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Logo Design - AetheReal Estate

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Aethereal: spelling variation to 'ethereal'
The two (possible) definitions for the name (in this project) are:
1. Highly refined; delicate.
a. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly.
b. Not of this world; spiritual.

This project focuses in the first definition, being so passionate and so customer orientated that everything is closely observed to get the best results as possible. Turning every detail into a subtile and sublime workflow.
The graphic design must match this concepts and creating modern and strong graphics will stand up in the market visually.

The logo stands for both, the aethereal word and AetheReal Estate brand name.
The minimal, bright and elegant elements will help to define the agency as a brand with high standards in every step of a project, caring a lot in detail and execution.

The key words and personalities include professionalism, creativity, collaboration, unity, open, strong, bright, dynamic, motivated, optimistic, positive, passionate and vibrant.


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