of potato crisp with eyes, eyebrows, parted black hair, and a bushy black mustache. Any changes in the design are mostly on Mr. Pringles himself and the font used in the brand name.

Food Logo Design For Inspiration

Most food logo designs that are conceptualized nowadays have animated drawings and uses bright and vibrant colors. Designers use catchy images to draw attention and make people want to buy some food. Most of these logo designs are conceptualized based on the food product being offered. They can have loaves of bread, cakes, fruits, and even fun-looking vegetables.

If you are launching a food company or you have some goodies and products that are for sale and you want some solid branding, a food logo can be a good place to launch your business.

To help you get that much needed design inspiration, below are some cool examples of a food logo that you use for your business:

Our aim is to give you plenty of design inspiration for your brand logo. Hope the collection above helped!

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