Logo Design - Ocrigam - Origami Crane

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Logo Design - Ocrigam - Origami Crane

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An abstract origami crane made up of five triangles. The crane color is fuchsia, but it can be easily changed.
This is a very versatile logo, should you take the decision to expand or diversify your business in the future.

Some examples of possible uses and applications: book, comic, book publisher, publishing house; design studio or firm; photography, photo; technology, software house, video game, games; fashion brand or store, apparel, clothing; travel agency, airlines, air travel; consulting and professional; magazine; accounting and finance; application, app; education; developer; web agency, web 2.0 company; creative services; communication; architect; interior designer; media; gaming; decorative art; handmade products; paper crafter; workshop; cultural event, art exhibition, festival, museum; blog, website; startup.

More descriptive keywords for this logo: geometrical, symbol, animal, wing, nature, fly, polygon, stylized, tail, beak, bird, imagination, energy, blooming, spirit.


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