41 Funky Monkey Logos

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Monkeys are playful, intelligent and active creatures. You’re starting a business and need a unique playful logo full of energy to start a funky branding? Whether you’re launching an entertainment business, a company in the social or care sector, stunning monkey logo design will give personality and a quircky edge to your brand!

We have compiled 40 fun monkey logos for you. Get inspired for your own brand!

Cut & Funny Monkey Logos Ideas

Monkeys are great symbols of socialization, audacity and confidence. They care for each other and seem to have lot of fun and laugh. They are perfect logo design subjects for companies that want to show friendliness. Looking for a logo design full of playfulness and energy with a community vibe? Discover the following Monkey logo ideas.

Monkey logo by madeli for a Backpacker Hostel

Monkey logo design by madeli for a Backpacker Hostel

ebaymonkee Logo by HyperTime Studio

Playful Monkey Logo Design by HyperTime Studio

Green Monkey logo

Green Monkey Logo Design

Massage Monkey logo by inspiral

Massage Monkey Logo by inspiral

Jumping Monkeys Logo by abu_hilmi

Lovable Cartoon monkey Logo for Kids party hire business by abu_hilmi

Cheeky Monkeys logo

Cheeky Monkeys Logo Design

Monkey Cleaner logo

Monkey Cleaner Logo Design

Monkey Prints logo by J. Brandt Studio

Logo for a label printing company by J. Brandt Studio

Five Monkey labs logo by jeruk's

Monkey Logo Design for a drink company by jeruk’s

Funky Monkey Logo

Funky Monkey Logo

Hipster Monkey logo

Hipster Monkey Logo

Funky Monkey Bar Logo by R M

Funky Monkey Bar & Cafe Logo by R M

Super Funcky Muncky Logo by pinky

Monkey Superhero Logo Design for a T-shirt brand by pinky

Orange Monkey Logo Design

Orange Monkey Logo Design

Cute Monkey Logo Design

Cute Monkey Logo Design

Wolf & Monkey Logo by tinylavafish

Recycling Business Logo Design by tinylavafish

Save a Bunch Logo by yuangga14

Coupon App Monkey Logo Design by yuangga14

Blue Monkey Logo Design

Blue Monkey Logo Design

BB Life Logo Design by gray mind

Monkey Logo Design by gray mind

Happy Cartoon Monkey Logo Design

Happy Monkey Logo Design

Happy Red Gorilla Logo Design

Happy Red Gorilla Logo Design

Mad & Threatening Monkey Logos Ideas

Monkeys are creatures full of energy that can be very aggressive in defending their interest. Looking for a bold monkey logo design? Have a look at the following logo designs!

Mad Monkey logo design by SilverFire

Mad Monkey Logo design by SilverFire

Furious Monkey Logo Design

Furious Monkey Logo Design

Pirate Monkey Logo

Pirate Monkey Logo

Laser Monkey Logo by PPStudios

Laser Monkey Logo by PPStudios

Gorilla Roar Logo Design

Gorilla Roar Logo Design

Mad Gorilla Logo Design

Mad Gorilla Logo Design

Nomad Monkeys Logo Design by r-toha

Angry Monkey Logo Design by r-toha

Strong Gorilla Logo Design

Strong Gorilla Logo Design

Gorilla Locator Logo Design

Gorilla Locator Logo Design

Howler Coffee Logo Design by StudioD™

Monkey Logo for a Coffee Brewer by StudioD™

Gorilla Art Logo Design

Gorilla Art Logo Design

Wicked Monkey Logo Design by ZETA

Monkey Logo Design by ZETA for a Brewing Company

More Monkey Logo Design Ideas

Monkeys have a man-like nature. They are a symbol of agility, intelligence and courage, fairness and justice. Looking for a monkey logo design that displays more seriousness?
Find some inspiration in these designs!

Monkey Wiki logo design

Monkey Wiki Logo Design

Jungle Island Productions logo by Fliviu

Film production company Logo for a ready-made take-home meal business by Fliviu

Monkey Drone logo design

Monkey Drone Logo Design

Monkey Key logo design

Monkey Key Logo Design

Dampf Monkey logo design by LJŽ

Monkey Logo Design for a Vape/Head Shop business by LJŽ

Feather Monkey logo design

Feather Monkey Logo Design

Chimp Monk logo design

Chimp Monk Logo Design

Warrior Monkey

Warrior Monkey Logo Design

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