60 Instagram Highlights Icons To Complete Your Feed

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Instagram is the place to be for influencers and brands alike. It is, after all, considered the discovery engine for brands. 

Among this social media channel’s list of components is the story feature. This is a content format that stays posted for only 24 hours before it gets archived. It has become a daily habit for users all around the world. In fact, 500 million people use this feature every day.

Companies are using the story feature on different campaigns. This is a versatile feature that you can use to make information about your goods and services more accessible. It is also good for customer reviews, frequently asked questions, sales, and more. The platform has found that ⅓ of the most viewed stories are from brands. 

Even to normal users, it is satisfying to have an organized feed. Story highlights are a good way to commemorate life events and other important facts. It gets even better when you design symbols to make them easier to access. 

Discover great designs you can take inspiration from when decorating your highlight albums. These Instagram Highlights icons will go well with your curated feed.


People love posting about their adventures. This topic is one with the most reach throughout the app. As one of the main interests, a lot of getaway and holiday content is posted on the platform. Your brand as a user, influencer, or company can use a travel logo to signify content related to this topic.

African Continent by town

AZTOUR – Travel Agency by Konul Zade

Calvin’s Photography by sudego

Travel Place Logo by Mahdi H. Nazmul

Car Autority by ArtTank

Eiffel Tower by SimplePixelSL

Organizing and labeling your getaway stories makes it easier for people to view them. Illustrations of airplanes, trains, cars, and other modes of transportation are great for holiday logos. You can also source drawings that depict movement. These drawings often come with leading lines and make the design dynamic. 

Parachute Map by SimplePixelSL

Clouds Travel by logomaniac

King’s Travel Services by shakuna

Travel by Arsalart

Travel logo by Alxndr.

Alternatively, nature logos also do a good job of communicating fun and relaxing holidays.


Showing your brand’s friendly side can also benefit companies. According to a study by Facebook for Business, audiences perceive brands on Instagram as committed to building a community. 

WANA Social by panji

Umoji by Next Screen Infotech

Cheers by Tyrone Stoddart

Children by radkedesign

People Logo by Munawir Alfikri

Couple Love by MDS

Friend Logo by Youssef Bouzidi

GG by Locke Lamora

Gradient Heart Hand by town

Mom & Son by Pub2me

Social Talk by vladfedotovv

oh my püf by Sarkhan Rzazadeh

Building and displaying your connections can help you engage with your audience in a more meaningful way. 

This social media platform is full of friendships and collaborations. Your stories with your pals deserve an insignia to go with your time together. For this, try considering circle logos. Round figures are associated with traits such as security and unity.


Yummy dishes are also one of the biggest topics on Instagram following travel and music. There a lot of users putting up their meals or food hacks on display. Foodies, in fact, consume 4 times more content than average users. 

You can get the tummy of your followers growling for fantastic dishes with your stories. Collate content in a highlight with mouth-watering logos sort of like a cherry on top. Take a look at these designs: 

The Talking Cookies by logoguider

 Shine’s Bakery by geralebredo

AbbeyGo by efte

Abstract Pineapple by FishDesigns61025

Asian Food Noodle Restaurant by SimplePixelSL

Food Cover Number 7 by SimplePixelSL

Fork & spoon icon by Anton Popov

Beer & Wine by sicasimada

Burger Mania by renderman

coffee logo  coffee logo mark  coffee symble by Amir Sayem

Colorful Paper Plane by JimjemR

Pizza Pie Slice Restaurant by town

Plate Logo V2 by Jeroen Rood

porterfree by ArtTank

World Pasta Day by toca

The foodie culture on this platform is strong. You can be direct with your content by using captivating illustrations of restaurant-related items such as chef hats, utensils, food items, drinks, and more.


Mom influencers and parenting influencers are involved in a huge market. This subject matter revolves a lot on families, particularly mothers and babies. These mom and baby logos will do the trick in representing your family-related posts. They are also great for parents that simply want to celebrate their children’s milestones through design.

Blue Green Family Tree by town

Splash Family Logo by Zzoe Iggi

RH home remodeling by Andrés Sebastián

Onlies by designcrowd ka hero

Family by Steve Wolf

Two Feet by town

Family Messaging App Logo by Kevin Xu

First Home Key by got2believe

Hand in hand by designcrowd ka hero

Simple designs work best for this because designs with too much detail may not translate well on the limited space you get for the album icon. But just because your design is simple, doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. To make things interesting, you can use abstract art in your design for a unique look. You can also get creative and use adorable logos featuring animal families.


We’ve seen a lot of illustration and icon designs. For this section, we are going to discuss letter logos that let you be more direct with typography. 

You can easily use either wordmark or lettermark logos for your album cover. Wordmarks are designs that feature the entirety of your brand name or album name. Lettermarks, on the other hand, are designs that use initials or abbreviations.

Yellow Letter by BrandCrowd

White Letter Z by Alexxx

AB letter logo by Paul «Logo shop»

Blogcast by mycreativity1

Cool & Bright by BrandCrowd

Fit Patrol by 4th

Impossible P by Antonio Calvino

Neon Arcade Retro Letter by BrandCrowd

Ranwood Holdings by DBDesign

Unique Letter K Logo by Frankie Soo

Unvido logo design  U letter by Md Rasel

V by alexandersj

When selecting a font, it’s best to go for ones that are readable. As a general rule, sans serif fonts are more recommendable to use for digital purposes because of readability. 

But of course, you can always break the rules and have fun. Experiment with serif and sans serif fonts to build your own cover. You can even mix and match different styles to get an intriguing design combination. 


If you don’t know how to fix your Instagram highlight cover, we’ve got your back.

First, go to your profile page. You’ll find this section under your bio. Click the “+” button and you’ll be lead to an archive of your stories. After this, you can start selecting stories and name your album. The icon of your highlight will be the first image you selected. So, if you plan on creating a dedicated icon for your highlight, make sure you select that image first. 

Think of story highlights as another way you can extend your marketing strategy. Build a better brand community with your audience using any logo category you please. This roundup has allowed you to see great options and inspirations that suit a huge range of applications. You can even use them as your brand’s Facebook logo and other social media platforms.

However, you can explore more symbols and get really creative with your highlight cover. BrandCrowd’s Instagram logo maker makes it easy to find and create the best one.

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