What Is the Name of the Bird From the Twitter Logo?

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Twitter has over 199 million active users. And each day, 500 million tweets are posted on the social media app. It is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. 

This platform is based in San Francisco, California. It began its history in 2006 when Evan Williams and Biz Stone designed it. They soon got the help of Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey in 2007 and launched Twitter in 2007.

But not everyone knows the name of the bird that they see on the social network logo every time they open the app. This article we created for you will shine a light on all there is to know about this app logo. This article will tackle all there is to know about the brand mark of this microblogging platform. We’re tackling the following points.

  • Who is the Twitter bird?
  • What is the meaning?
  • How much did the logo cost? 
  • Evolution of the Twitter logo

Get ready to learn more about the iconic logo and become closer to being a trivia pro!

What is the name of the Twitter bird? 

The bird seen in the Twitter logo is named Larry the Bird. It has a catchy and friendly name that alludes to the casual nature of the platform. 

The story behind this name is something that sports buffs will definitely love. It’s been a huge topic since the company confirmed the bird’s name in 2010. 

The co-founder Biz Stone, who grew up in Boston, was asked by the Boston Celtics if the bird was named after the NBA legend Larry Bird. Stone confirmed this theory in 2011. Bird was a known figure in basketball who played with the Celtics for 13 seasons. The power forward was also crowned the MVP for three consecutive years. And the logo was a way for the business to pay homage to their basketball idol. 

And if you’re wondering what type of bird Larry is, it is designed after a mountain bluebird with some hummingbird features. It is depicted in a flat illustration for a mobile-friendly look.

What is the meaning? 

Birds are among the most popular animals that famous brands use for their identity. Other examples of famous bird logos include Nestlé, Dove, and Turkish Airlines. 

This feathered creature is seen as a symbol of freedom and hope. In some cultures, it is even viewed as a representation of spirituality. 

Companies differ in the meaning behind their insignia. But for Twitter, the bird logo is the “ultimate representation of freedom, hope, and limitless possibility,” as shared by its creative director Doug Bowman in a 2012 interview. It goes hand in hand with the constant evolution of the microblogging website.

How much did the logo cost? 

It is common to think that the price tag for a famous logo as iconic as the Twitter brandmark certainly won’t come cheap. But contrary to popular belief, it’s actually affordable. In fact, you might have this amount of money in your pockets right now.

The original bluebird illustration set the company back only $15. In 2006, it was bought on the iStock website and remains to be sold there today. The logo was designed by a British designer named Simon Oxley. His other works include the GitHub mascot and the mascot. The designer takes influence from Japanese art for his work which you can see from the slender design of the first Twitter logo. 


Simon Oxley’s illustration

Evolution of the Twitter logo

Since the company’s launch, its brand identity has changed over 3 times, with the most recent one launched in 2012. You’ll notice that the brand has tweaked it to change the direction in which Larry is facing. But it has also tweaked other elements like his features and color. Each redesign was done to best match the website’s image and support its business objectives. 

Check out this section to take a look at how it has evolved throughout the years.












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