Case study: Following the success of Google (Alexa rank#1) many people are looking for the next made up word that will be "unique". Just remind you that second place (Alexa rank#2) is facebook. The combination of 2 simple common words face + book. Why always seeking the next "Google" when you can have the next "facebook".

Concept; Combine three words, meet+love+tonight we have meetlovetonight. com Maybe you think its toooo long. Whose gone type this? Bookmarking tools and clever explores available you don't have to type actually all the domain name to visit a website. So why always is it better an unknown made up word from a creative combination of real words. If facebook registered and made a trademark brand the words "face" + "book" why not you do the same. could be used at social media, networking, dating, relationship, meeting start ups. Could be a blog for advise at love, dating, relationship or a web channel with videos. The possibilities are endless.