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"It's a reverse, or perhaps a dissection, of the usual process of developing a brand concept."

"IncSpring will undoubtedly give designers a welcome way to capitalize at last on the many hours they put in, whether or not originally for a paying client. Entrepreneurs, meanwhile, gain access to a wealth of ideas that wouldn't ordinarily be available."

"The platform is a revolutionary style of branding connecting graphic designers with entrepreneurs across the globe." - Wall Street Journal Radio

"The concept is immaculate. It will allow entrepreneurs to get in touch with designers and find the next big idea in the corporate world." -

"Before you go the traditional route of hiring an Ad Agency, Graphic Design Firm, or a Freelance Artist, check out IncSpring." - Alan Weinkrantz, tech PR / Social Media consultant

"For new businesses, it's no easy task to come up with a distinctive, meaningful and memorable brand. It can be even harder to secure the branded URL. Enter IncSpring, a marketplace for ready-made, professionally-designed branding packages." - Greg Verdino, recognized expert on marketing innovation, emerging media and Web 2.0

"It could very well be the way for future domain sales." -

"IncSpring: The Future of Domain Sales? Matching up a quality domain name with a well designed logo really has potential." -

IncSpring was recognized in's Techclicks blog, "Spotlighting technology trends, products and other interesting stuff."

"Customers consider it a way to level the playing field. Instead of spending all of their advertising dollars with one agency, they can tap into IncSpring." - QSR Magazine

"For designers who enjoy creating branding and logos, IncSpring can provide a lucrative outlet for expressing their designs." - Inside Digital Design

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