40 Take Out Logos to Grab and Go

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Ding dong. Who’s there? It’s the surge of demand for the takeaway industry. As COVID-19 cases rise worldwide, people are staying away from dine-in models to lessen the risk of contamination. 

More brands are stepping up to deliver quality food to those who are stuck at home. 

Whether it be existing restaurants or brands starting out amid the pandemic, restaurants are adapting by offering takeaway and delivery services. It is a good time for small businesses to step up to the plate as big chains choose to close down temporarily. You need a memorable brand identity to stand out from the growing competition. 

To help you decide which brand symbol is the one for you, we rounded up takeaway logos and organized them into three categories:

Gaining the trust of your consumers is essential to surviving the economic peril brought by the pandemic. Branding helps restaurants earn consumer trust and loyalty. It will show them that you are professional and capable of making a meaningful connection with your customers. 

Creating a take out logo is the beginning of any effective branding strategy. You need a graphic mark that your audience will remember especially when their tummies are rumbling.

Food-themed logos

It makes sense to symbolize your brand with an illustration of your specialty. Doing this will allow you to be direct about what your restaurant is offering. For example, featuring a drawing of coffee or coffee cups in a cafe logo helps your audiences know right off the bat that you are selling coffee. It is a tool for instant communication.

AbbeyGo by Edu Morente

Baegopa Korean BBQ Delivery by r-toha

BUFFA – Deli & Takeaway by Johnnie Gomez

Go Kati by Jay Design

International Pizza Slice Air Delivery by Tops

The Sush Bag – Sushi Takeout Logo by Mike Deraco

Magnet Food by shad

Salad Food Restaurant by town

Logotyppe Pastaway Cafe Roma by Andrea Laureti

If you don’t want a design that is too obvious, you can use references to the cuisine you are offering. A logo design can use illustrations to symbolize Italian cuisine. 

This mark designed by Andrea Laureti is a good example of that. It is a playful and witty take on Italian restaurant logos. The pasta takeaway company is represented by a drawing of the Colosseum made with horizontal lines that look like spaghetti.

You can tap into different art styles to further express your brand personality in a creative way. Source illustrations of your products in a minimalist, vintage, or whatever style you find appropriate.  

Logos “On-The-Go”

Movement helps communicate urgency which fits the model of to-go restaurants. It will relay a message to your customers that you aren’t offering dine-in services. At least, not for the meantime. 

brodbilen.no by hybryd

brodbilen.no by Ineffable GFX

Beach Bites by kina.design

Burger Food Truck by FishDesigns61025

Healthylicious Kitchen by ecorokerz

Hotpot Food Truck by podvoodoo13

Mon Beignet by step forward 2

Street Food Truck by SimplePixelSL

Gourmet Delivery by Zdesign

Pickups by Classgraphics11

Logo for Aim Coffee by Ilsixo_O

Graphic elements that comprise a logo in motion also help attract the attention of audiences. A good example would be leading lines which is a technique used in image composition. These lines guide the human eye to the main subject, creating emphasis.

Drawings are visual tools that are self-explanatory. It will add creativity to your design all while allowing you to be upfront with what goods and services you are offering.

Wok N’ Go by Six Eleven Design

Food Delivery by SimplePixelSL

Food delivery logo concept by Kim Barsegyan

Zone Meal To Go by nb

Baegopa Korean BBQ Delivery by Winningentry

Food Express by Navd

Sandwich & Fries Food Truck by town

When choosing a color for your restaurant logo, you might want to try using the colors red and yellow. They are popular choices for restaurant companies. These colors trigger the appetite of audiences which is an advantage for food brands. Brands like McDonald’s, In-N-Out, Johnny Rockets, Pizza Hut, and more use this trick on their logos as well. 

But, of course, you can experiment and try out different colors and combinations to make a unique insignia. 

Text-based Logos

It would benefit your restaurant company if your customers are aware of your name especially when you are a new brand. Wordmarks will help you do that. Text-based logos make use of typography to create an impressive design tall while using your brand name as the main focus.  

Although text symbols are not always accompanied by a colorful illustration, these logos can still look impressive. 

Wok N’ Go by kingkazma

Logo Designer by Fórmula Creativa – César Torres

Food Bubble Message by MDS


Go Kati by Design Nation

Good Food Logo by Makhan Singh Dodia

Brands have two choices for their letter logos. There are lettermark and wordmark logos. Lettermark symbols are logos that use only the initials of the brand name to achieve brevity. KFC’s logo is a great example of this. Meanwhile, wordmark logos feature the entirety of the brand name. This is used by brands such as Sonic and Subway. 

Since this design relies heavily on typography, it is important to use the right font. 

Baskerville, Yummy, Cuciniere, and Fondue among many others look expressive and appropriate for takeaway companies. 

Blue Cool Text by BrandCrowd

Catering and food packaging brand by Vivek Kesarwani

Classic Font Text by BrandCrowd

Halal Bento food logo by Sahrear Hossen

Modern Handwritten Font by BrandCrowd

Yellow Letter by BrandCrowd

Traditional Business Font by BrandCrowd

Pro tip: Combine fonts for better results

When designing your own food or drink logo, try adding contrast to your graphic mark by using two different fonts. 

Choose a weighty serif font and a light sans serif font to create a bulletproof pairing. You can do this for your brand name and slogan. Doing this will also help people read your wordmark better because of easily distinguishable elements. 


Creativity will encourage connections between you and your customers. A good food logo will help you achieve this. Regardless of what design theme you will choose for your brand symbol.

Remember to be consistent with how you present your brand values and identity to the audience. Doing this will allow you to grow brand awareness among the community. Consistency is the secret ingredient to a successful food business.

When you’re ready to get a taste of what it’s like to experience better branding, head on over to BrandCrowd’s logo maker. It’s always open and prepped to provide fresh designs. Prepare for a booming restaurant business by fixing yourself a mouth-watering take out logo. 

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