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Logo Design - cocotiger

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A few points of interest:
The tiger is one of the fiercest if all animal species. Having such a power immediately gives this brand a purpose--and it means business. "Coco" represents a familiar concept which can have a number of interesting connotations--specifically, the idea of chocolate.

Chocolate can be described using words such as: "sweet", "bitter", "indulgent", "decadent", "smooth", etc. Because of this, the logo may be used for any number of business types appealing to those who need something to make them happy. Whether this is a management system of some sort, a place to find resources, tutorials or services, or even a Design-oriented service brand, this one is versatile and fun; powerful and sleek.

The drips emphasize the smooth-sleekness of chocolate.

"Cocoa" is Apple’s object-oriented programming environment. This logo can easily have the "a" added to the end of the word if needed.

Alternate orientations will be included at download.


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