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Logo Design - Noisd

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You want to go big in the music industry?

You want a good domain but I know, you can't find to be .com because everything is occupied, you don't want it too long, for people remembering it bad, you want the name to be as close as it can to your field industry.

Noisd.com it's surely for you.
Easy to remember, it is .com, short, it does'nt make a connection just with mp3 and music, as the domain sounds, it makes a connection with everything that has a noise in it, also it has a microphone incorporated in the logo as the letter "i".

It's almoust free, forgot to mention, custom made font.

It also can be easily transformed to go along in the marketing industry (word of mouth/social analysis) but it's the best for music.
That's a fact.
So, you want to be the next napster?
Go for this one !


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