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Logo Design - itguru

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A logo combining the nerdy glasses and the power sign on forehead like it was a tilak mark of a hindu. alternative version has a levitating it supernerd guru.

As manny of the IT specialists are looked upon by regular - non computer savy - people as wielders of special knowledge that is very complicated (and lets face it they are technological wizzards compared to an average joe). Such reverence is especialy strong when a lamer has a problem with his computer, he then seeks a specialis, a mastermind a tech guru to help him solve his problems. This logo will be perfect for anny hi-tech solutions or help sources.

The colour used in the logo is blue, there are couple of reasons. first pf ay blue is comonly understood as the boys colour and as IT specialists are perdominantly male. Blue is also the colour used for electricity and lightning, its also the colour of wisdom, protection, calmness and reassurance.


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