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Logo Design - Chiasm media

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Yes: chiasm.co.uk

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In the designer's words:

Chiasm is a scientific term which has its roots in ancient Greek. The word means a crossing or coming together of things or ideas. This brand encapsulates the meaning of the word chiasm by use of a memorable cross logo and accompanying sans-serif text. It would be ideally suited to a design or media company and may be of particular interest to those with a scientific or medical focus. Special attention has been paid to the use of colour harmony in the logos design and colours have been selected to ensure optimum effect on both printed and digital formats.

The font used is a custom combining some of the best aspects of Helvetica, Calibri and Arial – the character font (does not include numerals) can be provided on request.

Several Chiasm URLs are available and can be purchased on your behalf. These include (but not limited to);
www.chiasmmedia.com or .org .net .info .eu
www.chiasm3D.com or .org .net .info .eu

Changes can be made to the text or logo upon request (free of charge)


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