1. Design it!

Get designing! The more quality logos that you upload, the more chances that you have of getting a logo approved.

2. Upload it!

Once you have finalized and polished the logo to it's very best, it's time to upload it to the website! You will be considered for the major prizes once you have done the next step...

3. Promote it!

Find friends and family that will spring your logo on BrandCrowd or like it on facebook. The more votes the better; there's even a prize for it!

Rules and Conditions

  • Competition opens 17th January 2012
  • Competition closes 1st March 2012 at 12:00 am
  • Only logos approved by BrandCrowd will be eligible for prizes
  • For Facebook likes – designer must post their logo on BrandCrowd's facebook page. Any likes that have not been accumulated on the facebook page will not count.
  • All payments will be made after the competition closes
  • Payments will be made via PayPal or Moneybookers
  • All entries must comply with our Terms of Use

Tips and FAQs

Quantity and Quality

We don't want generic logos to pop up to try and get your design count up for the “most logo” prize or the bonus offer. If we don't approve the logo, we won't count it. It's as simple as that.

Spend more time on one logo rather than pumping 10 logos out quickly. BrandCrowd would rather see 1 amazing logo than 10 logos that they wouldn't wish upon their worst enemy to use.

Choose your favourite designs as well!

Springing or liking a design won't just give you and other designers a chance to tell us what you think makes an awesome design, it could also win you some money. There's that $1000 prize for the most combined springs and likes. If you get a bunch of your friends involved, you may even bag the prize!

The top 30 designs that you have chosen will become our short list for the best logo design. You're designers, and you know what you like. We like to know your thoughts on where the trend is currently going to better mould our minds to whatever is up and coming.

Wait! What's a 'spring'?

A spring is BrandCrowd's and potential client's way of seeing how popular a logo is between the designers. If the designers click their buy designs tab, they will see a logo next to the name of the design. Click on it and you will have “sprung” their logo. Think of it as an equivalent of a facebook like.

What are the speciality prizes?

Negative space – It has to be ingenious. The negative space has to match the positive space in complexity. For instance, the FedEx logo. The logo mark is simple, the negative space is simple. That's what makes it cool.

Typographic logo – A wordmark logo with no illustration what so-ever. You can also use lines and shapes to further connote a meaning, but nothing further than that. Typography has to take centre stage.

Illustrative logo – It should be a vector image can can be scalable. Basically if it has an image of something that isn't part of the logo type, it's counted as an illustrative logo.

Web 2.0 – This is a special speciality. It seems that there are a heap of these logos out there, and they tend to be similar. We want you to show us your creativity in this ever growing field of logo designs.

If you have any other questions in relationship to this contest, please send them to help@brandcrowd.com