Top 50 Fashion Logo Ideas For Your Startup

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The fashion industry is known for its complex ecosystem, with a variety of trends continually changing and appearing every year. Regardless of its changes, however, the trends in this billion-dollar industry is a constant topic, especially for trendsetters and celebrities.

If you have a stylish and lovely collection of clothes and apparel that you want to share with the world or a boutique that is soon to open, your fashion logo will help you get the attention that you need to launch your product line. 

But you might be wondering why you need a logo in the first place. Allow us to explain. Logos have always been a big deal in fashion. The love that consumers have for brandishing the logos of fashion brands applies to street style companies like Supreme and luxury brands like Gucci, too.

Your retail business or design craft has to have a defining logo. This way, you can make your mark in the industry and be known for your artistic work in clothing. 

It plays a massive role in your branding and your marketing strategy, as well. A brand mark invites and cultivates loyalty among your As an industry that continually changes, your business’ branding is essential and valuable. Overall, it is an extension of your brand, and it helps you draw attention to your items. 

Whether you are a dress store, hat maker, knitwear maker, you’ll find the fashion logo idea you have been looking for in this roundup.

Fashion Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration

Renowned fashion designer and businesswoman Miuccia Prada once said about design, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” She was talking about clothes, but this applies perfectly to brand logo design as well.

Logo designs for fashion brands are usually symbols, objects, or images of intricate design. They are often minimalistic yet elegant and classy at the same time. These could be symbols related to the brand name or concepts like the horse and chariot logo of the brand Hermes and the polo player of the brand Polo.

When acquiring one, there are several factors you need to keep in mind besides brand storytelling. Your design needs to be striking, trendy, and equally unique to catch the eye of fashion lovers worldwide. It should reflect how you want people to see you in the years to come.

Graphic design elements like space, color, type, and illustrations are standard components of a logo. Of course, you can change things up and create an avant-garde design, but there’s much more to it. Knowing how to strike a balance with these parts can increase your odds of becoming the next emerging brand.

For fashion business startups, below are some trendy fashion logos that you can browse for your logo inspiration!

Geometric Logo Design by Oszkar

Triangle Logo Design by Geta

Infinity Logo Design by Monogramer

Red Logo Design by Artlogic

Wave Logo Design by Firefoxdesign

Origami Logo Design by Rkshah

Dress Logo Design by Stulgin

Mustache Logo Design by Ions

Flower Logo Design by Ions

Mountain Logo Design by Danoen

Diamond Logo Design by Monogramer

Union Logo Design by Monogramer

Pro tip: Experiment with typography

Text logos are famous for fashion companies. However, before you start designing one for your brand, it is best to know the two common types of typography symbols. These are wordmark and lettermark logos. 

Brands like Prada use wordmarks. These designs spell out the entire brand name. This works well for clothing brands that have short names. Small businesses benefit from featuring the entirety of their brand name as well, making them more memorable. On the other hand, companies like Louis Vuitton have lettermark or initial logos. From the name itself, these designs only portray the acronym or initialism of a business name.

You can confidently create a compelling design by testing your symbol. A simple way to check your mark’s adaptability is by converting it into a monochrome design. Many designers say that it’s best to first design a logo in black and white before adding in color. Looking at your logo in a black and white lens will allow you to see if its design doesn’t rely on color alone. This method is a way for you to check how well it can retain visual impact.

Looking for more design assistance?

We hope we have given you enough inspiration to start working on your symbol!

Aside from crowdsourcing your logo design, you can also create one by yourself. 

BrandCrowd’s logo maker tool has thousands of logo designs that can satisfy even the most complicated design concept out there. There are hundreds of keywords that you can choose from, including style, design, and couture keywords that can be used for the fashion business too.

When you visit our fashion logo maker, you will be able to generate hundreds of logo designs that you can choose from. Click the logo of your choice, customize it, and download it.

It is easy to use and user-friendly that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it.

The tool allows customization of the text, background, layout, logo color, and shapes of the logo. Mix and match a variety of colors, designs, and styles until you get the perfect combination. If not satisfied with your current design output, save the design, and come back to it tomorrow.

If you feel that you still need more design inspiration, how about taking a look at some fantastic logo roundups and design inspiration? 

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What are you waiting for? Get started on acquiring that trendy and stylish fashion logo for your business today! You got this!