40 Logos For The Logistics Industry

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With the development of the e-commerce, the volume of global shipping is growing. AI and autonomous technology change the way goods and people move around the world. Today, digital freight startups manage and track the shipments through online interfaces, use IoT sensors to offer better visibility to consumers. Are you launching or rebranding your logistics company or a service / technology that helps businesses be competitive with regards to delivery services, quality of delivery services and freight rates? A stunning logistics logo design will help you build a memorable brand!

We have compiled 40 logo designs for logistics businesses. Get inspired for your brand!

Logistics Logos Ideas with Arrows and Circles

The arrow and circles shapes are often seen in shipping and logistics business logo designs representing global movements. As the arrow emphasizes dynamism, speed – Think FedEx – and the goal to move forward, it is perfect for the transportation industry and to show that a company provides services everywhere. The lines of circles look like a globe but also like wheels and are used to represent movements. Find some ideas in the following designs!

Ms Brokerage logo design by PixelArt

Shipping Logo Design by PixelArt

Import Business Logo Design by papaukke

Business Logo Design for MOMARCO Import by papaukke

e-shipping logo

e-shipping Logo

Fastrack AM Logo by s a n g u r a b !

Premium Delivery Service Company Logo by s a n g u r a b !

iLogistics Logo by beisone1

Technology logistics business Logo by beisone1

Digital Freight Services Logo

Digital Freight Services Logo Design

Logico - Logistics Warehouse Software System Logo by JohnM.

Logistics Warehouse Software System Logo by JohnM.

Mission Cargo LLC Logo by moreCoffee

It Company Logo Design by moreCoffee

Digital Freight Services Logo

Digital Freight Services Logo Design

Time Freight logo by Default Design Vision

Logistics Logo by Default Design Vision

Logistics Logos Ideas with Roads and Trucks

Transportation logo designs often include lines, sometimes in the text, that represent roads and movement. If your business is in road transporation, have a look at the following designs!

Black Cargo Logo

Black Cargo Logo Design

Truck Repair Business Logo by Kreative Fingers

Truck Repair Business Logo Design by Kreative Fingers

Blue Truck Logistics Logo

Blue Truck Logistics Logo

Merredin Freightlines Logo by java land

Freightlines Business Logo Design by java land

Digital Freight - Truck Application - Shipment Management & Tracking Logo

Digital Freight – Shipment Management & Tracking Logo

Greenline Freight Logo by Graphicsexpert

Freight Forwarding Business Logo by Graphicsexpert

Red Truck logo

Red Truck Logo

Bunker Logistics logo by FreedomDesign

Trucking business Logo by FreedomDesign

Sunrise Road Logo

Sunrise Road Logo

Logistics Logos Ideas with Wings and Birds

Wings and Birds symbols are ideal for transport and logistics companies to promote their freight services, as these are symbols of fast delivery. Get inspired by the following designs and be ready to spread your wings and start your own business!

Falcon Logistics Logo

Falcon Logistics Logo Design

R Wings Logo

R Wings Logo Design

Shipment Tracker logo

Shipment Tracker Bird Logo Design

Shipping Bird Mosaic logo

Shipping Bird Mosaic Logo Design

Branding and Packaging Logistics Logo by 3ky.vzla

Branding and Packaging Logistics Logo Design by 3ky.vzla

Flying Horse Express Delivery logo

Flying Horse Express Delivery Logo Design

Air Logistics logo Design

Air Logistics Logo Design

Wings Delivery logo design

Wings Delivery Logo Design

Winged Lion logo design

Winged Lion Logo Design

Logistics Abstract Logos Ideas

In this section, we find some boxes designs that give a hint on what your company does, rectangle logo designs that symbolize socialization, and other simple symbols of carriage, and shapes that depict progress, success, and speed. Discover the following abstract logo ideas for logistics businesses!

Cube Logistics Logo

Cube Logistics Logo

Stripes Letter G Logistics Logo Design

G Stripes Logistics Logo Design

Big Rig World Logo Design by DesignDUO

Replacement parts business Logo Design by DesignDUO

Origami V Logo Design

Origami V Logo Design

Gold and Green Lines Logistics Logo Design

Golden Logistics Logo Design

Centurion Logistics Logo by LittleDesign

Trucking Company Logo Design by LittleDesign

Car Logistics Logo Design

Car Logistics Logo Design

Logistics Logos Ideas With Bold Font

Last but not least, simple bold fonts with a small amount of text are great for logistics businesses that want to show their dominance. Some letters can curved to represent roads. The main colors are red that conveys strength and energy and blue that conveys calm and trust. Get inspired by the typography of the following logo designs for the logistics industry!

Goorooship courier service logo by explogos

Courier service Logo design by explogos

AWS Logistic logo by tariq.3

AWS Logistic Logo design by tariq.3

L Fast Delivery Logo Design

L Fast Delivery Logo Design

Intelmodal Drayage Cooperative Network Logo by anonrotide

Intelmodal Drayage Cooperative Network Logo Design by anonrotide

Comrade Transport Logo by Logocraft

Trucking/Transportation Company Logo Design by Logocraft

Create your own logo through BrandCrowd’s Logo Maker!

BrandCrowd has a gallery of creative and professional logistics logos for you! Whether you offer transportation, logistics, or shipping services, maybe digital freight services, delivery or warehouse robotics, AI supply chain, delivery robotics, or autonomous driving software, choose from a wide array of designs and edit your preferred color, font, symbols, and shapes! Need more logo design ideas? Discover BrandCrowd’s plane Logo Maker, truck Logo Maker. Find more logistics logo design inspiration on DesignCrowd and in its blog article 44 Car Logo Ideas For Added Horsepower and in our Blog post 30 Bike Logos For Micro-Mobility Startups!

You can also use it to create a business card and other marketing assets in one place.

Create your logistics logo today and start easing shipping with a professional look!